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  1. Had some great games this evening. Still really enjoying it. Particularly enjoying kill confirmed. Best cod I've played I think. If it had the theater mode blops had I'd be over the moon. Still a few issues that need ironing out so it's occasionally frustrating but overall extremely enjoyable.
  2. This is what makes it so entertaining! The panic is brilliant. But there are games where you mainly get hit with a sticky bomb and its game over , my new tactic if this happens is to sprint at them as fast as possible so we both die
  3. Good players always beat the shield. But its great in objective modes, you die alot but help secure points that otherwise can be a real pain.
  4. Having a bit of fun with the knife and shield
  5. Agreed. Im reading the second Salvation book at the moment and enjoying it more than some of his other recent stuff. But again you always have to put up with more weird sex stuff. He seems incabable of breaking away from some adolescent space fantasy. Nights Dawn managed to carry it just about (well sort of) because it was so batshit and enjoyable (mostly). But it's really jarring in a lot of his books.
  6. Its a good patch by the looks of it !
  7. 725 badly needs a nerf its the one standout issue for me.
  8. I have it on PC :p Im loving it, I hate run and gun , sort of adapted to it in Blops because I had to, but this is much more like it for me. Trying a hybrid play technique atm with careful movement. Still getting masacred by jumpy twitch shooty lads, don't know what they are all complaining about.
  9. This is genius! If it wasnt such a disengenuous project I'd be tempted to try it.
  10. The shotguns are so satisfying! Still have had some TERRIBLE games , but when you get in the flow its bloody great.
  11. I'm enjoying it , looks and plays really nicely. I think its twitchy enough still (I certainly get owned by everyone 1v1) but also allows some slower more tactical play which blops didn't really have at all. One thing that really bugs me is that the ammo box / dead silence perks are set outside of the class system so you can't build your classes properly. As the functionality crosses over between these I think they should def be customisable per class. Ie if I have ammo box, there is no point In using scavenger on any class, I like to hav3 dead silence and scavenger on one class but want ammo box and eod on my other class grrr
  12. I'd say that you could get a lot of fun out of it. But looking at the Wiki suggests that they still havent put Tanning back in as per my January post. This means there are items that look like you can make them but in fact cant. This kind of frustration really got to me. I've heard that you cannot glitch into bases any more which is good news though.
  13. Its the subtelties of the physics engine that really make this for me. I particularly like the first stage because you can use tactics and have a bit more time to think. The way oil floats on top of water, or the fact you can dunk yourself in oil and still extinguish yourself without lighting it. Or using the little lmaps dotted around to burn structures to make progress or spring traps. So many satisfying events occur, like finding a pool of water held in place by a rock, kicking the rock away and dousing one of those fire guys in water killing him instantly. The later levels are only enjoyable if you have got lucky with your gear. You need serious fire power as there are huge numbers of super powerful creatures.
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