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  1. 14 minutes ago, df0 said:

    I found myself getting a little annoyed by those "oh great, I need money but this big fish I caught has the worst possible shape. I also need to scrap and wood that's floating over there" moments. So it's choosing what to pick, make my way to town, sell fish or store resources, spend the night, back to previous spot to pick up the rest, back to town". I realize that is the game, but a slightly bigger inventory or less ridiculously shaped fish would be great.

    I kinda liked that aspect of it, someone said Fish tetris and that made me chuckle.

    But again, the problem for me is you get everything ship shape and it becomes more fun, right at the end of the game.

  2. The other problem with the sidequests like that is that you just get 



    More items that improve your boat or stats

    and as the game is so short its really pointless, just as you are getting your boat all pimped up its game over. It badly needs a different mechanic to hook into the fishing and extend the longevity of the game. 

    I started making a list of all the things I would have done differently design wise , then had a moment of clarity and gave up on such a fruitless task. 

  3. I decided to wrap up a few loose ends, I was going to 100% all the fishing , but not sure I can be bohered.

    Again major spoilers.


    So I was a bit dissapointed that when i finally unlocked the ancient lighthouse mystery, all i got was an Item , that ... wasnt much use as Ive finished the game.

    I havent unlocked the fastest engine etc but again, not much point. I feel like the game needs to be longer and have more depth as mentioned before.

    I also saw there was an alternate ending and did that (but I cheated and looked it up). Again i feel like there are missed opertunities here.  The ednings are a bit abrupt as well.

    The side quests and the various stuff that is alluded too could have been much more interesting. Just getting some extra items doesnt really do it for me. And although the two endings are different the game itself has very little in the way of consequence or meaningful decisions. 


  4. Well I've been enjoying this, put 8.5 hours into it already.

    It's not as scary as I hoped though, most of the time it has, as  mentioned got a distinctly mellow enjoyable vibe going on. 

    I'll spoiler the rest of my thoughts do not read if you haven't finished it.



    The game and the core mechanics are simple, but also very moreish. It doesn't quite click for me in some way though. The lack of fear and danger maybe one thing. It's an easy game that maybe a little too basic, but you progress at a fair old clip , just fast enough to stay ahead of boredom I think which they have obviously judged quite well.  

    It's a short game, at 8.5 hours I have just hit the "this is endgame" warning.


    The story and atmosphere are where it lets itself down a bit for me, it obviously has Lovecraftian vibes and is "inspired" by a certain other game, but doesn't deliver on either of these promises. It falls short of horror, menace, madness or any of beats I expect from this genre. It clearly THINKS it is and in some cases almost is, but it's not executed well enough in this regard. Myabe the ending will wow me, but the build up has not, despite a couple of nice moments. 

    Example: The giant fish creature near the cliffs. It just appeared underneath me and sponged my ship into the air. I think more of a build up and more menace would have made this a much more effective encounter. 

    This may sound like a hardsh judgement but this is because of that other game I mentioned.....

    Sunless Sea

    This is Sunless Sea but in 3D, but with inferior writing, scale, audio and world building.  Weve seen this before , people trying to take excellent 2D games and put them into 3D  , PULSAR I am looking at you.

    Suffice to say if you have enoyed your time with Dredge I would reckommend giving Sunless Sea a go.




    I am NOT saying this game is a failure, it's a great little game (so far) it's just not as good as I hoped it would be.

    If I were them i would have got the narrator from Deepest Dungeon in as well:) 


  5. 16 hours ago, LaveDisco said:

    I’m half way through Qntm’s new collection and I think it’s fantastic. Such good ideas in such easy reading fashion. Thanks for the recommendations. 

    For those looking for similar - once again I would recommend Greg Egan - he’s got a similar physics first approach, but it’s even harder scifi. 

    Quarantine, and Computation City and super accessible and fantastic. 


    Do you mean  Permutation City ? 

  6. I thought this was great, but I do love the first one mind you. I watched it again last week in preparation fully expecting not to watch it all the way through as I've seen it a bunch of times and found it flew by.


    I was a bit worried at the start of the sequel, the opening scenes were a bit fuzzy, I think the focus might have been off. And the family scenes had a worrying hokieness. 


    But I was soon immersed in Pandora once again and glued to it till the end. The CG is spectacular, it's incredible, almost flawless. I would love to see it on the big iMax in 3d. 


    The story was a bit samey and it's not without its flaws , and it skirts that cheesy hokieness line on a couple of occasions. But overall I loved it. 


    I must say however I found that one protracted section really distressing and as a result am not sure I want to sit through it again.


    I was also expecting a couple of the story arcs to deliver more, but it's obviously being saved for the sequels. 


    I thought they should have avoided the 



    Ship landing scene, I thought that was overkill but it's not the most subtle story telling on the whole.


    Wasn't sure they needed the magic whale juice either. 


