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  1. The most Russian thing you will see all week. FFO: Early Slipknot / Oceano Probably NSFW
  2. From Twitter The BBC need hauling over the coals for this.
  3. City are good at breaking through the low block through quick, incisive passing and constant movement. We’ve yet to really master that. Donny or Juan might have been an option, but at times our forward line were quite static and not looking to make runs in behind.
  4. Villareal are a well-organised team. We often struggle against teams who have no pressing ambition and keep a good shape. We didn’t move the ball quick enough and it was almost played at walking pace at times. We simply didn’t do enough and left it to penalty kicks. Scott was the best player on the pitch for me. Didn’t deserve to be on the losing side, but it’s another learning curve for us. I’m disappointed, but not surprised we didn’t win. I’m more wound up with the aftermath where, predictably, the players are getting disgusting abuse on the socials. Marcus getting racially abused, cunts wishing harm on Dave’s new born. Scum of the highest order. Until ‘big tech’ actually implement measures where real action can be taken, absolutely nothing will change.
  5. Nevermind… we’ve been defensively awful.
  6. ‘Give it, give it, give it to Edi Cavani, pass him the ball and watch him score all the goals’
  7. I know Banshee has been posted, but the creators did some terrific remixes with the opening credits. Probably my favourite opening credits of any series. Season 3
  8. I'm really loving the new Architects album the more I listen to it. I'm particularly taken with the string arrangement on 'Demi God', but the whole album has a wonderful balance to it. Sure, it's less aggressive than 'Holy Hell', but I'm into it. On a different note, I discovered these Brand of Sacrifice chaps a short while ago and I'm into my Deathcore, but these chaps are taking it to another level. It's stupidly heavy and their lyrics are based around the Beserk manga. They released the last single 'Altered Eyes' from their forthcoming album 'Lifeblood' and as the kids say, it's a heavy banger! FFO: Born of Osiris, Oceano, Fit For An Autopsy
  9. Far too passive from Dave today. Culpable for two of the goals. Disappointing since we looked comfortable for large parts of the game and we’re playing well.
  10. We didn’t do enough to win the game, crap decision aside. It was an arrogant performance where we expected to turn up and win. Maguire's comments after the match pretty much solidified that line of thinking in my opinion. Sheffield deserved their win and we deserved to lose. It was a reality check for our squad, we were due a loss at some point after such a terrific run. We now need to go again and hopefully, we can put in a performance against Arsenal on Saturday. The torrent of abuse players receive on the back of a poor performance is abhorrent; it’s a game of football for crying out loud. Social media needs to start showing responsibility and ensuring a valid identity is applied to an account. Stop allowing these faceless cunts a platform to spew their disgusting hate with impunity.
  11. I’d be up for this please - Bleeders79
  12. Architects come with a new stadium banger
  13. Some Deathcore from Brand of Sacrifice. Stumbled on these through a reaction video and it ticked the BLERGHS and Breakdown boxes. The video has some chuckle-worthy comments as well, so they get points for eliciting that kind of a response too!
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