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  1. yeah, this is my feeling too. I enjoyed GH:Metallica but I think it was more down to the non-gameplay related fluff than the actual notecharts and scoring system.
  2. incorrect. it looks like it was only the turn of this decade/century/millennium where the spackers got their way.
  3. it wasn't. despite the millions of revelers out partying, they were a year early. i was there too, pissed, rowing with the missus and throwing bottles at people, all whilst wearing a stupid silver party hat. a year early.
  4. what about something to cover iphone games?
  5. calm down dear. in all your "shooting down" of "time trolls" you managed to contradict yourself with this: because the first century was the beginning of year 1 to the end of year 100, not the end of year 99. so if you adhere to that it's a little contradictory to roll back a decade one year just because the numbers look tidier. the answer is still Outrun 2 btw.
  6. And the correct answer to this thread is Outrun 2.
  7. Were you not one year old for the entire second year of your life brad?
  8. no, year one was the first year of his life (hypothetically, given the fact that he was probably an entirely fictional construct). Not the entire year starting on his first birthday. His first birthday would trigger the second year of his life, year two on the calendar. I can't quite believe there are people out there with this dodgy a grasp of maths...still I suppose I could get away with paying you 10% less for anything I buy off you since the first pound was 0 and the tenth one 9! I'd repeat this for every tenner.
  9. mathematically it has to be. Given year one is the first year with year ten being the end of a ten year period, the only way 1970 isn't part of the 60's is if you had a 9 year decade in there somewhere. Which would then mean a decade could be either 9 or 10 years as it suits you.
  10. you'd honestly start with the very first year being zero and not one? One to ten is a decade not zero to nine.
  11. so the first decade on record had just 9 years ten? gotcha.
  12. oh well, putting my total spend up to 15 quid or so in a week, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle got me for 3 quid.
  13. minisquadron and Monkey Island bought. this is nickel and diming me worse than any other system ever.
  14. yep, and Hero of Sparta and Brothers in Arms.
  15. oh i agree entirely, but i do think that it's still too early to say that the Jasper chipset is the panacea people want it to be. this, combined with the fact that some people have already experienced RROD with Jaspers, does imply that it's still far from cured.
  16. not going through this near 5000 post thread again, but there are posts indicating RROD'd new model Jaspers. so whilst MS may be doing better, it still, by definition, isn't fixed. Ork, the rattling is probably just a noisy orientation sensor. they all have it to some degree.
  17. E74 and RROD only afaik. everything else = 1 year.
  18. so was the original version of S&K though.
  19. yeah, that Ultraviolence track is the only one i skip on the Earache Black Sabbath covers album, Masters of Misery.
  20. nah, Jag have been responsible for some real horrors between the late 70's and mid 90's. Porsche by a long chalk.
  21. Radio GaGa covered by Electric Six always raises a smile.
  22. 312,700 this week and all time. i find it much more comfortable on the phone than with a mouse.
  23. you could always flog the busted one on ebay (they seem to fetch 30 or 40 quid usually) and put it towards a brand new one.
  24. according to this very thread, the X Clamp "fix" is every bit as temporary as MS' own repair work.
  25. there are reports of new Jaspers failing as well...
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