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  1. I started playing this for the first time at the weekend - Xbox Series X. I'd bought the disc some time last year when it was £18 in CEX, and saved it for the native next-gen upgrade. Gameplay: I'm still in the overhelmed "can't tell what's going on or how anything works" phase of starting an RPG. This seems to be an especially complicated one. Wonderful world and setting and atmosphere. I've been to Lizzie's Bar and done the braindance stuff (which was great), and then did that mission at the Maelstrom base. The Maelstrom base turned into a shootout and I felt quite bewildered. I don't really understand how the hacking works yet (like the difference between quickhacks and the breaching minigame... I'll understand it eventually). As the first big location with lots of combat I thought this mission should have been a tutorial, but it didn't feel very instructive. I just looked at a guide for this mission ("The Pickup") - just to make sense of it - and now I'm worried I really didn't understand it. "In this mission you'll choose to side with Maelstrom or Militech"... jeez, I didn't realise I was making those choices at all. I must confess that a lot of dialogue went over my head - technobabble and slang. I also didn't decrypt Meredith's money shard. I wanted to... but a popup about "How to decrypt shards" stayed on the screen for 5 seconds, then I couldn't find shards in the inventory. (No need to teach me here, btw - I'm reading up on this stuff). After this, I spent an hour or two wandering around Watson - but I should probably let the story play out a little more before I explore. Haven't met Keanu yet. Not sure about the combat. The damage is RPG stat-based, right? So enemies need more than one headshot, which makes them feel like sponges right now. It's also hard to aim down pistol sights because... well... the pistol is in the way. I also wish that security cameras were more noticeable - both visually and on the minimap. Very very minor nitpick - I don't like how you get into a car with X but get out with B. I had a few bugs and oddities. I think the game lost the perks I spent and I had to choose them again... unless that's my mistake and I reloaded without saving. Also, do clothes level with you? I put V's starter prologue clothes in storage as soon as I got to the apartment and they had armour values around 3.2, then a few hours later I put them back in my inventory and they suddenly turned into 15-ish armour. Technicals: I don't have a point of comparison with the older version because this is my first time playing. It looks great -- but not flawless. There's quite a lot of "fizzing" stuff, which is the LOD of objects changing as you get close to them. Some other textures and lighting effects seem "fizzy" too. Objects and pedestrians can pop into existence sometimes. I've seen some pedestrians have bugged walking animations and street objects sometimes float. Performance Mode looks sharp enough (I'm still on a 1080p display) and runs at a smooth 60fps, although you can turn to look at complicated areas and feel the FPS drop sometimes. Raytracing Mode is not really an option -- the 30fps feels like an especially sluggish 30fps for some reason. I'm happy to play some games at 30fps... 30fps can often feel smooth enough... but there's something wrong with this game's 30fps. I knew immediately that I had to turn all the thumbstick acceleration down to zero - what were they thinking? I also turned off motion blur because it's really pronounced - it's a shame it doesn't have a slider. You know what else doesn't have a slider? FOV. It's a pretty low FOV here. The cutscenes rely on V sitting in close quarters with other characters, so maybe you're not supposed to change the FOV.
  2. One of the things I absolutely love about the Yakuza games is that the violence seems so "pretend". You beat people up in ways that would kill them, but after the fight they are all just sitting on the ground rubbing their elbows and knees. Like they all just had a play fight. Bit of dissonance when the story cutscenes have gun murder, of course.
  3. The RDR2 issue is a very big and serious debate which has been done before. I recall a Giant Bomb Game of the Year deliberation that was genuinely uncomfortable to listen to. The issue of "RDR2 is a masterpiece" vs "RDR2 is so over-complicated and fiddly that I couldn't get into it." I'm in the "couldn't get into it" camp personally. I played for 5 or 6 hours and just hated how complicated all the controls were. I spent those hours just obeying the button interaction prompt in the corner -- mystified why it was sometimes one button rather than another that had been already taught. I knew it would never become intuitive. Also the health bar system... it felt like that Xzibit meme: "Yo dawg, we put a health bar in your health bar, so you can lose health while you lose health." If Rockstar made a brilliant dramatic masterpiece, then it's their fault some players didn't reach the masterpiece. I'm sure it could have been the same dramatic masterpiece with much simpler controls and mechanics. Anyway, a different subject, the reason I came to the thread today: Anyone remember the early hype for GTA4 on forums, and this fake screenshot went around?
