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  1. This is the one for me, I seem to remember playing that all summer. It also included the two-player split screen mode which me and my neighbour spent hours enjoying.
  2. Yeah, it feels like a cheap spinoff of the S1 now.
  3. Mostly, I think a few shows like Rome were co-productions with the BBC and so are on netflix.
  4. Yeah, same here.
  5. Apparently Carlo Ancelotti has a cameo role in Star Trek Beyond, playing a doctor?! http://whatculture.com/film/carlo-ancelotti-set-for-astonishing-cameo-in-star-trek-beyond.php
  6. Jimbo

    The Valve Thread

    This time it's definitely happening.
  7. That's fine for the cars, but can we keep Clarkson's face in standard definition please?
  8. Jimbo

    Football Kits 2015/16

    Hearts' tops for next season. Not as good as this season's home kit, but not bad.
  9. Long ago, in the late '90s I think, I saw Paul Darrow of Blake's 7 play Sam Vines in a stage adaptation of Guards! Guards! It was surprisingly good from what I remember.
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