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  1. I'd heard negative things about Saejima's fighting style in 4, but I'm not having any problems - in fact his moves are pretty interesting. What's frustrating me a bit right now - at the part I'm at - is that he can't just walk the streets of Kamurocho because of all the police, and must use the underground sections. But I'm so confused and forgetful about how all the little bits of sewer and underground connect to each other. It's quite a challenge to work out how to get to certain streets, when usually I could just jog there in 10 seconds. Tried the Fighter Maker for a few minutes... but nope, not a minigame I'll invest time in. It looks like hours of menu selection guesswork. It's going to get ignored just like Hostess Maker.
  2. When playing Super Worlds I think it would be useful to see an indicator of each course's difficulty, maybe next to the course title before it starts. Perhaps the entire Super World could also be given a difficulty based on an average of all its courses. Most previous play modes have been about choosing a difficulty, so it seems odd that you have no way of knowing what a Super World is like. Played GokouD's world... it was good to see some courses that I remember from last year! Don't think I'll get past the first course of the second world - that bony shell jumping is too complicated for me. Perhaps I'm especially rusty right now. To begin with I think everyone is just going to put together a "greatest hits" selection of the courses they made last year, which is fair enough. But eventually people might start making worlds with a purposeful sense of progression and design -- such as teaching the player a technique in 1-1, then elaborating on that technique in 1-2. I think most people are still too busy playing Animal Crossing to care about SMM2 though.
  3. I started Yakuza 4, and it feels amazing to be able to go down into those subway entrances, after playing about 6 of these games with invisible walls there! I was equally amazed to be able to walk into the Volcanic Volcano for the first time... but then pachinko totally mystified me. No clue.
  4. I must have moaned in this thread before, but -- yes, SMM has always required you to do all the leg-work yourself on forums and social media to get anyone to play your courses. If you're lucky your course could take off in the algorithm afterwards -- but even then you're only likely to get a couple of hundred plays. I would spend AGES making a course because I wanted to get it just perfect, without any softlocks, with a level-design that would guide and manipulate and sometimes trick the player (but hopefully in a way that amuses them). I would also make sure the course was speed-runnable, since some of my friends liked speed-running every course they were given. But what's the point of all that effort if the course never takes off? I briefly played with the idea of "quickie courses": set myself a challenge of throwing something together in 2 hours max. That's okay I guess. I made a few decent little courses, but it doesn't scratch the itch if you have bigger "concept" ideas.
  5. Re: Star Trek transporters, spoilered for off-topicness: Anyway, Devs: I really liked it, but I thought it was going to be more sci-fi and trippy. At the end of episode 1 (my copy at least) there was a trailer for the rest of the season, and it used clips to suggest that I think the series worked quite well as a thriller anyway. This wasn't the first time I've seen a story about a computer than can do what Devs does, so the concepts didn't seem completely new or mindblowing to me. I'm sure it's been done a few times in fiction -- the one I happen to know is Koji Suzuki's "Loop", the third book in the Ring series. It's been a long time since I read it... refreshing my mind with a synopsis just now makes me think it was really hokey and crap. Probably not as clever as Alex Garland's ideas. Let me give a half-remembered synopsis with full spoilers:
  6. This is probably the main explanation for why so much voice acting was terrible in PS1/PS2 era videogames. I remember an interview with the voice actors from Resident Evil 1 and they explained that the director of the voice recording sessions was Japanese and couldn't understand English, so he would ask for line readings that sounded emotionally right to him, with no regard for how crazy it sounded in English.
  7. If I'm thinking of the same scene - yeah, that was the most melodramatic scenes of all time. It STARTS in heightened bromance melodrama mode, and then just... keeps... escalating. "Andre Richardson" in Yakuza 3 made me question the quality of the voice acting! I've always believed the Japanese voice acting was excellent. However (without spoiling too much), when the American character starts talking in cutscenes near the end of Yakuza 3, his voice acting is hilariously bad. It's straight from the early-2000s Resident Evil style. It made me wonder if the Japanese voice acting has always been of similar cheesy quality, and we just can't tell.
  8. As I said, I was waiting for the Picross S series to go on sale - it may only be 20% off, but it was the excuse needed. They seem absolutely decent and well-made. I've got puzzles to last for ages now! Perhaps the only slight disappointment - compared to the benchmark Picross DS - is that I can never tell what the picture is going to be. I have to watch the finished puzzle resolve into colour, and then it slightly resembles the thing it's meant to be. Maybe that will improve as I get onto the 15x15 puzzles. Also it's a shame the pictures don't animate, and that they aren't put into theme categories.
  9. I forgot to say - in Yakuza 3 the pool minigame seems broken. It seems the physics are all wrong and you can't trust the accuracy of your shots. Some people say it's a bug introduced in the remaster, perhaps a result of the increased resolution or framerate. There's also an utterly infuriating single music track playing at the bar, which literally just repeats the lyrics: "Over and over"... over and over.
  10. I'm finally getting around to the remastered Yakuza 3. It's quite primitive compared to the newer games! While there was some charm to running the orphanage in Okinawa for the first few hours, I'm much happier to be back in Kamurocho where the real Yakuza-style plotline is now kicking in. The combat seems primitive though -- hardly any heat actions. I think I've already encountered the big criticism of the combat: Boss/named characters just block all the time. It's not too difficult, just boring. Since I'm using this quarantine to marathon through Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 for the story and the comedy, I'm not too interested in the challenge of combat, and I'd love to stick the difficulty down to "Easy"... but you can't once you've started. I'll remember to start 4 and 5 on Easy.
  11. SqueakyG