  4. For some odd reason that Matrix Unreal Engine 5 demo ignored the share button mapping and would only take video clips no matter how I pressed the button -- but every other game so far has obeyed the mapping.
  5. Can't think of a better thread to put this: I just had a playthrough of Saints Row the Third Remastered - I saw there was a PS5 native version when I put the PS4 disc in. I think the PS5 native version has been out for nearly a year, but it had some big obvious bugs. A character who turns up in the second half of the game has glitched textures on his face in all his cutscenes. I've never seen such an obvious problem in a videogame that remained unfixed. It's not like it's just one or two scenes either... at least 5 missions finish with a slam closeup of his face... and there's even a mission where you have to change your appearance to impersonate him. Also had a couple of hard crashes, overlapping dialogue where everyone's voice lines play at once, and apparently the game hard crashes for everyone on the last mission unless you're playing with Female Voice 1! I also noticed in the trophies that only 14% of people finish the story -- although that's probably because it's a remaster of an old game, and also a PS5 upgrade of that remaster too. Everyone probably just downloaded it to drive around the city for a couple of hours. I'm not sure if there was even much benefit in playing the PS5 native version -- apparently it's 4K rather than dynamic 4K, and I guess loading times are faster, but not much else. A PS4 patch could have done the same.
  6. Christ. This is what happens when I hardly post here any more. Spend AN HOUR writing a post about The Matrix Resurrections. Post it. See that all the spoilers are open because "[spoiler] [/spoiler]" tags are historical now. Panic and choose "hide" rather than "edit", because I think hiding a post means I'll get to edit it. But it seems "hide" is a synonym for "delete". Only been here 14 years. Edit: thank you Pete!
  7. A somewhat interesting piece of work, but a let down in many ways. The metatextual first act is the best. It can be on-the-nose and cringey, but at least it's doing something interesting. I like the concept that After the first act it turns into a fairly standard Matrix film... dare I say "soft reboot". Although I did like some of the ideas for what's happened in the real human city in the 20 years since. Unfortunately the film is completely let down by the action and the photography. It looks oddly digital. You know in the early 2000s when digital camera technology was still developing and didn't look filmic yet? Resurrections looks like that. The action is so flat and unremarkable -- absolutely none of the inventive stuntwork or VFX that The Matrix is known for. I can think of only one or two shots that are memorable. It sometimes looks like a fan film. And what's with the RATM cover at the end? I didn't even think you could cover RATM. Wouldn't the very concept of covering RATM be an exercise in commercial irony? I wonder if that's what Lana Wachowski wanted. Let me finish with something I didn't understand about the plot:
  8. I was sort of interested, but then I saw the price. Full price!!! I can only hope they want that much because they bought all the music again. The Xbox port (that's original Xbox, 2003-ish) of GTA3 and VC had updated car and character models, individual fingers instead of box hands, light relections on cars and updated rain effects. That version disappeared off the face of the Earth - they went with the iOS ports ever since.
