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  1. Been ages since I used my OSSC but mine has a tiny slide switch next to the HDMI out that toggle sound that I used to get sound to an lcd monitor and separate speakers Switch is tiny so easy to miss
  2. I always fancied an Astro city cabinet before kids came along but I never had the space Now that I’ve got the space where’s the best place to buy one? Is shipping a killer for arcade cabinets? I’ve got a box trailer for my car so could be tempted to travel to collect
  3. Gorf

    Oculus Quest

    Not used my quest 2 for a few months and fancied a go and my left controller is knackered Tried new batteries, uninstalling and reinstalling using the meta phone app It has a flashing light and buzzes but never connects Am I being an idiot?
  4. I remember the one in Codonas in Aberdeen around 1995/1996 it was definitely the most expensive thing in the place maybe £2 a go? I never did get a go 12 year old me wasn’t into cars and I didn’t realise it was an MX5 until seeing these pictures, my vague memory was always of something much more exotic
  5. I’ve got multiple modded original, Color and game boy advance consoles For Tetris an IPS v2 modded Color would be my choice with Tetris DX (that itself modded with the original music) The USB rechargeable battery packs aren’t great value in my opinion, not nowadays when rechargeable AAs are so cheap and widely available
  6. This happened to me and I found it easier to buy a whole new Saturn console off eBay then I decided to put a fenrir ODE in the broken Saturn and I’ve just used the fenrir one ever since with the other one away in the attic in an original box So get a fenrir in it is my tip
  7. Ah but you could play some of perfect dark without the expansion pak just not all of it Did an expansion pak cost £60? Maybe it was half that, still a kick in the balls at the time
  8. Are you thinking of the N64 expansion pak, an extra £60 to play majoras mask (great) and donkey kong 64 (shite) Yes the “high res” mode it enabled in certain games was a load of hype, made perfect dark run worse
  9. Selling retrobright is a complete scam Just buy this from Tesco £1.70 a bottle Thank me later
  10. Amazing if you look at my area 1 & 2 times for my 50”60 above they’re quicker than that so we’ll under 50 seconds is possible I’ll have a bash later
  11. 50”12 Didn’t press pause quick enough to get the area times because I was too busy cheering
  12. Thinking back to the distant past I think I got my really fast times using a Saturn steering wheel and first person mode, I think I can remember it being better for holding lines round corners and getting extremely close to walls but it took a lot of practice Ive not seen that steering wheel in years though, it most probably got ditched at a car boot sale
  13. I think the secret is to be going fast enough over the 3 jumps to do them in 2, ie miss out the middle one I’ve been trying with a manual and I think dropping a gear around the last bend then targeting the grass on the left side on exit gives a better line
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