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  1. Really good. I can't believe they are holding it all together. Outstanding stuff.
  2. Just finished Children Of Ruin. Excellent stuff. It continues on from Children Of time really nicely and has some great stuff in there. Hard to say much more without spoilers but suffice to say if you liked the first one you will get on with this.
  3. Really? Not just a bad drawing of a metal guy as usual? I can't seem to find the covers for it that even vaguely match that description, can you post a screen grab of it?
  4. Your right, finished all 17 of the polity books now and can recommend them all. They are occasionally a bit repetitive but if you read one and like it you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy them all.
  5. Just binging series one again, about to start the final episode. It's fucking good. Still parts of it i'm finding confusing on a second viewing. One of the issues is that they often rely on visuals and speech at the same time to drive home points which is very hard with subtitles. Example will be shots showing peoples faces as they grow up, but with dialogue running. Occasional rewinds to focus on each component required. My missus can hardly remember any of it which is hilarious. She really enjoyed it first time round and is basically watching it again fresh but with a guarantee she will like it. I feel like I'm enjoying it even more the second time through, it's superbly done and holds together remarkably well considering the complexity. Cannot wait to start series 2.
  6. VR Unseen Diplomacy does really clever stuff with the play area, well worth a try if you have a bit of space.
  7. I did really enjoy the fishing in this!
  8. Bitter sweet. Why couldn't they just have given us one more series! Great though. Glad it finally got a proper send off.
  9. Just finished my re-watch of the series and am now fully expecting this to appear on Now TV at 8pm tonigh! Open the fucking canned peaches!
  10. Tried out Robo Recall and its surprisingly good, knowing how hard it is to optimise down for the Quest this is pretty damn impressive. I had a few instances where the tracking went a bit funny, and im sure the shooting doesnt feel QUITE as satisfying. But all in all it's really nice.
  11. Yeah there is nothing on the store yet.
  12. Its a case that for the lighter weight games it will be great, as long as it doesn't require close to face or beyond 180 degree in front of you hand tracking. But as I'm after high end VR it's not really of that much interest to me. It's better for glasses than the Rift by a bit and the resolution is nice. I haven't actually timed the battery life though I'm not too keen on that side of things either. I thought the strap was good but then mine hasn't broken yet.
  13. Strategos

    The Division 2

    PC lads up for the raid? My LMG dps/healing build is ready to go!
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