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  1. Ok so im at level 13 so ive put a bit of time into this and I'm feeling its a mixed bag. I have fun when it's concentrating on what its good at, big fights but the rest of the time its pretty bad. The humour is AWEFUL just terrible. The voice acting doesn't help, the dialogue and delivery is way off - it hasn't scraped above purile yet even for a moment. Who the fuck thought it was funny to have a guy talk about his pants for half an hour? Or the endless sex voice over for the arena battle. The chacracters are annoying as hell, and they just wont shut up. I keep thinking im going to give up and JUST in time it throws me into a big battle I enjoy. Saying that I haven't enjoyed the boss fights either, they all rely on AOE gimicks. I've also seen some really unforgiveable stuff like enemies that you snipe but they don't react because they are out of the trigger range. Plenty of dodgy collision too. On the plus side: it looks really nice and the gun play is pretty satisfying. I'm also a bit over the insescent looting, I get its a looter shooter, and I enjoy that but endlessly opening crates that just have underlevelled shite in is wearing a bit thin. Oh and the missions just havent evolved at all, quite the opposite, they are obviously revelling in how shit their missions are, like the coffee shop mission with the apologetic dialogue to go with it. And the fetch quests when you first get on the space ship! FFS Maybe I like it even less than I thought! Still i do have a pretty sweet sniper rifle which is fun.
  2. Its stick movement, I didnt see if there was a teleport setting. You can have snap rotation at vary ammounts etc
  3. The Forest got a VR update earlier this year but I never got round to playing it. They have just released a patch with a lot of fixes so I thought I'd give this a go. Only had a ten minute mess around but its a pretty damn good VR implentation. Its quite intense and potentially very scary! But if you have your VR legs and a stout heart I'd seriously recommend giving this ago. The forest itself is lovely in VR, pushing through the bushes and chopping at trees with your axe is very well done. The inventory system and note book seem to work well, as long as you have open space to place it down. The lighter is what I loved though, creeping around in the dark with the lighter held out in your hand straining to illuminate something, while all those creepy noises echo around is pretty damn immersive. I didn't get round to trying any of the crafting in VR yet but will report back when I have.
  4. There are tonnes of Unity tutorials out there on YouTube, I mean tonnes. Just a quick look and I see this one that starts at complete beginner level. One thing about Unity is that there are a lot of free (or cheap) resources for just about anything you could wish to do. A lot of prototyping can be done without little or no programming knowledge at all this way. However if your going to start learning to code I'd also look at some introductory stuff on c# coding (this is if you are going to be using Unity again) and try and avoid the javascript stuff you might come across.
  5. WTF did they cast McGregor in this?! Judging by the trailer he's going to render this unwatcheable.
  6. Just to be clear here, do you want to be a game designer or a game programmer?
  7. Got my lovely little farm growing. Beat the Sentinel fight for the weapons guy , which actually took me two goes, died and had to go and buy a better multitool. Found a power node 500u from my base and managed to use a chain of batteries to connect it up , which i'm loving, especially after accidentally feeding my 5000 carbon into a bio fuel reactor and being unable to get it back out.
  8. Its a bit of a pain getting storage containers nicely into your base isn't it! Finally managed it after some help form the interwebs.
  9. I tried playing in flat mode and couldn't get on with it after VR (on pc though I bet its a bit janky on PSVR). Got my little fleet out on manoeuvres and my base is coming along nicely Have a little outpost with a teleporter on an archaeology planet so i can dig up bones whenever I want.
  10. Didnt try that , good option thanks
  11. Yeah I found that if I build a couple of platforms out from my wooden base I can add a Square metal room to my base to put a medium refiner in, great, But it doesn't match up meaning I have gaps between the sections, why the base modules don't snap to the doors or the other base parts etc I will never know
  12. I tried to make my base well designed but its already turning into a mess, ah well, maybe this will be test base 1 :p Luckily its surrounded by rocks that contain Salt so its easy to make some cash from chlorine.
  13. Some base building questions: Can I connect those round rooms nicely to my wooden base structure? Is there anyway to setup a medium refiner inside a wooden base room ?
  14. Finally found a nice verdant planet with no storms to start my base. Im doing the base missions even though they seem redundant now (as pointed out above) I seem to remember you get a lot of stuff for free doing them and it progresses the Atretemis quest line. My frame rate started getting a big laggy for VR in my base almost immediatly though which is sad, so I tunred off super sampling and its ok... for now. Also my base it turns out is surrounded by super aggresive little brains with legs, its like being chased by the head crab from The Thing everytime i go out the front door.
  15. I did not know this! Currently looking for a nice planet to start my base on, but as usual everytime I find a good candidate ... "warning incoming ******* storm"
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