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  1. I just spent 30 minutes wailing on a This game is weird sometimes.
  2. Thought Id post here instea dof the main thread , not so much a how do i but a how does it work. Ive been working towards an approximation of the Champion build https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Builds#champion now I was a bit late getting the Golden Vow weapon art, i go to equip it and I see that its changing my weapon scaling stats meaning I lose way more than the 10% damage the weapon art gives me ? I also see that it has holy damage as well. Is the Holy damage on top of the physical damage? Or is it the proportion of the damage that is holy ? Is it worth essentially downgrading my sword to have the weapon art ?
  3. I am about level 40 and found some guy saying I needed a (Caelid spoilers) All in all a lot of dying! Am I getting ahead of myself ? Caelid region at level 40 ?
  4. I've done my first bit of farming trying to get a specific set of armour from a knight. Not sure how i feel about this development.
  5. I didnt actually check It was pretty interminable , I was already on my second sitting and just turned it off in disgust. I suppose now Ill have to go and finish the last five minutes 😛
  6. I have Lions Claw on my Claymore but its my off hand, do i have to swap it or is there a way to use both weapon arts ?
  7. Oh and those minataur super archers can fuck off!
  8. Just found out (via fextralife) that I can dual weild great swords and double smash everything. It's so satisfying I am ditching my shield. I may regret this decision later.
  9. Ive just met one of these little bastards , any advice for fighting them ? I was on horse back and it kept just flying across the map and twatting me 😕
  10. I had to give up on this it's pretty terrible. I particularly disliked the bit where
  11. I loved this book! When I was about 14 I can totally see how it would not "Stand" up now though. I very rarely give up on a book. Interestingly I gave up on the Expanse originally, but loved the series so much Im now on book 3. I still think the writting is pretty mediocre and that the series is far superior but I really want to find out what happens afterwards, and it may be that the prose is improving as it goes on , or am i imagining that?
  12. Yeah I worked this out just before the first story bosses and it def allowed me to triumph, the free hit bubble and over time health regen one is bloody great.
  13. Yeah its my bad for not realising I had so many runes, but its a bit dispiriiting sometimes! Im not sure I look forward to the nastieness that happens later ! 🤣
  14. I was fine until the castle since then Ive had 2 hard crashes (Im on PC) will a reinstall help me do you think ? Or is it just some areas are more likely to crash than others ?
  15. Im 30 hours in and have just progressed through the castle and the first story bosses. Challenging fights but (obviously) not impossible. I also went back and killed the horse dude and the dragon at the start which was satisfying. I had a few tries against the grafted when i was quite close but failed and was getting frustrated so i decided to try coop, no matter what i did I seemed to end up in someone elses world doing random stuff. Which was fine but not my intention. After that diversion i went back and trounced him solo so alls well that ends well. Prior to this I had for the first time felt like the game was being a dick, it locked me in a dark room with some armoured guy and when i went back I slipped off a stairway and died losing my 16k runes Some of the stuff this game pulls is just cheap right ? I've never played any darksouls mind you, but it seems like the castles and dungeons are more like DS than the rest. I much prefer roaming around on my horse twatting things than getting ambushed etc in the cheesy set pieces or trapped in a room with a powerful enemy. That being said Im flying high on my recent victories and really enjoying it overall. My build is ridiculous though, I have a longsword and shield, a bow, a staff and some incantations. 20 Str/20 dex / 20 Vigor and a little bit in endurance, and intelligence. So yeah jack of all trades master of none.
  16. How do you enter the password for multiplayer stuff like signs etc
  17. OK OK you win. I'm back in. I refunded this after a really bad first impression. But kept reading pretty much everyone raving about so decided to give it another crack and I think it's safe to say that it's won me over. So what went wrong ? Well I started out by missing the tutorial area, I didn't find the setting that changed to from controller to M&K ui and I really didn't like the feel of the movement and the physics. But I determined to try harder and after finding the tutorial area, rebinding all the controls lowering the mouse sensitivity I began to feel it a bit more. I read up on the basics so I understood what was happening a bit and well you guys know the rest. I still don't like the physics and the feel of the controls but the more I play the more used to it I become and the less it bothers me. I still think there is too many insta death platformy type bits mind you. One of the impressions that put me off initially as well was the arbitrary feel of it. I looked out over the vista and there are clusters of random things just plonked around. I haven't entirely got over this, its one of my pet hates in MMOs, go here , find the same group of NPCs doing the same thing for ever. However I have started to really enjoy myself, it looks fantastic in places and hasn't been as frustrating as I feared. I am only at about level 18 but I've been riding around smacking trolls from horseback and generally having a great time with it. Sure I am confused a lot of the time and I have no idea if I am creating a good build , and I still cant aim my fireballs so they actually hit anything. But I am feeling the satisfaction of taking on the challenges and (sometimes) prevailing and enjoying exploring this unique open world.
  18. I refunded it. Im glad negs don't exist anymore eh.
  19. Im drinking right now! Are the lines with message sleft by players ?
  20. Im drinking everytime someone says "Elden Ring"
  21. Why is it telling me everything in console buttons ? WTF is Y or B on the PC version ?
  22. I need a better SSD - 92mb/s .... then it said 100% then... 46 / 49GB I knew these games were harsh , but come on!
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