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  1. Really enjoyed the gig on Friday. I liked the way that the video setup and lights just kept on doing more and more stuff as the show went on.
  2. I'm rather liking this new Lantlôs album.
  3. Not sure, I'm sure I've heard some stuff like it but I can't remember what. I would suggest looking on last.fm or somewhere, but since that already knows you're listening to them I guess you've tried the similar artists thing already. BTW. How are you liking the new Insomnium now it's had time to settle in?
  4. I'm liking the new Alcest, and looking forward to seeing them live in a couple of weeks, but I think they're right in saying they aren't really a metal band anymore. Anyway the album is on YouTube ( http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLToXWne2Bk-eP5sut551U96yF9kLPVYWx&desktop_uri=%2Fplaylist%3Flist%3DPLToXWne2Bk-eP5sut551U96yF9kLPVYWx ) and Spotify.
  5. My copy of Eyes of Bayonetta has shipped.
  6. Got this from my dad for Christmas, bloody lovely game. Need to take the WiiU round to my sister's place later and introduce my niece to her first Mario game.
  7. It's not quite that simple, see Graham_s's chart for the list of human release criteria for each level. You may also want to learn which order the humans are released from their boxes, they can die very quickly after release in some situations.
  8. It really is a beautifully addictive game, I just wish I had more spare time to play it at the moment.
  9. I wouldn't worry, they will have spent today frantically throwing orders into boxes and some courier will turn up later this evening and then tracking numbers will start to appear. This sort of thing always looks a little chaotic with big online retailers because the volumes are so large. Think of it like sausages, lovely results but you don't want to see how they're made.
  10. So I got the traditional email from amazon today saying The Eyes of Bayonetta will not be out on the previously listed date... But this time it's only been pushed back to just after Christmas rather than the normal six month increment. I wonder if that means it's actually coming out?
  11. Most PCs come with full OpenGL drivers, and OpenCL for asynchronous compute stuff these days. They aren't implemented in terms of D3D, and can in fact be slightly more efficient in some cases as due to the different driver structure compared to D3D since the user space portion of the driver is vendor specific and can do more stuff.
  12. A friend worked on streaming rich 3d apps to thin clients a few years ago. They dynamically switched between streaming the image and streaming the API calls depending on the workload. Valve might be doing something like that.
  13. Well you've got till about lunchtime to make this thread as good as it can be.
  14. It means that if you're building a nice quiet PC to put under the telly that you want to use for playing games, then you can download SteamOS rather than having to buy a copy of Windows.
  15. I hope this stuff about working on audio means they're going to have several of the current Linux audio devs relocated to Nova Prospect, the kernel level stuff isn't great and the user land bits area hideous mess.
  16. I'm on the hype train! This time it's really happening.
  17. You can still have those moments with pure platinum, as long as the leader doesn't get hit you're good. So the enemy can stun your comrades and you can take revenge for that.
  18. Man this is fun when it all starts to come together. You're given a whole load of techniques and just have to experiment to see how you can combine them, and then chaos ensues.
  19. Aardvark

    Sigur Rós

    Photos posted here and subsequent tweets.
  20. Aardvark

    Sigur Rós

    Jodrell Bank show was excellent, I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
  21. Try looking at thatgamecompany's profile, I assume the background picture is the name of he next project, but I can't find an associated twitter account in any obvious way.
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