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  1. That’s right, I remember the price dropped from I think £400 to £300? From memory I got an extra controller, dead or alive and that oddworld game, Munch’s odyssey Edit: It dropped from £300 to £199 soon after release http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/1936791.stm
  2. @Skull Commander you live in Aberdeen don’t you? I’m nearby
  3. Do you have a decent Saturn collection? I sold off my sizeable collection about 7 years ago but keep getting a burning desire to buy an instant Saturn collection
  4. I’ve now found that a barbecue burger flipper is ideal as a turning peel Did lamb chops in a heavy frying pan at the weekend, worked really well
  5. yes, the basic metal peel with no handle is what I’ve got I’ll look into a wooden peel for launching. I’m finding one peel just isn’t enough, any second peel would be good to get the next pizza set up ready to launch while the first one is in the oven
  6. I got lucky and found a used koda for sale near me at a reasonably good price, picked it up this afternoon. It came with the basic ooni peel. Tried it out this evening making 3 small mozzarellas using some strong bread flour for the dough that we had already and we were really impressed with the results, seller gave me a big bag of 00 flour so I’ll try that next Getting the pizza off the basic peel and into the oven wasn’t too much of an issue but I found turning quite tricky, any recommendations for an upgraded peel with a handle and a circular turning peel? Preferably
  7. I have a USA n64 that I’ve had set up for the first time in about 10 years due to covid boredom, I’m using a very cheap usb powered scart to hdmi convertor as I dont have a scart connection on my TV I’ve been enjoying it, got to Java on Body Harvest last night in one sitting but the picture on my 50” lcd tv through hdmi is absolutely hideous, I had to stop before I went blind. Should I just buy an old Sony trinitron CRT telly off Facebook marketplace and be done with it or is there a better way to get an acceptable picture on a modern lcd tv?
  8. How much!? I’ve got a USA ntsc cart only copy of ISS 2000, I recall the story mode had some risqué parts to it. Not as good a football game as ISS 98 though.
  9. Tiny white dots are on the mini map, top right of screen, showing the road to take to the next yellow marker Ive started playing this again since the Christmas holidays, lost my save game after about 15 hours when I last played it 3 years ago and couldn’t face restarting. Im now up to level 10, just finished the baron quest line and I’m utterly hooked.
  10. Nope, totally dead Had to buy a used camera from CeX to get it working
  11. Not set up my PSVR in well over 12 months but noticed that Blood and Truth was down to £14.99 on Amazon last Friday In preparation I set the PSVR up and it seems my camera is completely dead, no red light and not connecting under the settings > devices menu It's an original square PS4 camera, do these things have a habit of dying?
  12. Gorf

    Nintendo Switch

    Picked clean by you by the sound of it!
  13. £25 - £30 looking at boxed US copies sold on ebay recently One to hold onto for another decade I reckon
  14. Yes, about halfway through I reckon
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