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  1. You know what I like about the campaign? No. Fucking. Collectibles.
  2. Same here. I think it might be a comfortable day for Liverpool. If we were creating chances, I’d give us an outside chance, but we’ve been nothing short of abject in that department (as well as many others). I doubt Ole has much more time either unless results turnaround. Ed is clearly doing his level best to brief the media about our ‘transfer approach’ recently to try and put himself in a positive light, since the fans and some sections of the media are training their sights on him now. Probably being greeted by Mike Ashley at Newcastle with “The most unpopular man in football meets the second most unpopular man in football” might not have helped. Still trying to work out whose who in that scenario. But today, obviously hoping for a positive result.
  3. If you like your Mathcore with a Mike Patton-esque tone, that’s not the Dillinger Escape Plan, then The Number Twelve Looks Like You have released their first album in a decade and it’s bloody awesome! In other news, I, Valiance have released ‘III’ to complete their EP cycle that, unsurprisingly enough, started with ‘I’ Here’s a song from them (an oldie)
  4. Bleeders

    Gears 5

    I’m playing on an OG XB1 and I’ve had a few Campaign issues where I’ve had to restart the previous checkpoint a couple times. Really enjoying the game though. I skipped 4, so this has been quite a nice return to the franchise for me.
  5. Bleeders


    I’ve seen them about four times I think, on both their Lateralus and 10,000 Days tours. Good times.
  6. I have no doubt, still, has to be better than Roblox.
  7. My kids are going to lose their shit over this. They’ve been addicted to Garden Warfare 2.
  8. Bleeders


    Reminded me of 'Cold & Ugly' when I heard it.
  9. Bleeders


  10. Bleeders


    The physical version looks superb. Quite tempted by it.
  11. Bleeders


    This appears to be on the seven seas.
  12. Edit. Wrong thread.
  13. I couldn’t have articulated this any better. I’m in the same boat myself; fast approaching 40 in the next couple of months and I simply don’t get the joy of playing a game anymore. It’s done more out of obligation than fun a lot of the time for me these days. I’ll play something, maybe like it, but I won’t have that pull to go back and play it. It’s taken a year for me to play up to the middle act on Spider-Man for no other reason that I simply cannot be bothered to play a game a lot of the time. I guess I carry on playing in the hope that something clicks and reignites my passion once more for playing a game. I’ve become so desensitised to it now that games I would await with anticipation leave me cold, since I’m no longer part of that audience that it’s trying to entice. FIFA, for example, isn’t for me anymore. Won’t stop me from buying games mind in the hope that something clicks.
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