  9. I just checked out PCSX2 for the first time. I've never looked into it before, but it's simply going to be a better way of playing the PS2 games I own/owned than using a cheap HDMI converter with a real PS2. I was quite surprised that the image quality is not a direct pixel-perfect image. Every other emulator - including emulators for Dreamcast and Gamecube - give you a pixel-perfect video image. However, PCSX2 emulates the interlacing of a PS2 and then deinterlaces it, and the results are quite blurry, ghosty and jittery. You can get it looking better than real hardware - and certainly better than cheap HDMI converters - but I just didn't expect an emulator to look like that. You can increase the resolution of the 3D geometry, but results are a bit vague -- it always looks kind of blurry, jittery and 720p-ish. The main programmer of the emulator says it's because PS2 game developers often did clever things with the video output and manipulated the interlacing to produce graphical effects or make the games run better. Dreamcast and Gamecube games hardly ever did this, so those emulators can simply force the games to run progressively and serve you a pixel-perfect video output. But PCSX2 has to emulate the interlacing, and then deinterlace it with bob/blend/etc. Anybody found a way to get good results? Nearly all discussion of this emulator talks about plugins, but I'm using the 1.7.0 version where they got rid of plugins, so a lot of advice and discussion is outdated.
  10. I've been getting curious about Xbox emulation, but haven't tried it yet. For several years I have wanted to get my original Xbox out and play some of the games I still have in the cupboard, but I literally have no way to connect it to a TV. My TVs are really PC monitors with no AV inputs. I have heard that cheap HDMI converters in the £20-£40 range are awful and not worth bothering with, and the proper ones are like £200 - too rich for my whim to spend a Sunday afternoon with the old Xbox. So emulation is going to be the solution for the future. But... the compatibility list still doesn't show Project Gotham 2 working! That's the #1 game in the cupboard that I want to get into. It's not been made available by Microsoft's back compat either. So I'm waiting til PGR2 has a woking status.
  11. Apologies for using this thread -- I recently took a sudden interest in emulating a bunch of F1 games from the late 90s, because I noticed how many there were on N64 in particular and I wanted to compare them. So here are some brief findings, using a screenshot of Eau Rouge at Spa as the comparison. Spoilers for neatness: F-1 World Grand Prix - N64 - Developer: Paradigm - 1998 F1 Pole Position 64 - N64 - Developer: Human - 1997 Monaco Grand Prix - N64 - Developer: Ubisoft - 1998 Formula 1 97 - Playstation - Developer: Bizarre Creations - 1997 F-1 Word Grand Prix - Dreamcast - Developer: Video System - 1999
  12. Hi, I'm not really a part of all this, sorry - In an extremely late to the party kind of move, I'm playing Gran Turismo Sport for the first time. Just got curious about it before the next game comes out next year. I'm not even thinking about online play, I'm just checking out the content for a single-player. It's funny - when I put the disc in to install, it checked the disc for a second, said "Installation from disc complete", then downloaded 57GB. I should have just bought digital... Anyway, I'm a bit concerned that some people are saying today's 1.68 update is 57GB, when it should just be a hundred-ish MB. Looks like something is broken and it's downloading 68 updates again for some people. Since I just downloaded that much last week, I don't want to see that happen and I'm a little scared to fire it up. What update sizes do you fellas have?
  13. Hi Dudley. I've had Raspberry Pi's before, so I knew what I was in for. The setup tribulations are all part of the fun. At no point did I ever say "Retropie was bad because it took a lot of config", and I did not "complain that something didn't work perfectly." I know that getting things set up perfectly is part of the hobby and challenge. I felt initially defeated by the audio lag in Amiberry, but I went back and solved it soon after. As someone who has had Pi's before I can be quite wry and self-aware about the "Just get a Pi" meme, and found it amusing in the Amiga Mini thread that the meme had evolved to "Just get a Pi 400". If I was "complaining" about the meme, as you say, would I have just happily bought another Pi? Since this recent tinkering consumed me for a few days, I came to the Retropie thread (yes the Retropie thread, not the Amiga Mini thread) to chat about it. Amiberry had audio lag... then I solved it. PiMiga was interesting... then I wrote a review of the frustrations. Quite typical experiences in getting a Pi set up just how you like it. It's true that talk of the A500 Mini inspired me to get the Pi400 -- but beyond that, discussion of the A500 Mini or your bizarre obsession with Paul Andrews is irrelevant to this chain of posts. This is not the Amiga Mini thread. This is the Retropie thread. You have no need to connect anything I say about the Pi to anything I have ever said about the A500 Mini (I assume you were rude because you remember me saying I preordered one. Ordinarily you shouldn't remember me at all, but you come across like you take names and hold grudges on this subject.)
