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  1. You need to right click the executable outrun file, (Jennifer I think?) And go to properties, and it's one of the scaling options in there you need to tick, the one at the bottom. Sorry I'm not at my pc to double check. But one of those tick boxes fixed it for me
  2. I think the Daytona 3 crash *may* be down to forced resolution. I remember having loads of trouble before I got it running. From memory it has to be set at a specific resolution, but you can use a fix to make it fit your monitor screen. The fix will be buried somewhere in the emuline Teknoparrot thread.
  3. I've been enjoying Need for Speed Heat, very much a boy racer Forza Horizon. Is HDR generally broken on PC? NFS Heat wouldn't display at all without it being disabled, and I haven't had much luck making the already great image quality look any better on the likes of Doom Eternal or Metro Exodus... I've disabled it via display settings for now as I would often exit a game back to a washed out desktop
  4. haha I am definitely not Henry! Had a go on Death Stranding, wow the graphics are impressive, its an interesting story too, I will be sure to play some more. I picked up Metro Exodus and Doom Eternal too, just to see how far I can push my PC and card. they both look fantastic!
  5. It's built! I feel quite proud managing to do this for the first time ever... Now for some updating installing and gaming
  6. Thank you, I was hoping it was as simple as that. Yes my library is currently on a external drive
  7. Loving this thread and those with the new pcs! All my bits for my build have arrived now so I'm hoping to set it all up Thursday or Friday this week when I'm on earlies at work. One question- is there an easy way to migrate my steam library from my old pc to my new one without redownloading everything, or losing my saves at least?
  8. Thanks both, I'm looking forward to giving it a go. I'm fairly confident I'll be ok after watching and reading guides. And yes exactly that, it will be good for me to get and understanding of how bits work and hopefully make it easier to upgrade or add bits when needed
  9. I'm going down the build a pc route now, got all my bits ordered last night, excited if a little nervous as I've never built one before. After much research I'm going i5 10600k with a RTX 2080 super, bonus is Nvidia are giving away Death Stranding with every RTX card right now. If building is as easy as YouTube makes out I'm on to a winner
  10. I have been looking at a new pc for the last week or so, been tempted to try building one, but the price difference doesn't seem too different compared to the fear of me doing something wrong. My current pc is an old Alienware x51 r2... Didn't think I'd consider a new Alienware machine but I've got a 15% off coupon through work and suddenly the prices look pretty decent, so I may be going down the Aurora route
  11. This is looking good! Be interesting to see the complete list
  12. Thank you! I did wonder why it looked so different
  13. Theres a mode set option at the top of the main menu, I can choose from normal home use, devel. Home use or devel. MVS. Presumably home use is AES mode? Or am I missing something? Also, there's no unibios logo on the splash screen, just the normal neo Geo one
  14. Forgot to add, I have a switch on the back of the AES which turns the unibios off and on too
  15. Random question, can anyone confirm if this is a legit unibios, or I'm guessing a really old version? (It's on my AES) The only way to access it is as per the screenshot, rather than the hold down ABC at startup as suggested on the official unibios page
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