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  1. It's been greenlit! A pilot and another nine episodes. http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/en...rr-martin-.html
  2. Jimbo


    Yeah, it really seems to have stepped up a level in the last couple of weeks, rather than having everything revert back to normal at the end. Looking forward to the finale next week.
  3. Julius is one of my favourite characters. I love him and his appreciation of quality biscuits. Can't wait till next week.
  4. Likewise, I quite enjoyed it though I didn't have the original to compare it to.
  5. Jimbo


    I liked it at the time, felt it probably peaked around season three. I haven't watched it since then though so I don't know how it holds up to scrutiny.
  6. It was ok but the problem is, as has been mentioned before, the main missions are pretty boring. The show works best when it doesn't focus on them so much.
  7. Jimbo


    It was enjoyable tosh as usual. I'm hoping they have more of a running plot or theme this series so the trailer for next week looks promising. Also, the special effects seemed to be better than I remembered from last year?
  8. One of a bunch of photos I took a few days ago. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameswaddell/3932851079/
  9. I really like this one, nice composition.
  10. Terrible what passes for a ninja these days.
  11. My blu-ray of this arrived this morning. I've seen it once before but can't wait for a repeat viewing.
  12. I'm really looking forward to this. I only started reading the books earlier this year but found them compulsive reading to the extent that I'm all caught up now and waiting for the new one.
  13. The blu-ray is listed on both Amazon and Play, though at £17 I may well wait for it to drop, or else go for the DVD.
  14. I quite enjoyed that, more than I enjoyed the Caprica pilot actually, though that may be because I'm pretty jaded with BSG these days. I'll be checking this out if it gets picked up.
  15. Jimbo

    Top Gear

    I'm incredibly jealous of James May right now.
  16. It feels like a completely different show from the first season.
  17. http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/05/breaking-nbc-ca.html
  18. It hasn't been renewed, yet. http://blogs.nypost.com/popwrap/archives/2...luck_chuck.html
  19. The Dushku stuff was weak as usual, the Wash stuff was good.
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