  14. Hey I'm just having an interesting time tinkering with Amiga emulation on the Pi and reporting my thoughts for the sake of conversation. I'm sad that you describe it as "bitching". Perhaps I dwell too much on the negatives and my posts were too moany - I'll consider that if I engage in the thread again.
  15. Well, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the "PiMiga". I don't really go in for pre-built Pi images because it feels like you're playing in someone else's playground, and this time it feels like you're playing on someone else's computer. In this case it's a very unfamiliar idiosyncratic computer. I'm not familiar with AmigaOS beyond the Workbench that came with my old Amiga 500. Whatever Amiga operating system is being emulated here on the PiMiga is very unfamiliar to me. Fonts are difficult to read, it's garishly coloured, and it looks like an operating system that was designed for lower resolutions than 1920x1080. The main attraction for most users is "iGame", a game launcher program for the 4500 WHDLoad games that come loaded on the PiMiga image. That's great - I'm familiar with this set of WHDLoad games already. Unfortunately I had a frustrating afternoon trying to get the iGame program to sort and filter the games. Mixed in with the 2000-or-so unique commercial Amiga games are a ton of foreign versions, alternate versions, demos and sundries - and they've been generated with a strange naming system, always putting a German or an NTSC version first and calling everything else an "alt". Games are listed as such: Monkey Island 2 Monkey Island 2 alt Monkey Island 2 alt alt Monkey Island 2 alt alt alt Monkey Island 2 alt alt alt alt When you right-click entries and take a look at their properties, the WHDLoad filenames are usually: Monkey Island 2 De Monkey Island 2 Monkey Island 2 Fr Monkey Island 2 It Monkey Island 2 Es I could learn to trust that the second version - the first "alt" - is usually the version worth loading. But the whole thing triggers my need for perfectionism and control. Not to mention the image creator naming some games like "~++ S P E E D B A L L 2 ++~" to presumably put them at the top of the list and make them attention-grabbing. So iGame is a flexible game sorter, yes? Well it's supposed to be, but I think the guy who made this image must have locked it off. You can't hide or favourite games. (The "favorites" category has a few of his favourites that you can't change). You can't hide categories. The genre categories are empty. You can thankfully rename games - good for giving Speedball 2 its dignity back - but it would be utterly tedious to change all those alts. I tried removing the "Foreign" and "Demos" source folders and rescanning -- but it kind of broke things. It didn't remove foreign games and demos from the list... but it did make it so that PiMiga crashes if you try to launch them! So those thousand foreign versions are now like landmines waiting to crash PiMiga if they are clicked on. It's just too messy. But there's lots of other great stuff on the image I suppose... if it works. I tried launching a few familiar programs that I saw - Deluxe Paint 4, OctaMed - but they crashed. There's a fairly thorough selection of animation demo stuff that mostly worked when I clicked on it. Ultimately I think I'll have a better time just using Amiberry in a regular Retropie/Emulationstation setup.
  16. I think I solved the audio delay in Amiberry -- found a setting for an "audio buffer" and reduced it. Might try that PiMiga lite download, looks like it has all 4000+ WHDLoad games with a covenient launcher/browser -- though I'm not sure about the rest of this image - looks like it boots to a modern kind of Workbench I'm not familiar with.
