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  1. This race is nearly as bad as the one in Mexico.
  2. Current standings so far. 01 - Lorna Shore - Pain Remains 02 - Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What the Future Holds 03 - Machine Head - OF KINGDOM AND CROWN 04 - Animals As Leaders - Parrhesia 05 - Meshuggah - Immutable 06 - Bad Omens - THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND 07 - Korn - Requiem 08 - Electric Callboy - Tekkno 09 - Oceans Ate Alaska - Disparity 10 - Darko US - Oni 11 - Novelists FR - Deja Vu 12 - Stray From The Path - Euthanasia
  3. Loving the Bottas ‘tache.
  4. Not a good look for Max considering how often Checo helped him in the past.
  5. This has been great. Sucks Lewis is likely to get a grid penalty though.
  6. Donutted into the gravel
  7. I recall MotoGP, PGR2 and Halo 2 back then. I remember being wowed by the SBMM of Halo 2 having no frame of reference at the time. Good times.
  8. Am I missing something simple with the first two launchers? Do they not have auto-lock on UAVs etc? Molotov does a good job on them as well I've found.
  9. Merc were waiting for the tyre drop off that didn’t come since they didn’t have the underlying pace to compete with Max.
  10. Even Crofty sounds bored.
  11. I hope this gets interesting because so far…
  12. P3 for Lewis not a bad spot to start given Max will try to break the tow on the 800m run down to turn one.
  13. Mercedes in FP3 ahead of Qualy.
  14. Yep, workaround is to go to Quick Settings and back out and it works again. Had a hard crash on one save point constantly on the last level so had to restart the mission.
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