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  1. Glad its going well. I actually enjoyed it more re-reading it again. I have come around a bit on the some things I hated previously. Ill be really interested in hearing your continuing thoughts as you progress. I had one set of preconceptions last time we mentioned this, but now they have changed somewhat.
  2. Welll my pathetic little stash of farming supplies got emptied Maybe it's Karma for all those camps I cleared. I did read that on public hives sometimes hackers still go around clearing stuff, so maybe I will try a private hive instead.
  3. Not watching the trailer , whens it actually out ?
  4. You cannot believe how happy I was when i just found a water bottle I even have some guns with ammo, although im not planning on using them unless it becomes essential. As there are no crafetable ranged weapons I dont think Ill be able to hunt anything other than fish or chickens without the guns though. Next steps will need a cooking pan so i can boil water, and then farming.
  5. I love Avatar and am looking forward to this, despite being a little dissapointed in the trailer.
  6. After sleeping in the medical center I have managed to cure myself of Cholera. Antibiotics and vitamin pills and changing all of my clothes for medical scrubs seemed to finally break the cycle of illness. Still havent found a water bottle mind you. But I am back in the wilderness fishing for food with clear vision and a distinct lack of vomiting. For now.
  7. Ive been badically hiding from people which is enjoyable in its own right. A real threat to be avoided. But i will def go for a talk rather than kos, and if i die so be it. My survival first approach means i shouldnt be really tooled up
  8. There are elements of it which are fun. Even the dirty hands thing is interesting. I llike the fact that it hardcore as it lessens the other side of it which is tonnes of tooled up people running around KOS because they are bored. On the flip side it is pretty hard work!
  9. Once again I find myself returning to Chernarus. After reading the amazing stories at the start of this thread from ten (!) years ago (curse you whoever upvoted the posts) I had to go back to try my hand at surviving once again. It's a story of confusion, of sickness, fatigue, frustration, hope and of course, death. I start on the coast a familiar lighthouse ahead of me. It's like putting on old comfy clothes. It's like coming home. I set up off at a jog towards the nearest buildings. I seem to have a bandage and a glow stick. That and an empty stomach. Experience tells me food and water are my priorities. I start a house to house search. The doors are all open. My heart sinks. There is no food. Soon there are zombies. I crouch run past them, but attract ones attention, it screams. I stand and run back into the house, slamming the door I listen to my stomach rumbling and the undead searching for a way in. it runs around the house and eventually seems to give up. I make my way cautiously out and … disconnect. Here ensues a frustrating period of connection issues I end up switching server to resolve it. And I find out that switching servers means you end up somewhere totally different. A good solution to ghosting but bloody confusing for me. Especially as the map is different enough and my memory faded enough that I have no idea where I am. I trek through the woods, I find some medical supplies (later I would think back on this ruefully) but no food. I strike off down the road. My stomach complaining and cramping. I am starving to death. Soon I am shambling through the woods, hardly able to jog let alone run. Just as the end approaches I find a delicious mushroom and wolf it down. Refreshed a little and the end averted I shamble on, I see some buildings and as fast as I can make my way over to them. I might be ok! I cross the finally field and approach the mercifully closed door of the first abode. I open the door imagining cans of food, bottles of drink.... and slump dead across the step. Blackness. Next time I starve to death running north. The time after I die searching for food desperately in a cloud of noxious gas, it's either that or starve. I contract some disease probably flu out in the thunder and rain at night next time and think back at how easily I found medical supplies after my server swap. Not so lucky this time I vomit up my food and die. My next life finds me chasing a chicken with a sledge hammer. I mash it into the mud and proceed to start cooking it. A blow to the head interrupts me as I cook the second fillet , another survivor no doubt drawn by the tantalising scent of roast chicken is punching me in the head, I run pulling out my empty pistol. He has a small flock of zombies following him and I watch in horror and a little satisfaction as they maul him to death in front of my eyes. While they are distracted with his corpse I fade into the woods. I eat, its glorious. But I should have washed my hands I fall Ill once more. Finding a town I recognise on the north eastern coast, I loot the ruined hospital to no avail. I come back later and try again, and once again leave empty handed. I die in a pool of my own vomit clutching a half eaten raw potato. It is my next life I finally make it. I trek inland. I am armed with a pistol, and a shotgun (with rubber bullets!), a bullet proof vest and finally a rucksack. Several times I hear heavy calibre rifle fire in the distance. I find an empty chest, any pirate would be proud and I carry it slowly over hill and dale until I find a familiar lake and a camp site that brings back many memories. I have steaks, I fish and cook, I have water purification tablets. I see a well tooled survivor in the distance and hide until he has gone. I wander through Kabanino, looking around with nostalgia. I log off in Grandmas house. Of course in the end it is greed that kills me, I explore further afield and hear a helicopter crash and explode. The plume of smoke , the site of my impending demise us not far away, too good to pass up surely ? My last thought is that I should have checked if I had more than one shell in my gun as it clicks and clicks and the zombies fall on me. I know I have some gear stashed and I