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  1. Ill add my voice to the really enjoyed it crowd. Yeah there is a bit too much teen drama in there and the big reveal as pointed out was a little "meh". But Im all in for series 2, thought it was great. There is a slight issue with power levels varying to suit the story perhaps ?
  2. When i first watched it I felt the same . But I recently rewatched the first episode and really enjoyed it, maybe its just better the second time around.
  3. Thats the back of St Michaels Mount that is.
  4. As is usually the way after I get on the Rllmuk hype train I come away a little dissapointed. I thought it was good, but not great. The dog joke was brilliant though.
  5. tbh the lipsync in the Hardline footage looks ok, its using proper phoneme shapes and is mainly in time with the audio.
  6. What do you mean by this ?
  7. This makes me sad, I was looking forward to a bit of fun action. I thought the intro was pretty good and always had a soft spot for the original film. Ill still watch it mind you.
  8. Getting stuck into Season two of this, it's still bloody good.
  9. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/15/22384245/oculus-store-quest-vr-headset-app-game-subscriptions-dlc-features-content-free-trial
  10. I have so many optionals still left to do
  11. I blame WOW for the demise of MMOs myself. It drove the popularity of theme park MMOS which in the end are just glorified single player games. As someone said above, loads of content , you dont even really have to talk to anyone... EVE Online is the outlier, the only really innovative sandbox MMO that persisted and it just shows how increbile MMOs could have been if WOW hadn't changed the general direction. I played Black Desert Online because I heard it was going to be a sandbox MMO , I imagined a fantasy version of EVE and was dissapointed. I'm not saying it was a bad game I quite en
  12. My goodness you are not wrong , I tried it solo ( I believe it balances for solo now) still ridiculous. I thought I was doing ok in terms of gear, but he just kept nuking me pretty much instantly.
  13. Well that opens a can of worms doesnt it!
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