  17. I got a Pi 400, mostly as an impulse purchase - when the Amiga Mini was announced, people said, "Why not get a Pi 400? It's cheaper." (Literally the "Why don't you just get a raspberry pi?" crowd whenever mini consoles are mentioned, this time in keyboard form). First, out of curiosity I checked out the Raspberry Pi OS that comes on the supplied 16GB SD card. I must say I'm not impressed. There's a very very obvious screen tearing problem with no settings to change refresh rate or vsync. Googling the issue, it's apparently a notorious problem with the Pi 4, and even the lead developers at the Raspberry Pi foundation basically said a year ago, "We don't know what causes it, sorry." Everything is really slow. I know a Pi is meant to be very basic, but they pushed th Pi 4 as a computer that could genuinely be your daily productivity/web browsing PC. I don't quite think it's there. Most things chug. Then I checked out Libre Office (after updating everything) and it's a really old version from before they added a ribbon interface. Probably because this OS is 32-bit and some software only has active development for 64-bit these days. None of this matters much - I was just checking out the supplied OS out of curiosity. The real plan was Retropie. I set up a Retropie 3b a couple of years ago so I know what I'm in for -- a lot of fuss and tinkering -- and a reminder of just how utterly confusing retroarch likes to be. On the positive side I noticed some real improvement in processing power -- SNES games that used enhancement chips now run without problems, and you can run PS1 games at double resolution easily. Unfortunately Amiberry has a full second of audio lag in all games. That kind of ruins the concept of "Just get a Pi 400" instead of an Amiga Mini. I googled the audio lag issue but couldn't get any useful advice (That's what you spend most of your time doing as a Raspberry Pi owner, isn't it? Googling problems, reading github support threads that go nowhere, as people bicker and demand full specs and error logs instead of believing the issues.)
  18. Anyone nostalgic about the power brick? No?
  19. I see a crack above the numpad. If that's a prototype, I hope you make sure that crack doesn't become common. Also, I just said in the retro thread -- I kind of wish this was an A600. I know the A600 has a taint of failure and doesn't have the iconic form of the A500, but in practical terms a full-size A600 with working keboard would only be slightly bigger than this A500 Mini.
  20. I know the A600 was not iconic - and also had the taint of failure - but I'd have quite liked a compromise between Mini and Fullsize, in the form of an 80% sized A600 with working keyboard. Perhaps not ideal for this product. But theoretically if someone were to launch the next real Amiga for hobbyists and nostalgists (like the ZX Spectrum Next), the A600 would be the tidiest shell. The C64Mini made sure that the built-in games had any unique keyboard controls mapped to different buttons on the joystick. I'm sure the same will happen here - and more comfortably considering it's a pad and not a shit joystick. For the "up to jump" issue, I'd be incredibly surprised if "up" wasn't mapped to one of the face buttons.
  21. I haven't needed any of the mini consoles -- full romsets and appropriate emulators do the job fine. But I've still bought all the mini consoles! Can't help myself, they're lovely. A good excuse to actually play the games on them, and then a nice shelf ornament afterwards. The price of this one is concerning. This should be £70, with a full-size replica with working keyboard for £120, much like TheC64. And only 25 games? I know you'll be able to sideload WHDLoad files, but 25 built in games is meagre. Alien Breed 3D but not... you know... Alien Breed? Oh dear. It's also a shame that they can't get the Amiga or Commodore branding. I've pre-ordered, but will cancel if the price doesn't come down or it continues to raise red flags.
  22. You posted this around 6:30am this morning. I woke up at 7:30am, checked all my PS5 bookmarks around 8am. The Argos page was different than usual... it didn't go to the "Sorry, PlayStation®5 is currently unavailable" screen! It went to the product screen! But still no luck... it said it wasn't available at any nearby branches, nor available for delivery to my postcode. Then a few refreshes later, it was gone.
