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  1. Hoping a European version gets announced. It would be more convenient than importing one. If importing has to happen, I'd rather get the Japanese version because you obviously wouldn't want a big ugly "GENESIS" logo spoiling the look of it.
  2. I hate having to choose who to watch Summer Game Fest through. One Jeff is worth several Nu-Bombers, but... Twitch is annoying, and GB also streams on Youtube which allows for timeshifting (pausing, flicking back through the video streamed so far, etc).
  3. I don't even have a WH Smiths in my town now. It stopped stocking any magazines I liked to buy anyway, as she shelves shrunk. Always plenty of gardening and cross-stitch magazines and TV guides, but the gaming and science fiction section all but disappeared. I couldn't find Retro Gamer there since about 2014 (I was still buying most issues off the shelf rather than subscribing). The meager selection at my struggling WH Smiths made me go all-digital and I've never looked back. It's a shame, I kind of miss real magazines.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it holds up as a Doom clone. And it most certainly is a "Doom clone"! It's got cacodemons and different coloured keys and all the same weapons and everything. It's a lot more impressive and playable than Gloom. I say "playable"... the trouble is that the gameplay takes place in a small square using about 20 chunky pixels. I couldn't stand playing it for long and only saw the first few levels before I'd had enough. Apparently you could make the gameplay window fullscreen with a certain key (though it didn't increase the pixel detail), but this seems to be disabled with the A500 Mini's virtual keyboard. I couldn't make it work. I think it's as fast as possible on the A500 Mini... 50fps? Maybe some slowdown happens, but it doesn't chug like it would have done on original hardware. Alien Breed 3D was just a 15-minute quick look for me, and it probably shouldn't have been on the mini.
  5. They recorded a whole new voice performance and changed the character likeness for the Yakuza 4 remaster, just like they did for the villain in Judgment. Actors who have drugs scandals in Japan get erased.
  6. That reminds me -- after I finished Cyberpunk 2077 I watched the 48-minute gameplay demonstration from 2018, and it was fascinating. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjF9GgrY9c0 This covers the first set of missions - Sandra Dorsett, Dex, Meredith Stout, Maelstrom. You learn so many interesting things about CDPR's ambitions for the game compared to how it turned out (or at least their marketing spin). If the Maelstrom mission seems more complex than anything else in the game it's because they clearly designed it first, as a kind of vertical slice of everything they hoped the game could do. The narrator heavily implies that you'll have to do your research before each mission, investigate all possible approaches, then use the contacts you made and the things you learned to play the mission your way. In the end, the Maelstrom mission is the only one that worked like that. Also: - The demo had cutscenes! In the final game these all played out while you retain control in first-person. - Jackie calls female V "jaina" throughout instead of "chica". - In fact nearly all the dialogue is different, whilst being essentially the same, which shows how much extra work the voice actors must do. - V can use an inhaler to give themselves temporary Kerenzikov ability. In the final game it was a cyberware implant. - That first mission at the Scav building shows off destructible environments. The scav with the heavy weapon blows holes in the walls and pillars. But in the final game this is pretty much the only time you see a destructible environment... because it was scripted just for here. - The scene where a guy gets out of V's bed, to show that she sleeps with random dudes. - Clothing could give street cred buffs and other status effects. - An item inspection system in the inventory where you can look at 3D models of inventory items, and some inspections would "reveal details that can help in solving quests." - The Flathead spider bot was probably intended to be usable throughout the game. - The demo shows V stealth-grabbing an enemy and using the wire that comes out of their wrist to jack in to the enemy's port, in order to hack the network the enemies are on. (The early version makes so much sense. In my playthrough I was so confused about breach protocol and what made it different from quickhacking. Also wondered why V needed a physical wire to jack into anything when all hacking is wireless). - Not show in this demo, but other demos showed off the wall-running, and ability to perch on a wall with your mantis blades. This allowed you, for example, to spy on enemies from above and get a killing angle on them.