    PC Engine Mini

    The audio lag on the Mega Drive Mini was pretty bad. The trouble is that it feels like input lag, because you're paying attention to audio cues such as the "boing" of jumping. Considering that there is also a little bit of expected input lag as well, it can really throw you off, worse than input lag alone.
  12. I love a bit of Picross but haven't played any properly since the DS game. Tried a few smartphone versions but quality was always variable. I've had the "S" games on my wishlist in the Switch eshop for ages, but they are never in a sale. I know they're only about £7 each but I'm very stubborn about waiting for sales, so they've not been bought. Now it's developed into a strange kind of mental stand-off: every time there's a big eshop sale I look at whether the S Picross games are on sale - the answer is never - and I think, "Ahh, so these people think their game is too good for a sale, eh?" And I sort of mentally refuse to cooperate with publishers who must be so arrrogant (I know this is ridiculous!) It also looks like they don't have touchscreen controls, which was half the fun of DS Picross.
  13. SqueakyG

    PC Engine Mini

    It's had the same preorder page on Amazon for what feels like nearly a year! Amazon's page is still saying a release date of March 19th, even though this news about indefinite delay has been published for a week. I assumed there were warehouses filled with these for the last few months. I guess not. I suppose they haven't manufactured enough to fulfil all preorders... or they don't want to release one exclusive batch before it becomes unavailable.
  14. I'd blocked that one from memory. The one where Dax and Worf go to the tropical hedonist paradise planet of Risa (filmed on an unfortunately cold and windy week), and Worf is so disapproving of the lax sexual attitudes that he joins a group of terrorists to sabotage Risa's weather control system. So Worf can literally rain on Dax's parade.
  15. A pretty random story just sprang to mind for some reason: Years ago I got pretty good at Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and got to the point where I could mostly play Expert guitar. I was at Alton Towers with some people and I spotted a Guitar Hero arcade machine. I wanted to have a go, but felt awkward about playing all by myself, so I begged my friends to watch so that I'd have an audience. They weren't into plastic guitar games and thought it looked lame, but I convinced them it was cool and they should watch my demonstration. I knew I could play Barracuda on Expert, so I put the money in, and chose Barracuda on Expert. I flunked out of the song in about 15 seconds. It swallowed my money. My friends were unimpressed and walked away. I was very ashame. I think what happened is that the arcade version had a much harder note chart, and the guitar was full-sized with more space between the neck buttons. I had forgotten the #1 rule of home console games that get arcade conversions: Arcade games are set to 'bastard' level.
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