  23. Yes I want one, and to a lesser degree looking for an Xbox Series X too. Let me write a long and bizarre post expressing my weary annoyance at the situation. I know it's a unique situation and it can't be helped - Covid, silicon shortage - so it sounds childish to complain. I have a folder of bookmarks for Amazon, Argos and Game's PS5 and XSX pages. I open the bookmarks every midnight, and at various other points during the day. Occasionally my heart beats fast when it doesn't say "Unavailable"... but it's never been available. This has become a compulsive daily ritual and I feel like it's driving me a little bit mad. My local high street Game says that the in-store waiting list is too long to add more customers to it. I'll answer the questions you're dying to ask: Why not buy the one CEX have in the window for £660 if you want it so badly? On principle I don't want to pay more than the official price. I shouldn't have to pay more. I want the world to feel normal again. Fuck scalpers and fuck CEX. Why didn't you preorder one for launch back in November? Ironically, I didn't want the stress of worrying about stock and availability. I hate the way a new hardware release is a circus of "Mine doesn't say it's processing yet!!!!" I find the whole process tiresome, so I avoid it. I figured I'd skip the drama and wait til Feb/March for regular stock to be available. Ha. Ha. Why don't you set up some kind of tracker or script to alert you about stock? Although checking manually every day is tiresome, I've been too lazy to learn how to do that stuff. Also it feels like I'll be playing the game that scalpers play and it will make me feel dirty. Why do you want one anyway? You can play nearly every game on your PS4 Pro. True I have a backlog of PS4 games... but I see most of them have enhanced patches for PS5. It's such a petty first-world problem, but I'm just sick of playing at 30fps when I know these games have 60fps modes. Lost Judgment is coming out in a couple of months and I just don't want to play another dragon engine game at 30fps. Why don't you get a better PC and become a PC gamer? Nvidia 30xx graphics cards are as equally non-existent as PS5s right now. Do you think you've fallen into the FOMO trap, and you're just being childish because you can't get everything you want? Writing this post has helped process my feelings. I may have been really lucky in how much I was sheltered from Covid hardship, so in a foolish man-child way, the PS5/XSX shortage has been the thing that has unnerved me the most about how our world can change. Perhaps I feel that if I could buy a PS5 - for its regular retail price when a regular retailer has it in stock - the world may feel like it's back to normal. Why are you writing questions to yourself and answering them? Aren't you afraid you look like an arsehole? I'm just a bit driven to madness by this subject at this point. Apologies. Do I need a PS5? Not really. It's stupidly shaped, everything is on PS4, it will inevitably be redesigned to be less huge and stupid, and perhaps most importantly, videogames are just trivial entertainment in a serious world full of Covid and real hardship. What kind of prick writes such a long post about not wanting to play Lost Judgment at 30fps.
  24. Another big patch. The Day 1 patch was 11GB, the next was 11GB, and the latest is 13.5GB. I try to avoid big downloads by getting games on physical, but oh well. I'm still on ME1 as well. I'm struggling to enjoy it to be honest. I loved all 3 games at the time -- I still think ME1 has great universe-building and imagination, and it always reminded me of Babylon 5 except a lot cooler. But it's been a bit frustrating to play: - I haven't got to grips with combat at all. Biotic selection is clunky and I often miss: I choose an attack from the wheel, click where I want it to go... then Shepard slowly flings the space magic and misses the target. I'd also like better tutorials or descriptions for how to effectively use biotics. Modern games have a thumbnail video to show each power, and I underestimated how useful that is. - So I'm not having much fun using biotics, which is a shame since I chose Vanguard. I didn't want to be a boring vanilla soldier like last time, and thought it'd be great fun throwing enemies around with space magic. But I can't get to grips with the selection wheel and the targeting. I wish I'd just been a soldier. - I don't understand why all characters can have all 4 weapons. Party members need to be stopped from using weapons they have no skill in. My Shepard is only supposed to use pistols and shotguns... yet I often pull out the sniper rifle because it gets shit done - no other bugger is going to hit distant targets, so I might as well. Sort of makes a mockery of the class systems. - I wish you could equip and level up ALL characters when standing on the Normandy. Why do you have to go all the way to the lower deck lockers, and why do you have to wait until taking someone on a mission to work on their skill points? - I actually always loved driving the Mako around. I never understood it's bad reputation. It's still fun... but I forgot the copy&paste gameplay on planets. It's literally the same building every time! I've done some planetary missions that were so boring I thought they might be broken. - Technical stuff: I'm on PS4 Pro (won't give CEX or scalpers the satisfaction with their £800 PS5s). I hoped to play on 60fps "Performance" but had to switch to 30fps "Quality" when the Citadel caused worse screen tearing than I've ever seen in a videogame before. The game can really chug sometimes too -- perhaps that's making combat less fun. Apparently this could be helped if they offered a 1080p mode, but they don't. Alright, I'll say one good thing. I'm trying to play Renegade this time, since I was such a boring hero the first time. I was hesitant to take renegade choices because I thought it'd just make Shepard a dumb ignorant jerk. But it's been pretty interesting. It makes Shepard flawed. The Council members are saying that humans are too young and reckless to be on the Council or to be Spectres... and a Renegade Shepard proves them right. Instead of feeling like a perfect hero who always knows best, I feel like a basic flawed scumbag who bullies and cons people into thinking I'm a hero.
