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  1. yeah, i've raced with people who were terrible technical drivers, missing apexes (is that the right plural?), braking after the apex, wildly drifting every corner etc. but somehow they just managed to put it all together and were faster than most of the other technically proficient racers. what they lacked in discipline, they made up for in raw car control on the absolute limits and a healthy disrespect for racing/braking lines. i certainly think it's about feel. i couldn't sit here and tell you what gear i am in for a given corner but when i play i'll end up in the right gear most of the time.
  2. just finishing up my first listen on Spotify. i bought the cd yesterday but haven't had a chance to sit down with it. i wouldn't say it's boring, it's just not an immediately great Slayer album. you know what to expect with a Slayer album and other than that it's a nice return to 80's style thrash in places. but then i've bought every Slayer album on launch day since i've been into metal (from Divine Intervention onwards) and not really ever been disappointed by any of them.
  3. what, the forth guy in the team after Stallone, Statham and Jet Li? if so, no. it's Randy Couture, former UFC heavyweight and middleweight champion.
  4. we know the outcome already though, the USF1 effort will be a waste of everyone's time and the american audience will cry foul before switching back over to watch NASCAR turn left. i remember how loads of american fans were up in arms over Scott Speed being booted from STR. to them, everything is a slight on the USA.
  5. i play and collect videogames. the terms "gamer" and "gaming" make me think more of warhammer, d&d and tabletop stuff.
  6. they seem to replace the dvd drive as well most of the time with a RROD.
  7. how long until the Daily Mail reveal* that paedophiles are having "virtual sex" with the doll? *invent
  8. calm down dear, i was referring to the "offended on behalf of other people" nonsense you've been dribbling out in the other thread, that Dudley also said here triggering this entire clusterfuck. and thanks for attempting to downplay any negative commentary on your approval of racism as "developing a club". you're doing a nice job of making yourself look a right Everiss and saving me the trouble.
  9. only if he's therealjohnpeat as well. trjp said exactly the same thing in kerraig's british gas/bnp thread.
  10. includes a scene of dogs sitting on the wing of a flying boat looking really unthreatening that made me lol.
  11. yeah, they are just infrared emitters with a sensor. you can simulate them with an IR source and most mobile phone cameras.
  12. D-Tox was a rubbish Stallone flick about a group of patients at a remote clinic getting bumped off.
  13. yeah the first AvP was the best by miles.
  14. this is really crap too, with some brilliant 'effects' during the big reveal.
  15. i seem to catch it every time it's on tv and, despite knowing the utter waste of time involved, still sit through it in the hope that it actually gets better this time. MK-NAOMI
  16. not HD, but Eternal Darkness works on Wii (obviously) and has a nice campy gothic horror atmosphere without being ball-out scary.
  17. this is nice and crap since all the good 'uns are taken.
  18. quick, get your mate to sit on him!
  19. i think it's down to the source. some movies are better than others, look at Battle Royale for example.
  20. get a better connection? works fine on mine even at peak times.
  21. imo, the biggest casualty is the previously awesome Donington circuit itself.
  22. hell yeah. i'm not certain of the legality of the site i'm going to link to, so if the mods have a problem with it please delete it (although i did get the link from a thread on here a while back). hundreds of streaming asian horror movies, some extremely scary.
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