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  1. @Bojangle @Kiwi Cake That's great news, you can join the Positivity Club on our Discord at https://discord.gg/qYnzpq How do you feel about the trailblazing Petro cryptocoin?
  2. @tnman Any chance you could do the honours please?
  3. My son (HarryTheSock) has just applied for clan membership on PC. If somebody could accept him that'd be spiffy!
  4. Jealousy is an ugly emotion Oz
  5. Thanks @tnman! And no @Oz I got it too
  6. Oh thank god we can speak! Let's hope there's a lot more of that. Using our ghosts like ventriloquist's dummies is so lame.
  7. @Mammas_Boy Give that Discord link Oz posted a click if you have it installed and join the ranks of my loyal subjects.
  8. "<Yadda yadda, some Latin rubbish> I'll see you starside"...... OH DO F#CK OFF
  9. See you bellends on Tuesday!
  10. I've updated my availability on the spreadsheet too. It's weird that it was blank because I definitely filled it in up until Christmas.
  11. Yeah this weekend is out for me I’m afraid. I’ve gone up north for the weekend. It’s grim up here. And by grim I mean extremely pretty and covered in snow. I feel Christmassy at last! Have fun tomorrow guys.
  12. LOL Siri! @flight You're MORE than welcome to join us in the raid crew. I've PM'd you a link to the raid schedule which you can fill in.
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