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  1. 4 tracks in and am undecided. it isn't total shite but it's not rocking my world yet.
  2. it's just a proprietary recolour of an old Gravis pc pad. the stick unscrews and leaves you with a regular dpad. i had one (the joypad) on my old pentium 233 and the dpad was shockingly shit.
  3. needs a game genie with sonic and knuckles then another sonic game on top.
  4. why play fills when you can play BOOM-BAP-BOOM-BAP-BOOM-BAP for eternity on THE DRUMS OF DOOM?
  5. i have a comp disc of early Manowar in the car stereo at the moment. i fucking love Manowar.
  6. i think he was replying to me....
  7. not heard that one. last time i tried to listen to them was this summer. i think it's on Spotify....i'll give it a go if it is.
  8. Rust in Peace was awesome. that and Countdown to Extinction are the only Megadeth albums i can listen to these days. all the earlier albums and the gash they have released since sounds so tedious. Slayer have had the odd blip in quality over the years, but i can still happily listen to any of their albums without getting the "why am i doing this?" train of thought i get when i try one of the non-RiP/CtE Megadeth discs.
  9. same, although i'd have said it was a light metallic blue, not purple. mine came with six unboxed games on a blister pack card thing when SNK-Playmore were flogging all the factory recon/unsold stock as bundles. that was about 4 or 5 years ago now. i have never replaced the battery and it still works...
  10. agreed, they are far more comfy than they have any right to be given all the corners and general boxiness.
  11. Senser at the Joiners in Southampton a few years back. if you know the Joiners, you'll know it has no stage entrance and the band have to walk right through the crowd to get to the "backstage" area. the band finishes the set and Heitham says "erm, normally at this point we'd go backstage and you would beg us to come back out and do a couple more, but we can't really go anywhere, except down there i s'pose" pointing to the steps at the side of the stage down to floor level "and then they'd need to turn all the lights out so you couldn't see us, you don't actually want us to do that do you?" obviously the crowd did want this, so the entire band, all 6 of them, troop down into the little corner at the side of the stage, the lighting guy turns the lights off for a couple of minutes and the crowd chant for the band to come back, all the while the band are just about visible in the gloom laughing before they come back up on stage and finish the set proper. it is a delicious rock n roll cliche though, New York Dolls played The Talking Heads in Southampton last week and given the same layout as the Joiners, their idea of "backstage" was out the stage fire exit into the freezing cold carpark for five minutes.
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