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  1. And let's not forget, crashes everytime I activate a double xp token!
  2. Game crashes insesently for me now. Crashes in lobby, just as round is loading and when I quit. And everytime you dare to alt tab direct X shots the bed. Pretty tiresome.
  3. I had about 3k at the start I think .
  4. Well Im in for season 2! Akimbo Snakeshot... er ok... I still havent paid any cash for a season, and have enough credits for the next one as well. I dont know why I have so many coins I didnt purchase the expenisive addition. Does the base came come with some credits?
  5. Well I got Riot shield gold without playing hardcore .... Got a fair ammount of abuse a long the way But people seem to love the gold shield /shrugs It's great for killing campers, as you can use the shield to block their claymmores. EOD is a good perk, but double time is great too as you need to crouch to avoid getting shot in the feet. Objective modes are great as you can actually help win the game by holding flags etc There are a lot of players who are pretty good at killing shields now though, many will switch to molotovs / semtex and pwn you. One good trick is when they start throwing a stick at you, sprint right at them, take em with you. Also I find that if you go into a corner and crouch behind your shield players will often run past you without noticing you. Do this near an objective and doff them in the back before they know whats happening.
  6. They certainly aren't. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131393/a_realtime_procedural_universe_.php And Flavien Brebion created all this stuff himself (literally by himself) ten years ago
  7. Hit Tier 100 finally. Mildly anticlimactic.
  8. Oh it has campers they just cant collect the tags so are even more useless than usual.
  9. I really like Kill Confirmed.
  10. I was just doing one of these and was frustrated , its hard to find a definitive answer. But I can tell you if I RPG 3 people in the middle of a load of smoke it doesnt count sometimes! The advice I read was go on Shipment 24/7, spam smoke and just run in shooting, throw grenades, RPGs the lot. And it worked.
  11. 63% of Achievements earned, was fun watching them all unlock, maybe it's time to have a bash at getting the rest.
  12. I have a CV1 and a Quest (and PSVR) and I'd get the Quest myself. The PC link works very well ( and you can up the resolution using the Oculus debug tool). Most importantly though its mobile. Being able to take it round to a mates house or down to the living room etc is amazing. Stick on some 360 Beatsaber levels and play with no wires, then hook it up to your PC and play Elite in all its glory.
  13. I just opened the launcher after not playing for a while. 49GB update!
  14. This is out on Netflix UK now! Watched the first 3 episodes. Bit of a wierd mix, but some genuine lol's in there , always good to have more Sunny!
  15. I got exactly the same one recently, what a revelation, all these years gaming on a ViewSonic 21" monintor.
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