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  1. How many times have we hit the first defender when we’ve been in their box now?
  2. We’ll qualify from the group I think. Ultimately, a lapse in concentration cost us what would’ve been a good point, considering we played over half the game with 10 men.
  3. Hadn’t realised Ronaldo was top scorer in Serie A last season with 29 goals.
  4. The squad needs a DM, Ole isn't blind to it, but I think the only way we get someone like Saul in is on a loan spell initially. I know this has been mooted, but talk around has that died down somewhat, especially since the deal with Ronaldo back to United has been mooted. The idea of Ronaldo coming back is driven by sentiment on my part, like most United fans I'm sure, but I would love it! You don't make your team worse by bringing in proven winners and leaders. I'd be looking forward to hopefully seeing the benefit of his experience and approach to the game rub off on the younger lads like Greenwood, Elanga, Marcus and Sancho, who can only get better by working closely with someone who has won it all in club football.
  5. Could this actually happen?!
  6. Some Blackened Deathcore. Incidentally, after initially criticising my own kids for watching reaction/box-opening videos on YouTube (waste of time… grumble… grumble), I’ve fallen down a bit of rabbit hole with them. Recently, with vocal coach ones around this type of vocal. I find it fascinating how a human can produce these sounds and have an even greater appreciation for just how difficult it is.
  7. Prefer the third kit to both the home and away kit this season.
  8. Rice will be too expensive for us I think. Saul or Neves would be good if we could get either of those in. Wondering just how much those protests have forced the owners hand this summer since we’ve done a couple good deals in Sancho and soon-to-be Varane. The Pogba situation needs to be resolved this Summer, thinking we’ll sell him to PSG.
  9. The most Russian thing you will see all week. FFO: Early Slipknot / Oceano Probably NSFW
  10. From Twitter The BBC need hauling over the coals for this.
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