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  1. Strategos

    State of Decay 2

    Does this get harder? I'm a day after the first plague heart mission and I've yet to feel any threat or difficulty... or fun really. I feel like i'm just doing a bunch of stuff because it's telling me too. It's got a definite sense of blandness so far, but that may just be because I was tired when I was playing it, that would't have affected the difficulty though!
  2. Strategos

    State of Decay 2

    Gonna give this a go on the PC sounds like it could be fun, after playing Dayz for years I can stand some jank!
  3. Strategos

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Subnautica, as long as you have good VR legs and Elite Dangerous - even if the game doesn't end up gripping you it's one of the greatest VR experiences out there.
  4. Strategos

    Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman - Feb 2018

    Wow the bad guy in this was crap! It all started off really well I thought, but fell apart once he got involved. His acting was terrible and he just didn't suit the role at all. Least convincing black ops killing machine ever.
  5. Strategos

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Make that 3 times. Really enjoying it! Might be time for that 3rd character though. I can't stand the look of the Ironclad.
  6. Strategos

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    This is great fun, horrible art work mind you but the mechanics make up for that. Beaten it twice so far, very moreish!
  7. Strategos

    Elite Dangerous

    Does anyone game with a Mac?!
  8. Strategos

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I love all of them. Outstanding stuff.
  9. Strategos

    Does The Dark Tower get better?

    I love the gunslinger, but he was very young when he wrote it and that shows. Books two and three are where it really shines. Four and five are great too. Personally I think he lost his way after that and the last two were a bit of a disappointment to me. Still it's a fantastic epic, at it's best it's unparalleled - stick with it!
  10. Strategos


    Yeah it's a strange one, I just went and played a game of Escape From Tarkov (Another Unity game) just now to remind myself, and it looks and runs better than Battletech to me and it's still in Beta. I can think of a number of times I've hit bottlenecks using Unity but always found a work around, I'm kind of intrigued. Playing Battltech (briefly) I was not impressed with the graphics, it also has a limited number of entities, on a constrained map. I'd like to know what's going on under the hood.
  11. Strategos


    Unity has an overhead, optimization is down to the developer. You work within or around the restrictions of the engine you are using. If it's not running well it's the devs fault. Plenty of games made with Unity run fine and look good.
  12. Strategos


    I bought this played the start of the campaign, way too tedious, tried a skirmish but I'd lost patience by then. Refunded :/ The cameras were awful , graphics sub par and animations bad , I really dislike watching giant mechs sprint around like they weigh nothing. Cut scenes were interminable as well.
  13. Strategos

    Elite Dangerous

    Id say it works better if you play it like that, most of the games flaws are in it's gameplay systems. The engine itself is sublime (especially in VR).
  14. It's really nice to see intelligent, high concept stuff like this in the spotlight. I hope this happens!

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