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  1. Coming out of the cinema after the original Matrix was something else. Felt totally shell shocked, as if reality had actually been altered somehow.
  2. Tried 1-1 on extreme it wasnt to bad. Thought I'd try the recon class so I dialled it back to intense, tried out the flame thrower for the first time too. Unfortunatley... we had another flamer dude in our squad and he had ... shall we say ... very little restraint Honestly I was in tears of laughter, he barbequed both of us simulataneously at least three times. It got to the point that whenever aliens spawned me and the other guy were hiding behind doors or corners while this maniac went to work. The host quit after he got burned alive for the umpeenth time and the revive didnt arrive in time.
  3. Ill be back later with my shattered rose tinted glasses
  4. The wiki has puplished and chronoligical https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neal_Asher I think I read them in published order by series, so all of Agent Cormac then Spattterjay series etc.
  5. Finished the campaign (on normal difficulty) I think overall my original critique stands, it's a mediocre linear shooter. It's a distinctly unimagianitive affair and lacks almost everything I want from an aliens game, despite being full of Aliens That being said it is better at higher difficulties , and Im looking forward to trying the next one up from intense, I think it might be where the game starts to shine a bit. The higher difficulty distracts from the essantially humdrum game. Having to worry about team damage makes the combat more interesting. That being said I am still playing it, I am a sucker for Aliens and for unlock progression And I have had some fun games.
  6. One of the reasons it gets repetitive is because you keep getting those recaps. Either write a standalone novel or a series imo. Dont try and do both.
  7. They are... pulp. I quite enjoyed them on the whole, it's not challenging, just action based and usually entertaining. They get a bit samey after a while mind you. Edit: Also The Soldier is WAY into the series, You want to Start with Prador Moon - then read 17 more books before you get to The Soldier. I am however enjoying the start of Inhibitor Phase very much! It's good to be back in revelation space.
  8. I'm half way through series ten, im a little unsure why i started watching it again its pretty painful. I just seem to hate all the characters they have left and the stupid events are just endless. Still here I am plugging away at it till the final series. Masochism ?
  9. It's grown on me a bit, upping the difficulty to intense helped so there is some challenge and reduces the grind a bit. Dont be put off by the 500 recommendation 2 x 400 and a 155 and we did 1-1 no problem. I've decided im going to stick out the campaign to unlock the next difficulty up. The only downside of course is getting melted by your own teammates with the flamers.
  10. lol well yes the game functions, you shoot stuff and it dies, it just doesnt have any weight to it. The gunplay was not satisying, at least not so far.
  11. Cost me £35 on steam, £25 is probably about the right price.
  12. Ok this is a very mediocre third person coop shooter, it feels horribly lightweight, Ive been using the pulse rifle and the shotgun and there is zero impact to the gun play. Played 4 stages now, and they are totally linear and completely boring. As someone mentioned above walk down corridor, fight set piece. move on , press button , wait for a lift fight. Repeat. Parts of the second environment look quite nice Ill give it that. And I enjoy the sound of the pulse rifle. I am still playing it as... well it has stats and unlocks so has that pull going for it I suppose and its not unplayably bad, it's just very meh. It should def be cheaper or ideally better. Its not as good for example as the decidedly mediocre World War Z game in the same vein.
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