  7. When I started, I played the first act of the game twice - and the mission where you get the bot from Maelstrom multiple times - because I found everything so hard to understand. I lay most of the blame for this on the car ride with Dex. Dex is describing THREE jobs at once, with a lot of characters for you to meet: Ultimately he wants you to do a heist to steal a biochip from Yorinobu Arasaka at Konpeki Plaza. But first he wants you to obtain a Flathead bot that will be useful for this heist from the Maelstrom gang - with an infodump about how their leader Brick has been replaced by Royce. Dex also tells you about a corpo called Meredith Stout who had the Flathead stolen from under her, and you should set up a meet with her. Dex also tells you that the woman who commissioned him to set up the heist - Evelyn Parker - also wants to meet you personally. Phew - that's a lot of info. The trouble is that Dex talks with a sub-Tarantino slang-talk that makes it quite difficult to understand what he's saying most of the time. I think the game does a pretty poor job of helping the player to understand the sequence of events Dex has hired you for, considering it's the most tangled sequence of events in the game. Thankfully, nothing else in the game is as complicated as that first sequence of missions. Some of it is pretty mind-bending and thought-provoking, but at least on a narrative level it's fairly straightforward. I read the manual and most of the shards in the game, and it was very useful to understand the backstory and the history of the Cyberpunk world.
  8. I looked at all the 25 included games - some greats, and some worth a quick play. I actually got past those leeches at the start of Another World, and played Simon the Sorcerer for two and a half hours. Zool can get fucked though. Now I'm checking out WHDLoad compatibility. One small annoying thing is a controller inconsistency between the supplied games and the WHDLoad games on a USB stick. For the 25 games on the carousel the default controls usually have A=JoyFire1. But for WHDLoad games the default is X=JoyFire1 and A=JoyUp (it's good to have Up mapped to a button, but I don't want it on A). You can thoroughly remap the controller on a game-by-game basis, but not globally as far as I can see. I wish I could set global controller defaults. Another thing: I'm in a goldilocks situation where I don't like any of the display sizes. The A500 Mini has three display size options: "Fixed size" seems to be a 2x integer, "Moderate zoom" is 3x integer, and "Screen fit" blows up the game to fill 720p. Some problems with this: The non-integer fullscreen mode has hideous pixel scaling in dire need of some interpolation. Some people don't care, but it always irritates me! The "Moderate zoom" is my preference, however it doesn't work for the games that use 256 lines because that's too much for 3x integer at 720p, so it displays those games at the smallest size instead. So I often feel stuck between choosing the postage stamp option or the mishapen pixels option. 1080p output would have helped the A500 Mini to use bigger integer scales and look better at fullscreen. Also some kind of on-the-fly smart border cropping would have been good.
  9. Is episode 7 late? It should have been on Amazon Prime yesterday, right? Or am I as confused as an elderly robot.
  10. This might be a good place to ask some nerdy things about WHDLoad files and their version numbers... I've been using WHDLoad games for a few years now with the FS-UAE emulator on my PC. They were a revelation when I discovered them! So much better than floppy ADF files. They made Amiga emulation almost as easy as console emulation. I know two main places where to get WHDLoad games (I won't be specific of course). One source is very old: an archive from 2016 where all the games are in .zip format. The other source is very up-to-date, with all files in .lha format, and it's frequently updated with new game version number replacements (for example, "Knightmare_v1.1_0966" gets replaced with "Knightmare_v2.1_0966", then recently replaced with "Knightmare_v2.1_Mindscape_0966") However, I worry that the newer source is too up-to-date, and it takes databases a few years to catch up. The database used by FS-UAE tends to not recognise some game version numbers if they are too old or too new. I also just downloaded the A500 Mini's "WHDLoad Package" required for the memory stick, which includes an xml database of preconfigured game settings... I looked inside the xml out of curiosity to see how up-to-date it is... and it doesn't seem to have entries for very recent version number games. I haven't tried it yet, but I assume if you load up a game that the A500 Mini's xml database doesn't have, it will just load the game with default settings. Or not load at all? I'll have to see.
