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    I'm still watching it. It's good, and the episodes fly past so I can't really complain, but it doesn't seem as great as the first season. Agreed about the ex-wife.
  2. http://www.georgerrmartin.com/if-update.html The next book has been given a release date of July 12
  3. Looks amazing. I can see me losing another 200 hours into this one.
  4. I've only got a 360 pad. Hmm, will probably pass. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I've never really tried flight sims. Is IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 approachable for a newbie, or is it for hardcore flightsim-ists only?
  6. Jimbo


    This season they seem to have alternated between "proper" Merlin plots usually involving Morgana and rubbish villain of the week episodes. Less of the latter next year, please.
  7. Jimbo


    Next week's finale looks like being a cracker.
  8. Yeah, I'm really enjoying this again. It seems to have got its groove back after season 3.
  9. http://www.makinggameofthrones.com/production-diary/2010/10/14/latest-photo.html Flynn as Bronn. Looks better than I expected.
  10. I think I read somewhere that he'll provide the HBO writers with plot outlines for the remaining books if and when they catch up with him. Though I'd be surprised if the show lasts that long, based on Rome and Deadwood being cancelled early.
  11. Jimbo


    I really enjoyed that, and next week's episode looks good as well. Also, sexy witches are sexy.
  12. Jimbo


    Late to the thread, would definitely like to read some more Couk.
  13. Comparison of the new Predator blu ray and the 2008 version. http://www.avpgalaxy.net/website/articles/...ray-comparison/
  14. Hmm, I appear to be downloading Portal now using that technique.
  15. My local bookshop only had American Tabloid in stock so I'll try that next before going back to the Black Dahlia I reckon.
  16. I finished L.A. Confidential a couple of weeks ago. Any recommendations for my second Elroy book?
  17. Jimbo


    Looks like episode 1 of Treme is out there. ::goes to download::
  18. Just watched it. It's the first one I've watched in a while but really liked it. Fingers crossed the series will grow well from here.
  19. http://winter-is-coming.net/2010/03/ehle-out-fairley-in/ Cast change. Jennifer Ehle played Catelyn Stark in the pilot but has been replaced by Michelle Fairly.
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