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  1. I also really enjoyed the first episode. Although @g wingscomment above has be a little concerned.... we will see tonight.
  2. I think the GPS jamming is the catch all for this. Its all glossed over pretty quickly, I guess they don't want to dwell on it too much I got annoyed with them saying "5th generation fighters" all the time mind you.
  3. I remember seeing them filiming there, I di not it expect it to be so obviously the mount though.
  4. They mention GPS jamming and obviously the AA missles. The premise being they have to use old equipment and human pilots as nothing else will work.
  5. Sad news The Talisman was great had a big effect on me when i was younger.
  6. Watched e2 and loved it. Great stuff . My main gripe is
  7. Anyone have trouble with the prime video App on their TV just closing randomly? Seems to happen mainly watching UHD content. Memory issues?
  8. I enjoyed the 2nd episode, feels like it could be somehting good if it continues on this trajectory. 🤞
  9. I like them, interesting stories with lots of cyberpunk themes. Pretty violent and unpleasent in places mind you.
  10. Have you tried Altered Carbon (and sequels) ?
  11. To be fair they did make the Gold Cloaks look more basic than the GoT version. And this level of society can stagnate for a long time. I dont have any problem with that side of things. Im still not invested mind you, I havent found any of the actors that impressive or the characters compelling yet. Time will tell , I am obviously going to watch it all, but as someone said previously it doesnt hold up against GoT yet it terms of interesting personalities. I must say I found the Very hard to watch
  12. The recommended specs are CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 CPU SPEED: Info RAM: 16 GB OS: Windows 10 VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 1070 PIXEL SHADER: 5.1 VERTEX SHADER: 5.1 DEDICATED VIDEO RAM: 8192 MB But Id go with something like this https://www.currys.co.uk/products/acer-nitro-n50640-gaming-pc-intel-core-i5-rtx-3060-1-tb-hdd-and-256-gb-ssd-10233216.html Thats just at first glance though and not knowing your budget. That being said, have you seen Blade and Sorcery ? It's really quite disturbingly violent. (Never mind before you get into the mods)
  13. Agreed, Im enjoying Larry much more than Obi Wan
  14. That may have been me, thanks Ill give that a listen. In other news I finished Eversion , I enjoyed it overall. Although it felt a bit like a short story rather than a novel.
  15. I think everyone loves Aliens. They certainly should.
  16. I thought McGregor was always shit as Obi-Wan that hasn't changed. He's marginally less shit I suppose but not much. Visually this was great but almost everything else is the same as everything Star Wars these days. Badly written, badly acted, Inconsistent , illogical, paper thin, and ultimately unsatisfying. I find it a real struggle to even muster the energy to watch Star Wars stuff any more but I still keep doing it. There is some enjoyment to be had out of most of these series, but I cannot help feeling each one is chipping away at the franchise and soon there will be nothing left of any worth. I know they are not trying to ruin something great but it sure feels like it sometimes.
  17. Hopefully we will see the Harkonnen fighting pits.
  18. I understand that they cant have every film in here to draw pictures from. but I feel like the answers data base search should have every film title in it. Quite often i have been saved several wrong guesses because the films Im trying to choose arent in the list.
  19. Godamnit and it ended on a cliff hanger of course. I was really looking forward to the next series of this. As said, maybe Amazon will snag it.
  20. This is immense so far. So many amazing little details. Couldnt watch the timothy scene though.
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