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  1. Valkyrie Profile doesn’t want to play ball with AutoBleem or Retroarch. I keep hitting the ‘Retry’ error when it’s trying to load the next scene annoyingly. Shame. I really wanted to play it again.
  2. Ah yes, the ‘Legacy’ version.
  3. New tracks from Time, the Valuator and Make them Suffer.
  4. It doesn’t matter who the manager is, unless Woodward and the Glazers commit to making fundamental changes to the structure of the club, then it’ll be the same old shit. Noises elsewhere suggest they want a Technical Director and not a DOF, so again, a convoluted hierarchal approach to transfers and direction. If I was shit at my job for 7 years and repeatedly failed to appoint the right people in the right roles, I’d be rightly moved on. The Glazers suddenly want to take a more hands on approach (allegedly), not too dissimilar from a young child suddenly wanting to play with a toy they’ve not touched in years, after the realisation that someone else might want to play with it (Saudi bid). I don’t trust them to make the right call whilst the club is a profitable business. Already, (again, allegedly) Ole wanted to shift Martial on (something Jose wanted to do) because of his attitude and Glazers said ‘no, because he’s our Pele’. Already he’s being hamstrung. Martial for me is over-rated; a 1 in 5 player at best. Obviously I’m hoping for the best in the Summer and to eat my proverbial hat, but I’m not holding my breath.
  5. We’re clearly going for the Bet Lynch look this season. Third kit, apparently. Hideous.
  6. Yep. In after 30 seconds with this. Shades of Native Construct.
  7. Few random thoughts after seeing this today. The action sequences are so cleanly shot in this. No fast cuts or ADHD camera work. They are framed perfectly to showcase the talent and beautiful setting on-screen. I also noticed the guys from The Raid 2 in this as well, who along with Mark Dacascos as Zero, we’re excellent. This series of films has gone from strength to strength and l doubt they’ll be a better action film this year.
  8. Amazed he gave it to be honest. Unless of course; the linesman has seen that Ritchie’s left arm has gone across and the player has made the most of the minimal contact.
  9. This. I remember sobbing into my pillow when I got home from the cinema.
  10. There’s a reason why we haven’t scored from open play in over 10 hours of football. Our play in the final third lacks any sort of intelligent movement or cohesion.
  11. I simply couldn’t stay awake that late, so admire @MardiganX utter dedication to the Marvel cause doing that double-header. I’m booked in to see it at 8:20am on the Thursday morning, then again on Friday evening with the other half.
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