  11. And of course the city pics
  12. Finished the playthough of 1.5 some weeks ago and took a lot of pics! It's such a shame that I chose the Xbox version -- the Xbox Series X only takes 1080 screenshots if you're outputting at 1080p (whereas the PS5 has the good grace to render the screenshots at true 4K even if your display happens to be 1080p). I think this is the single most cyberpunk photo I took: For some reason I took a lot of pics of Judy... Kerry's character growth might be the best plotline in the game... And of course it's not Cyberpunk without some jank:
  13. Story Mode save game transfer is not ideal... I haven't had the PS4 version installed for a couple of years, but I remember all my progress was being tracked on the Rockstar Social Club. I just logged into my account there to check, and it's all still there. I assumed that the Social Club progress tracker was basically a cloud save. But I guess not. It seems you have to specifically play the PS4 game and choose "Upload save game" in its menus, or else the Social Club doesn't have what the PS5 needs. I just downloaded 80-odd gigabtyes of the game for PS5, I'm not going to download the PS4 version again just to nip into the menus for a minute. (Not to mention the PS4 saves are sat right there on the PS5 physical storage. Sony, come on). Oh well, a fresh playthrough really means a fresh playthrough. Hello North Yankton...
  14. I just got finished with my 130 hour playthrough last week, so I don't think I'll need the patch. I just put the game away now. I see that some bugs I encountered have been fixed, but they aren't really the worst bugs, just minor annoyances. I had lots of other worse bugs that usually required reloading a save. What's the damage, patch size wise? I've seen people say the patch is 1GB on GOG and PS5, but 26GB on Series X.
  15. I hate this guy's punchable face and it's everywhere
  16. I've been reading that the PS store is making it purposely difficult to find GTA5 Story Mode for PS5. I haven't looked myself yet, but apparently you can only find it when browsing the store on your PS5 console - not the app or website. This excludes people who would like to buy the game at this sale price in anticipation of owning a PS5 when they can get one. And then you can only find a listing for GTA Online, and must click the three dots, and scroll to the end of "Related items" to find Story Mode or the "complete" version. Some people aren't finding Story Mode at all, and they are downloading the 90GB of GTA Online so they can purchase Story Mode from within GTA Online, where it oddly costs £9 instead of £8.75. The Xbox store makes it easier to find and purchase Story Mode - from the web or app too! - but pay attention to the small print: Story Mode requires GTA Online to play. As someone who doesn't care about GTA Online and only wants Story Mode, I'm disappointed that Story Mode is basically just DLC attached to the mandatory download and installation of Rockstar's money-maker GTA Online.
  17. Oof - just had a scary moment with my 2-month-old Xbox Series X. It wasn't reading any discs. Every game was bringing up the error "Please insert the disc. If the disc has been inserted, check it's not dirty or scratched" etc. Shutting down the console and restarting didn't fix it. Shutting down, pulling the plug, then starting up DID thankfully fix it. Scary though. With continued stock shortages you can't be sure what would happen if your XSX or PS5 broke.
  18. Those "Your Xbox needs a 3GB update" messages at startup every few weeks had always been an annoyance. In recent weeks I wondered why my XSX hadn't done it for a while. Now I think that it HAD been updating itself, because apparently it can do that in Energy Saver mode now. Very useful! In the last generation - and still for PS5 - the big sacrifice of fully shutting down your console is that you don't get to quick-resume the game you were last playing. But XSX's Quick Resume feature suspends and resumes games even with full shutdown. So there's now less reason to keep your XSX in half-on mode.
  19. At £8.75 it's very very tempting -- I was expecting full £50 Rockstar audacity. I have played through GTA5 story mode several times over the years and it's always enjoyable. It would be funny if the Digital Foundry analysis shows the XSX version is superior though. I have never - and will never - have an interest in GTA Online. I know that people will be able to get GTA Online without Story Mode... but will it also work the other way around? Will it be possible to only download Story Mode, and not be forced to needlessly download regular big updates for Online?
