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  1. just a bit. an M3 is a 3 series and a 5 series is a 5 series. they had neither. they had an X5 M on there (the fast SUV) but it was a twin turbo V8 petrol. the Audi Q7 was the twin turbo diesel V12. they did mention an M5 CSL concept but that ain't a diesel either.
  2. i doubt the tunnel roll was cgi, it did look a bit shonky initially and my immediate thought was cgi but on repeated viewing, plus the actual ditching of the motor in the sea, it's fairly feasible if you are prepared to write the car off. it was likely performed in a controlled area with a tunnel mocked up to look like the location, with an appropriately reinforced car and a stunt driver. also if you look at the stunt, it wasn't actually that impressive or ambitious. they didn't drive right up around the tunnel as it would have been impossible, they just uncomfortably dumped the car semi-sideways after a rough looking roll. probably fucking the front suspension. chances are they busted one or two other motors in the process.
  3. QUOTE (Ferrari @ Dec 9 2009, 11:57 AM) If you like Paul McCartney, listen to The Beatles. They're the best band ever, and I have a hard time recommending a specific song or album. "The Best of The Beatles"
  4. yeah, i came into this thread to suggest you ask him about Mario 64...
  5. yeah, you couldn't turn it off in Driver 2, you could in the first one. i preferred manual handbrake on PS1 but am unsure i'd want the display that cluttered with thumbs and icons...
  6. yeah, i'll be picking up Driver tonight. one of the best games of the PS1 generation. i see it has a handbrake "button", is there an option somewhere to turn on the auto-handbrake so it engages whenever you turn? the original had this on by default.
  7. Padus DiscJuggler demo is the best on default settings. 100% hit rate where Alcohol was well patchy. you'll want to be converting those files to .cdi first though.
  8. so you two know each other then?
  9. when i was checking there was either a bug or a horribly designed subwindow on the appvent site with a free Navy Patrol Coastal Defence link. so i d/l that as well.
  10. yeah, i have all those, Sandman is all first editions too, not the later reprints. Preacher i have in both individual issues and tpb's. how much did you have to fork out for that "Daddy's Little Girl" Sin City one off? i also have complete Punisher from when Garth Ennis did the reboot on the Knights imprint on through MAX to date, 100 Bullets, Walking Dead.... i have a few complete sets of Alan Moore's less well known stuff too, Top 10 and Promethea being the main ones.
  11. i have the complete run in individual issues. the covers are amazing, are they included in the graphic novel collections?
  12. Igort - 5 è il Numero Perfetto is pretty good, about a retired italian hitman.
  13. bigbrick

    Rock Band!

    i'd have thought a dining chair is too low. you want your knee joint to be a touch more open than 90 degrees, having your thigh parallel to the floor or lower will make it really hard work. i use an old style wooden dining chair with a stack of cushions and it's still not as high as i'd like.
  14. i saw that kit and what looks like a masterpiece Grimlock and got jealous. then i saw the carpet and felt thankful.
  15. I'd actually forgotten the horrific sound mixes in GH3. It's the only GH/RB game where i've had to alter the volume balance song by song. Terrible effort on the part of the testers to miss that.
  16. yeah, those years were a vintage time for me too. Not owning a game system after selling my snes in about 1993, I bought a playstation "value pack" with two controllers and a mem card bundled with Destruction Derby 2 and Tekken 2. Within the year I had a good sized collection of brilliant games, Tomb Raider 2, FFVII, Colony Wars, Soul Blade... Plus I was unemployed until early 99 so I had plenty of time to play them. An N64 with SM64 and Wave Race followed after I got a job.
  17. i haven't been able to access it since about lunchtime yesterday.
  18. Part of the reason GH3 was harder was down to shonky note detection and unintuitive note charts though tbf.
  19. i'd have thought that if it were a licensed piece of music originally, but afaik, it wasn't and was just generic 70s style music written for the game.
  20. i'd like to nominate the entire Duran Duran album "Thank You". what a massive pile of shit. you need serious chops to cover Public Enemy and not come off sounding like a geography teacher trying to be hip. Le Bon fails. and as for Metallica covering stuff, they seem to end up sounding too pat and polished totally ruining any character the original songs had. the Bad Seeds and Ramones covers they have done demonstrate this effectively.
  21. the first model car i remember loving was a black/white/red Pirelli liveried Stratos rally car my uncle got me for my 5th or 6th birthday (back in 81 or 82). never ever seen one in the wild although i have seen a couple of immaculate examples at Goodwood FOS.
  22. Driver looks awesome. definite day one purchase. dunno why they have changed the intro movie music (for the worse) though.
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