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  1. Here's my last game, had some real fun in here, though the ending is a bit weak. TLDR: PvP at 8 till 14 minues. Joined up with 2 randos. It didnt capture my voice in this, so you can't hear me talking to them , but they were unresponsive, only using pings to communicate so you are not missing much. We head off and have some battles with the AI that get pretty intense as we get towards the UAV tower. Once we trigger the UAV I notice some players (the solid dots on the HUD) and engage. This is about 8.00 minutes in so skip to there. I snipe a two man squad , the voices you hear are proximity chat , so its the enemy team But while Im distracted my two rnadom compadres are taken out by a third squad. I return and drop a bomb drone on them which gave me a proper chuckle, especially their reactions, Then start sniping them. But then they reactivate the UAV tower and the tables are turned its now a 3 v 1 hunt, and I am the prey, My teammates log off and im left to run and gun. I end up on an island sniping and down one and decide to flee. i wonder if I could have stuck around with the range advantage, but I wanted to Exfil. The rest is speeded up and not that interesting, just a couple of AI jumping me at the chopper site. Such good fun though!
  2. Some of the shit that goes down in DMZ is hilarious. I spawned in with two decent sounding guys and we helped each other do a couple of missions and shared information, they help me get 13 headshot with the revolver which is very kind of them. One of our squad runs off to get a nearby car and dies to another team. So we remaining two push in, I take a roof top and my compadre revives our downed buddy. At this point the team re-engagebut Ive got them flanked and have the high ground and take down the remaining two from above. Very satisfying. Now we are all geared up and they decide we should go for the weapons case. Ordinarliy this would be my moment to exfil but we were doing well, communicating and having fun so i thought why not lets do it. We head up the hill and very easily kill the juggernaut and grab the case. We hop back in our car and at this point we start taking heavy fire from across the canyon. We burn off acorss the bridge weaving madly getting lit up lmg fire from the other squad. Our driver opines that they will be following us to get the case as we round the corned heading for the Exfil zone. The plan is call in the chopper and assume defensive positions to kill our pursuers. We hurtle into the canyon towards the green smoke, unfortunalty there is a squad waiting for us. Two of us are downed instantly out of the vehicle in the crossfire , the vehicle coasts to a stop and our one remaning team memeber dives for cover. At this point the third sqaud show up, our team mate shouts for peace, kills the last of our ambushers who is IN the exfil helicopter and grabs the weapons case. Only to be shot in the back by another guy emerging from the cave behind him. 4 squads ? Absoloute carnage.
  3. I'm loving DMZ , sure it's hit and miss with randoms , but when it's good it's great fun. I'm levelling up guns I wouldn't touch, and having fun exploring and doing the missions. It can be frustrating but it's lightweight enough it's not too bothersome. Gotta know when to leave the randoms to die though !
  4. Its not a big deal I am really enjoying the show , just a minor niggle.
  5. Like everyone else I am loving this, the best Star Wars since the original trilogy without a doubt. It has kindled some interest in the franchise for me again. Of course Im sure those hopes will be dashed. That being said:
  6. I've taken a punt on this, I wasn't really enjoying it to begin with, somehting just feels .... off. And the menus are an abomination. No new flag on the weapon customisation screen is mental as well. However I've found that groundwar suits me much better and am enjoying that considerably more. That being said I am getting horrible desync a lot of the time. Games that start fine suddenly turn into lag fests half way through and become unplayable. This is with a decent ping of 20 or so. Very frustrating.
  7. I decided to go back to this and tried starting again so I could get my eye back in. It's bloody gorgeous isn't it! After I felt like I knew what I was doing I decided to load up my old save and try and finish the story. It wasn't as far as I thought ! Ended up ENDING SPOILERS It's sublime just exploring the city , and I think it's def improved with all the patches. Though I did see some bugs, and the parade sectioned tanked my FPS completely. Makes me long for a 4090.
  8. Just finished. Really impressed. There were a couple of bits that skirted the edge a little , but it kept its grip and got back on track every time. Roll on s2
  9. Into the breach is indeed great as is Faster Than Light But xcom is a masterpiece , not the new shite, the originals I mean. All of these games are bastard hard though.
  10. I have to be honest having twice as much dialogue is not what i was hoping for here....
  11. I'm glad to say I really enjoyed EPs 2 and 3 I'd be interested to know what it was about e2 that didn't ring true for you?
  12. Exactly this, it's the night surfing scene from Point Break all over again.
  13. I suggest you have a stern word with your brain. Chasm city is not without its faults, but the Inhibitor series is overall a fantastic piece of hard sci fi, far reaching in scope with really dark, interesting ideas, some great characters and some good science as well. I think if your reading something like this and thinking there are jokes about Gary Glitter in there you are doing it and yourself a diservice. Also @jimmyrazor Someone else mentioned and Ian M Banks influence as well. All sci fi is influenced and inspired by earlier works. You can find plenty of sci fi that influence Ian M Banks as well , and the books those guys riffed off and on it goes. Building on and expanding is what sci fi does. I was always very happy with how the Inhibitor series mashed old and new ideas into something very much its own.
  14. The night stuff was indeed really badly done. I also can see passed the white wool dreads. Terrible. It's also really weird the way they are using st Michael's mount. They keep doing panning shots with the background out of focus , but you can see it's Cornwall , then in other shots it's CG with a different coastline Minor gripes though I'm enjoying it
  15. Dredd is great. That is all
  16. I also really enjoyed the first episode. Although @g wingscomment above has be a little concerned.... we will see tonight.
  17. That was an excellent episode!
  18. I think the GPS jamming is the catch all for this. Its all glossed over pretty quickly, I guess they don't want to dwell on it too much I got annoyed with them saying "5th generation fighters" all the time mind you.
  19. I remember seeing them filiming there, I di not it expect it to be so obviously the mount though.
  20. They mention GPS jamming and obviously the AA missles. The premise being they have to use old equipment and human pilots as nothing else will work.
  21. Sad news The Talisman was great had a big effect on me when i was younger.
  22. Watched e2 and loved it. Great stuff . My main gripe is
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