  20. I've really gotten stuck into this over the last couple of weeks -- really enjoying it. Once the mechanics started to click I was able to settle in, and now I'm about half way through the story. But I'm here to talk about the bugs. On Xbox Series X this is still a pretty buggy game -- probably nowhere near as comically bad as it was at launch, but still one of the buggiest major console releases I've played in a long time. Thankfully I haven't had any crashes or broken quests, but for every couple of hours of play there have been bugs that required a reload to fix them. Most commonly it's sound effects not stopping after they should, and other oddities. Including: - Minimap disappeared above the screen - could see the bottom edge of it poking out at the top of the screen - during The Pickup. Reloaded a save to fix. - HUD disruption and controller vibration after a Johnny Silverhand cutscene wouldn't stop afterwards. Reloaded a save to fix. - That really creepy Cyberpsycho who rises out of the ice bath: there's an environmental sound effect of her heavy breathing, which didn't stop after the mission and travelled everywhere with me. Reloaded a save to fix. - Fell through the ground into freefall minus world, Vice City style! - Equipping headgear made V's hair turn black. Went to the character editor in the mirror, but all hair colours glitched to black. Did a mission with Judy and her hair was also black. Reloading a save wasn't enough - had to stop and restart the game. - Female characters' hair turned black on another occasion too. The flashback scene with Alt Cunningham - I thought she was raven haired! I was surprised to find out later she was supposed to be blonde. - A time when I couldn't scan at all using L1. Reloaded a save to fix. - Wakako was talking on a phone (by the way, why did she have a regular old cellphone?). After she put it on the desk, the phone flew around in the air matching her hand movements as she talked to me. (I've seen much more comical versions of this bug from earlier builds of the game) - Audio crackles pretty constantly. - A couple of times characters and pedestrians had two sets of clothes on at the same time, flickering between each other.
  21. I played this a few weeks ago on PS5 and have most of the same comments that have already been made. I thought it was a very well-made story with some great characters, a great location and that comfy mix of heartwarming moments and chilling drama. Alex Chen is great. However... it shouldn't have been full price. This was much shorter than LIS1, and probably a little shorter than the 3-episode Before the Storm also made by Deck Nine. It's also a story with a strangely small scope -- all set in one very small town with a small handful of locations and characters. It felt like there should have been 4 or 5 more characters with stories to tell. I'm not sure if it was Covid development, or if it was meant to be a smaller budget release originally, or what. I appreciate that the whole game was released at once on a disc -- that's a far better way to play these games than having to wait months between episodes. But it may have come at the expense of the size overall. I also didn't like how abruptly some chapters ended. When these games were episodic you got a definite sense of the chapter wrapping up - usually with a montage and a song - but here a scene can abruptly end with the Choices screen. Technicals: By the time I played on PS5 there were 2 options: performance and quality. 30fps quality mode was very sharp but seemed oddly jerky and lower than 30fps. The 60fps performance mode looked a bit too soft. (By the way, is this an issue anyone else has found with the new consoles? I'm on a 1080p display, and I've had a bunch of games on PS5 and Series X where the 1080p/1440p "performance" modes look noticeably softer than 1080p. The PS4 Pro always made everything look pin-sharp unless the game really rendered below 1080p. But on PS5 and Series X, anything less than 4K looks softer than 1080p. Don't know why. Something to do with temporal antialiasing? Something about the HDMI signal?)
  22. I like how sleazy and corrupt and grotty the world is -- it's like a culture with all its goodness sucked out. It's a culture where the most obnoxious green-haired Youtube influencers became the most sophisticated members of society. With a touch of Mike Judge's Idiocracy thrown in. I like how there's pornography everywhere -- there are adverts for hardcore porn on the News channel inbetween news segments. Children walking around the streets getting exposed to it all. It's got that 2000 AD/Judge Dredd style of grim satire that makes it work. Maybe I haven't reached some of the really grimdark moments yet through. I just experienced the end of Act 1 and thought that were handled really well - emotional and human. Made me feel that there is still plenty of human feeling still left in this world, and real human connections haven't rotted away entirely.
  23. I'm past the Act 1 starter stuff and I'm very impressed with the characters and storytelling and atmosphere so far. It's a lot more "human" than I was expecting. The city is still mostly unexplored and overwhelming, but I'm really looking forward to putting hours into it (as the only person on Earth who won't be playing Elden Ring). I think the game struggles on Series X a bit though. Performance (in 60fps Performance mode) dipped to a much lower framerate in the dense and busy markets and red light areas of Japantown, and when riding Jackie's bike - felt like it went down to the 30s. Also the audio makes a break-up/stuttering noise quite often, which might be happening as things load in. Not to mention the cosmetic and mostly harmless bugs - pedestrians glitching out, etc. During a mission the minimap shunted itself above the top of the screen and wouldn't come back until I reloaded.