    Overall I thought it was fantastic.

    An ok story , some great action and stunning visuals.


    Really looking forward to the next one.

  7. 28 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    Yeah DMZ sounds like fun but I'm just inherently adverse to voice comes with people I don't know. I hate grouping with randoms. I don't know why.


    Its a mix of good and bad obviously. A pleasant suprise when you get a good group though. But the proximity chat is great, people begging for their lives, asking to be friends, shouting intel to their team mates. Really fun. reminds me of the old days in DayZ a bit.


  8. I'm still loving DMZ. 


    I had a phase where I was getting very annoyed with the randoms. but I've found that just asking enemy teams to help or join up has changed the game for me.

    I've had two games in a row where my rando teammates have gone off in opposite directions and died, in the first one i see a lone guy driving by in a car and a shout "hey guy in the car , give me a lift to the exfil?" and he lets me hop on his car, when we get there he adds me to his group and off we go. 

    In another game we get to the exfil site despite no comms and it turns into a 4 team fight, I get punted off a cliff by an armoured jeep and my squad mates die and quit, I self revive in a bush and just ask the winners if we can be friends, "Sure they" say, I come out from cover fully expecting to be excecutred , but no they add me to the group and give me some loot and off we exfil. 

    I like the new exfil streak system as well. Im on a 4 streak atm and so have 4 perks to help out.

    Ive nearly done the teir 2 missions for the 1st two catagories, but some of the teir 3 ones seem to be getting a bit complicated. Like find a locked room in a specififc hotel and find a specififc gun. Feels like it might be starting to need a proper team effort to complete some of them. 


  9. Here's my last game, had some real fun in here, though the ending is a bit weak.

    TLDR: PvP at 8 till 14 minues.


    Joined up with 2 randos. It didnt capture my voice in this, so you can't hear me talking to them , but they were unresponsive, only using pings to communicate so you are not missing much.

    We head off and have some battles with the AI that get pretty intense as we get towards the UAV tower.  Once we trigger the UAV I notice some players (the solid dots on the HUD) and engage. This is about 8.00 minutes in so skip to there.  I snipe a two man squad , the voices you hear are proximity chat , so its the enemy team :) 

    But while Im distracted my two rnadom compadres are taken out by a third squad. I return and drop a bomb drone on them which gave me a proper chuckle, especially their reactions, Then start sniping them. But then they reactivate the UAV tower and the tables are turned its now a 3 v 1 hunt, and I am the prey, My teammates log off and im left to run and gun. I end up on an island sniping and down one and decide to flee. i wonder if I could have stuck around with the range advantage, but I wanted to Exfil. 

    The rest is speeded up and not that interesting, just a couple of AI jumping me at the chopper site.

    Such good fun though!

  10. Some of the shit that goes down in DMZ is hilarious.

    I spawned in with two decent sounding guys and we helped each other do a couple of missions and shared information, they help me get 13 headshot with the revolver which is very kind of them. One of our squad runs off to get a nearby car and dies to another team. So we remaining two push in, I take a roof top and my compadre revives our downed buddy. At this point the team re-engagebut Ive got them flanked and have the high ground and take down the remaining two from above. Very satisfying. Now we are all geared up and they decide we should go for the weapons case. Ordinarliy this would be my moment to exfil but we were doing well, communicating and having fun so i thought why not lets do it. 

    We head up the hill and very easily kill the juggernaut and grab the case. We hop back in our car and at this point we start taking heavy fire from across the canyon. We burn off acorss the bridge weaving madly getting lit up lmg fire from the other squad. 

    Our driver opines that they will be following us to get the case as we round the corned heading for the Exfil zone. The plan is call in the chopper and assume defensive positions to kill our pursuers. We hurtle into the canyon towards the green smoke, unfortunalty there is a squad waiting for us. Two of us are downed instantly out of the vehicle in the crossfire , the vehicle coasts to a stop and our one remaning team memeber dives for cover. At this point the third sqaud show up, our team mate shouts for peace, kills the last of our ambushers who is IN the exfil helicopter and grabs the weapons case. Only to be shot in the back by another guy emerging from the cave behind him.  4 squads ? 

    Absoloute carnage.

  11. I'm loving DMZ , sure it's hit and miss with randoms , but when it's good it's great fun. I'm levelling up guns I wouldn't touch, and having fun exploring and doing the missions. 


    It can be frustrating but it's lightweight enough it's not too bothersome. Gotta know when to leave the randoms to die though ! 



  12. 36 minutes ago, JohnC said:
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    These are people who won’t even bother putting rails on the sides of infinitely high walkways. Safety isn’t a concern. 




    It doesnt have to be that, they could hijack one bringing in a new prisoner , I dont know. Im just spitballing because I didnt think what happened was remotely believable . tbh it looked like the height was probably enough to kill or injure them.


     Its not a big deal I am really enjoying the show , just a minor niggle. 

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