have a better idea how to survive and I once again set off north. It's a tough journey, the elements are against me, the zombies voracious. My luck... scant. But I end up making it, sure I have cholera and no food. I am on deaths door. I pop some antibiotics and desperately fish... I am almost dead when I catch a carp. The process of making a fire and cooking the fish seems like an eternity. I am sure I will die before it's done. I wolf down the whole fish fillet. And promptly vomit it up. More medicine and some more careful eating and I appear to be cured and a little better. But I need to eat again! I repeat the process as I start to starve again I rush. And I forget to wash my hands... I end up sick again. Desperate , I am out of antibiotics I stash my fishing gear and run south to the medical facility, popping some codeine so I can run despite my terrible condition. Nibbling at my food to stop myself from vomiting. Will I make it ? I don't know. What's the verdict? I feel like the game is getting better. It's nice to return after a long break. The solo survival is certainly challenging at the start, it feels too hard almost. But I think I'd rather that than too easy. It's brutal. The sickness and hunger and thirst is relentless and the punishment for small mistakes in hygiene harsh. I always wanted the game to be in a state where you could live in the wilderness and its certainly closer to that now (though I am annoyed craft-able bows are STILL not in) you can make knives, and ropes and fishing rods / traps etc You can even craft fire starting kits and farm for food. Medicine is always going to drive you back to the towns though unless you are VERY careful or lucky. The issues I was starting to feel with surviving (even though Ive barely managed to get going) is that its so harsh logging on is going to kill you... the only sure way to survive is to not log on! Knowing as soon as I come in I'm going to have to craft fishing gear, fires, catch and cook food. And then set off shacking, coughing and vomiting to fine medicine is starting to get a bit tiresome. I'm going to keep going, see If I can build a shelter and a farm and keep myself from getting sick. But I'm concerned that my gear might be infected with cholera and I might have to throw it all away ? I haven't seen any vehicles driving around or any bases. It may be better to try some modded servers on the new map ? But I wanted to start off vanilla and get a feel for it. It HAS been scary, and there is a a real sense of desperation that feels post apocalyptic. Moments of hope and luck that feel almost transcendent – if Short-lived. For example after getting lost in the rain and chased around a castle by zombies with only a glow stick to see by. Finding a chicken and making a fire sheltering under a tree was such a relief . Trying to dry my clothes, but then the sense of doom when after all that I start coughing and the dreaded sickness icon appears on my HUD.
  10. I also was totally gutted when i realised I did not have two episodes to go Especially with that ending. Also agree the CG was terrible. But still really enjoyed it.
  11. You sound like someone that went to leicester university 😄
  12. So I've hit a problem. Ive got to the Capital but its kind of killed my enthusiasm. After being consistently desperate to get back to the Lands Between for around 70 hours, I find myself struggling to muster the effort to boot it back up again
  13. I notice these ones, you die and then when you come back it has a fog door. Bit mean 😛
  14. Framed #29 🎥🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://framed.wtf My first guess would have been but it wasnt an option
  15. This gave me a great deal of difficulty , I ended up going off and finding the Mimic Ash to help me and cracked it this morning, mainly by spamming rock spells at them. Look at your health bar! How much is that!? They were one shotting me something rotten if i messed up and I was finding it hard to take down the first one before getting tag teamed by the second.
  16. This and a bunch of problems with controls and a general dislike of the feel of the physics is why i refunded it initially. But I must admit Im a convert now.. Even though there are sessions I rage quit , I just as often come out feeling amazing and desperate to get back to The Lands between.
  17. Arrived at Radahn just after the unerfing patch. But he still went down. Was only annying at the start. Oh and his stupid little horse. Went on to have FAR more trouble with some stupid death bird in the lakes 🤬. Gave up in the end and went off to do some exploring instead. I respecced to use the sword of night and flame and its such a different play style Im struggling a bit. Maybe thats the problem. Anyone have any tips for that Death Bird asshole ?
  18. Starting to get annoyed, I like this game least when its trying to be a platfformer or smashing me into the void with bowling balls. Oh and crashing, thats starting to tick me off as well. After said bowling ball everytime I try to run back to get my runes it crashed to desktop 😕
  19. Interesting thanks. Ive never done a gaurd counter or a parry mind you. Im a dual weilding STR build mainly. I did change from sword to pike for an enemy for the first time yesterday and was amazed at the difference, suddenly I was stunlocking them and murdered them super fast!
  20. My last session I got to the Altus place, I had a roam around then found im in the capital ? Is that right? Seems a bit sudden. So i backtracked and then suddenly unlocked a load of stuff was buzzing, its just so satisfying when its flows like that. As people have saiid just exploring is what progresses you. Its very well done. But then I ended up on a massive mission across some roof tops and died and it was just so disheartening. Ages spent being really careful and then some twat with a fire cross bow somehow kills me and its such a long way to get back there I just cant be bothered. The highs and lows of From games I guess.
  21. Way too late but there are tonnes of good guides for this sort of thing like https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/unity-navmesh#5c7f8528edbc2a002053b497
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