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  1. Exactly this, it's the night surfing scene from Point Break all over again.
  2. I suggest you have a stern word with your brain. Chasm city is not without its faults, but the Inhibitor series is overall a fantastic piece of hard sci fi, far reaching in scope with really dark, interesting ideas, some great characters and some good science as well. I think if your reading something like this and thinking there are jokes about Gary Glitter in there you are doing it and yourself a diservice. Also @jimmyrazor Someone else mentioned and Ian M Banks influence as well. All sci fi is influenced and inspired by earlier works. You can find plenty of sci fi that influence Ian M Banks as well , and the books those guys riffed off and on it goes. Building on and expanding is what sci fi does. I was always very happy with how the Inhibitor series mashed old and new ideas into something very much its own.
  3. The night stuff was indeed really badly done. I also can see passed the white wool dreads. Terrible. It's also really weird the way they are using st Michael's mount. They keep doing panning shots with the background out of focus , but you can see it's Cornwall , then in other shots it's CG with a different coastline Minor gripes though I'm enjoying it
  4. Dredd is great. That is all
  5. I also really enjoyed the first episode. Although @g wingscomment above has be a little concerned.... we will see tonight.
  6. That was an excellent episode!
  7. I think the GPS jamming is the catch all for this. Its all glossed over pretty quickly, I guess they don't want to dwell on it too much I got annoyed with them saying "5th generation fighters" all the time mind you.
  8. I remember seeing them filiming there, I di not it expect it to be so obviously the mount though.
  9. They mention GPS jamming and obviously the AA missles. The premise being they have to use old equipment and human pilots as nothing else will work.
  10. Sad news The Talisman was great had a big effect on me when i was younger.
  11. Watched e2 and loved it. Great stuff . My main gripe is
  12. Anyone have trouble with the prime video App on their TV just closing randomly? Seems to happen mainly watching UHD content. Memory issues?
  13. I enjoyed the 2nd episode, feels like it could be somehting good if it continues on this trajectory.
  14. I like them, interesting stories with lots of cyberpunk themes. Pretty violent and unpleasent in places mind you.
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