  24. I actually did find Brick, and remembered who he was... after I randomly saw him. I didn't realise he was supposed to be in the tricky predicament of having a laser mine pointed at him -- I'd already disabled that laser mine with a remote control earlier, not knowing what it was attached to, just assuming that it would helpfully turn off a laser mine somewhere. I think I want to start my playthrough again. I only got 4 hours in. I'd like to redo those 4 hours and try to understand things better. I honestly didn't understand much of what Dex said in the car ride because of his slang; or why the Militech people were beating up a guy when they grabbed me, and why that guy was waiting for me afterwards; or which conversation gave me the mission to go to Lizzie's Bar, and so on.
  25. I started playing this for the first time at the weekend - Xbox Series X. I'd bought the disc some time last year when it was £18 in CEX, and saved it for the native next-gen upgrade. Gameplay: I'm still in the overhelmed "can't tell what's going on or how anything works" phase of starting an RPG. This seems to be an especially complicated one. Wonderful world and setting and atmosphere. I've been to Lizzie's Bar and done the braindance stuff (which was great), and then did that mission at the Maelstrom base. The Maelstrom base turned into a shootout and I felt quite bewildered. I don't really understand how the hacking works yet (like the difference between quickhacks and the breaching minigame... I'll understand it eventually). As the first big location with lots of combat I thought this mission should have been a tutorial, but it didn't feel very instructive. I just looked at a guide for this mission ("The Pickup") - just to make sense of it - and now I'm worried I really didn't understand it. "In this mission you'll choose to side with Maelstrom or Militech"... jeez, I didn't realise I was making those choices at all. I must confess that a lot of dialogue went over my head - technobabble and slang. I also didn't decrypt Meredith's money shard. I wanted to... but a popup about "How to decrypt shards" stayed on the screen for 5 seconds, then I couldn't find shards in the inventory. (No need to teach me here, btw - I'm reading up on this stuff). After this, I spent an hour or two wandering around Watson - but I should probably let the story play out a little more before I explore. Haven't met Keanu yet. Not sure about the combat. The damage is RPG stat-based, right? So enemies need more than one headshot, which makes them feel like sponges right now. It's also hard to aim down pistol sights because... well... the pistol is in the way. I also wish that security cameras were more noticeable - both visually and on the minimap. Very very minor nitpick - I don't like how you get into a car with X but get out with B. I had a few bugs and oddities. I think the game lost the perks I spent and I had to choose them again... unless that's my mistake and I reloaded without saving. Also, do clothes level with you? I put V's starter prologue clothes in storage as soon as I got to the apartment and they had armour values around 3.2, then a few hours later I put them back in my inventory and they suddenly turned into 15-ish armour. Technicals: I don't have a point of comparison with the older version because this is my first time playing. It looks great -- but not flawless. There's quite a lot of "fizzing" stuff, which is the LOD of objects changing as you get close to them. Some other textures and lighting effects seem "fizzy" too. Objects and pedestrians can pop into existence sometimes. I've seen some pedestrians have bugged walking animations and street objects sometimes float. Performance Mode looks sharp enough (I'm still on a 1080p display) and runs at a smooth 60fps, although you can turn to look at complicated areas and feel the FPS drop sometimes. Raytracing Mode is not really an option -- the 30fps feels like an especially sluggish 30fps for some reason. I'm happy to play some games at 30fps... 30fps can often feel smooth enough... but there's something wrong with this game's 30fps. I knew immediately that I had to turn all the thumbstick acceleration down to zero - what were they thinking? I also turned off motion blur because it's really pronounced - it's a shame it doesn't have a slider. You know what else doesn't have a slider? FOV. It's a pretty low FOV here. The cutscenes rely on V sitting in close quarters with other characters, so maybe you're not supposed to change the FOV.
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