  25. Apparently I've been here since Feb 2008. Never too active or wanting to stand out... in fact I've kind of drifted away the last couple of years, apologies. I was on TheDVDForums for many years, but I got sick of the uptight and contradictory mod rules. One month you were allowed to swear as much as you wanted because a swear filter would asterisk your swears, the next month you'd get disciplined and your post deleted because it was against the rules to swear even with the asterisks. One month you could type the word "Argos", the next month "Argos" would turn into "A****" (because the forum had lost the affiliate deal), the next month you would get disciplined and your post deleted for trying to type "Argos".... then the next month you were totally allowed to talk about Argos again because the affiliate deal was back. Then some users dared to start an independent IRC channel... and the mods threatened to ban anyone they knew to be using the IRC channel, because it was a place to criticise mod decisions and incite rebellion! So basically it became waaay too uptight there. Grown adults fussing around with swear filters? Dear lord. RLLMUK seemed a lot more free and open and liberating, but crucially without being a cesspool. It's weird that I even remember any of that, it's a lifetime ago. I just checked the bookmark and that forum doesn't even seem to load now. I know it turned into thedigitalfix forums some years ago, but is it dead? Hmm. What were you gaming on at the time? Would have been an Xbox 360. I had tried to get into PC gaming, but became so sick of the technical problems. Bioshock was the last straw... it crashed every 10 minutes on PC no matter what I did. So I said "Fuck it!" and got the Xbox 360 version, and have never trusted a PC to play anything triple-A since (which is probably a shame, since I think PC graphics tech became much more stable in the decade afterwards). I'm a console gamer all the way. What game tech has been most well game changing for you over the years since joining? A small thing -- the PS4/Xbox One ability to suspend and resume games -- not having to load a game from scratch and go through the title menu every time you start the console. Also full digital game stores, you don't have to buy physical. Also video and screenshot capture. Also perhaps the entire youtube/twitch culture, meaning you can watch other people play games. Have your gaming tastes changed over the years? Not too much. I used to think I couldn't handle RPGs, but became less intimidated by them, and nowadays almost every triple-A action game is an RPG. I also definitely like "walking simulators" and stories with emotional and social issues, which I wouldn't have cared for as a younger man. What aspect of gaming we are losing that saddens you a bit? On the technical side, I'm very annoyed that games don't get finished before release. I'm annoyed that the gold/release date happens around 2 months before the game is ready, rather than... you know... when the game is ready. So there's always a multi-gigabyte "day 1 patch", and in bad cases the game is shit and broken for the first year until it is finished through "perpetual development". I have no idea why a single-player action game needs to be a "Game as a service" in perpetual development. In 2008 I would love to just jump into an old game on a Sunday afternoon to tootle around in it... but if I do that today, that game would have 35GB of updates because of all the things they added since I last played. To answer your question, I just want a game to be a game. Make it, finish it, release it. What was the last "spark of joy" a game brought you? A f**k yeah moment? Plently of moments in the Yakuza series, which I got into in the last few years.
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