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  1. I bought an N64 X5 a couple of months ago, came from Ukraine and there was no uk customs charge to pay, took about 15 days to arrive
  2. The loading times on the PS5 upgraded version are a lot better, I can’t tell if the graphics are improved mind
  3. I’ve got an x5 too, the save reset thing isn’t a big deal at all once you get used to it and if you have a Tim Worthington RGB modded console you do the pad reset out of habit anyway This reminds me that I have an original PAL N64 everdrive I must put up in the trading folder
  4. I fitted a noctua fan and the difference was very noticeable, not whisper quiet but certainly better than the hairdryer it sounded like There was a very slight clash between the fan and the new opening catch but not enough I couldn’t live with it after a bit of adjustment
  5. I’ve had a couple of N64s do this to me and it’s either been the PSU or could be the jumper pack / expansion pack needs reseated I would suggest trying a new PSU first I do have a spare PAL N64 that has no power LED, that caused me a lot of confusion!
  6. This You should be able to pick up an RGB modded NTSC console for £100-£120 if you shop around oldskoolconsoles sold me a scruffy one for that a few months back For wave race in particular the difference is very noticeable, it still holds up really well, think I played it every evening for a week
  7. Regarding doing an RGB mod on an N64 I decided to buy a pre-modded one with the deblur, 15 bit colour and reset via pad features. Ive made a complete arse of a supposedly simple Saturn 50/60hz switch in the past and so decided to get it done by someone else Got it from here: https://www.oldskoolconsoles.com/product-page/rgb-modded-n64-grey-ntsc-t-w-n64rgb-with-deblur I’m using it on an LCD screen using an OSSC with a retrogamingcables RGB scart, it looks good but it’s always going to be an N64 In my opinion the deblur and 15 bit colour features are nothing exciting but the reset via pad is great for use with an everdrive
  8. I stopped using ebay for selling old games a couple of years ago when someone bought quite desirable Saturn games from me and had me post them to their own customers at multiple addresses across Europe as they had a website selling games at prices much higher than ebay I only realised when one person contacted me asking if they could buy from me direct in future Could have gone quite badly wrong for me, thankfully it didn’t
  9. The way I used to quickly check at car boot sales where I could inspect the cart close up was to look for white lettering above the gold contacts on the rear of the cart, usually always said “nintendo” if it’s a real cart Difficult to do on eBay if there’s no photo of the back of the cart, maybe ask the seller for one Edit: I’m talking rubbish, just looked at some old DS carts and it’s white lettering in general, not “nintendo”
  10. Been playing this again after not giving it much time a couple of years ago, seems better than I remember playing it on PS5 and just exploring the maps one at a time I see the New York and Haven Island maps are in the sale until the weekend, are they considered to be good maps? And is Patient Zero worth bothering with?
  11. Just spent 30 minutes on hold waiting to speak to someone at Sony, hung up as I can’t be arsed waiting any longer WD40 it is!
  12. My controller X button gets stuck down 50% of the time Is there a DIY fix or do I have to call Sony and arrange for it to be collected?
  13. Few in stock at Argos this morning looking at their app. If you fancy a trip to Arbroath or Montrose to pick it up that is.
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