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  1. SqueakyG

    Telltale Games closing

    You didn't have to replay a Telltale game to see the other choices - there was a much quicker way. You just watch people on Youtube. You'd see pretty quickly how the same story mostly plays out regardless of choices. You also see pretty quickly that the "Clementine will remember that" is mostly meaningless. I sometimes wonder if Youtube/Twitch harmed Telltale's profits more than helped them. Not only does it reveal the trick -- it also lets you watch the whole story from start to finish without having to pay. Not such a problem for more interactive free-form game worlds, but for strict narrative experiences it must have lost Telltale a lot of sales.
  2. SqueakyG

    Nintendo Switch

    I notice that the 7-day trial will automatically put you on the 1-month billing (£3.49). Presumably you must find the tiny obscure link to cancel auto-renew, or the tiny obscure link to change auto-renew to 12-months (£17.99). I can't help thinking Nintendo are trying to exploit the people who just leave it and forget about it, and end up paying over £40 for a year of Switch Online. You'd never be so stupid, but a couple of hundred thousand people might be.
  3. SqueakyG

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    Now I'm all finished, I can rank Kiwami 2 alongside the other three Yakuza games I've played - Zero, Kiwami 1 and Six. Game engine: Best. The Dragon engine brings some really useful features like seamless fights and interiors and a first-person/camera mode, plus it's a graphical leap in quality. Yakuza 6 felt like the engine still needed optimisation, and so Kiwami 2 seems to have had that extra year of improvement. Better performance with none of Kamurocho blocked off. Combat: Pretty good. Another slight improvement over 6, which had slow, limited and repetitive fighting. It's mostly the same, but they've made subtle tweaks to make sure the fighting feels a bit more fluid and that the heat moves aren't as repetitive. Extreme Heat mode seems pretty useless though. I'm glad they brought back weapons, and even encourage their use as more than just a cheaty desperation measure on bosses. Main story: My least favourite, but still okay. You'll never have a bad time with the main story of a Yakuza game -- they all have simmering intrigue and ridiculous revelations. However, I found the story of Yakuza 2 to be mostly mechanical. This is strange because many people hail this as the best story, and hail Ryuji Goda as the best villain. I don't get it. He's pretty one-note and absent from most of the plot. The events of the Jingweon massacre are quite intriguing, and of course the revelations at the climax are like a grand soap opera. I thought the pacing was a little off: for example, just when you should be racing towards the climax, the story pauses and you just hang out with Haruka for a chapter. Also mentioned above: a few silly plot strands that are introduced and then forgotten. There weren't enough emotional or personal hooks in this story like the other games, except for the beginnings of a romance for Kiryu that unfortunately lacks chemistry. Substories: Pretty good. Let's be honest, Yakuza 0 was a comedy masterpiece and will never be topped. Kiwami was then a crushing disappointment, because the first game in the series hadn't really developed its comedy voice yet -- all the substories were basic fetch quests and fights. Kiwami 2 is an incremental improvement with a few standout substories. My favourite looks like a new addition: catching Koyuki's panty thief. Side-games: Liked one, hated the other. So we have two main minigames: Cabaret Club and Clan Creator. The cabaret club is fan service for people who loved it in Zero, with no rhyme or reason to put Kiryu in charge of a club. But it's awesome! It's still just as addictive and I actually completed it this time. I can't say the same for the Clan Creator which I hated. The Clan Creator in 6 was a fun diversion that was only spoiled by being too easy. However, they've turned it into a tower defense game and I can't get on with it for some reason. It's worth hearing the Majima Construction song, but the plotline associated with this minigame looks like a tired re-tread. I hardly got into it. (Still, nothing is as bad as the bewildering Baseball management in 6). Other minigames: I miss bowling and pool. Quite enjoyed the golf. This game's Pervy Video Porn - the gravure photo session - is even more awkward than 6's internet chatrooms. Arcade games: A wash. Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtual-On are both shit. Or at least I can't play them at all. And why are they in a 2006 arcade? Bonus Majima chapters: I'd say this bonus only exists to give a fan service "extension" to something in Majima's plotline from Zero. It is indeed a wonderful scene, but the 90 minutes of playing as Majima aren't really worth it, because he has about 2 fighting moves and no EXP development. Final ranking: Yakuza 0 (best) Yakuza Kiwami 2 Yakuza 6 Yakuza Kiwami 1
  4. SqueakyG

    What's the origin of inverted Y axis controls?

    Thumbstick: Y axis must be inverted for me. I think of the thumbstick as the camera or the player's head, so pushing forward looks down and pulling back looks up. Mouse: No need to invert. You'd think the same logic may apply, but no. We first learn to use a mouse as a desktop computer tool and we become accustomed to how a mouse pointer moves. So the reticule in an FPS is treated like a mouse pointer, except instead of the reticule moving around the screen, your whole vision moves. But you're still "mouse pointering" your vision around. Inverting the X axis: Sick and wrong. I don't get it. Thankfully I've never played a game that has it. Neither a thumbstick, mouse or keyboard key physically simulates the motion of turning your head (in the same way that forward/back simulates the tilting of your head). Whichever control you use, you are pushing left or right... so you may as well keep it simple and have left and right correspond to left and right turns. I kind of wish this thread had been a poll. Has there been an official rollmuck poll to find out who is "inverted" and who is "normal"? If we had strength in numbers, we could be outraged at not being called "normal", and being the ones who are forced to dig into the options menu to set the controls correctly.
  5. SqueakyG

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    I spent the weekend doing something really nerdy because I haven't seen it done thoroughly before. I went through the 4 Yakuza games I own and took tons of screenshots around Kamurocho. I made sure to stand in the exact same spot and take the same angle of screenshot for each game - and also for day and night in two of them. I now have a big collection of screenshots of how Kamurocho has changed over the years, both in terms of game engine improvements and how the buildings change historically when the games are set. No idea what to do with this stuff though. Just throw them up on Imgur probably? If I was clever I'd make some kind of fancy website where you can compare each shot easily, but I have no idea how to do such a thing. It was such a chore too. The Dragon engine has a photo mode to make it easy, but Zero and Kiwami don't -- you can't even move with the first-person view, and I had to turn off the minimap, which means I couldn't see street gangs. And the street gangs were constantly interrupting me! I'd spend up to a minute finely adjusting my position to match the angle for a shot, only to be interruped by a gang. Also: fuck Majima Everywhere.
  6. SqueakyG

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    "Minor" in terms of the size of the graphic. I think it's a pin used by one of the Yakuza families. Unless it pops up at the start of battles, it might not even be seen by anyone. It is changed nevertheless. Oh yes, the Japanese definitely had a turn as the extreme baddies for about 100 years of their history.
  7. SqueakyG

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    This video shows how the new PS4 port of Yakuza 3 looks in Japan, and how it's likely to be the "cut" of the game that gets used for all international markets. They have removed a couple of things from the Japanese version: the Japanese quiz minigame, one substory that has an offensive representation of a trans person, and a very minor graphic had a "rising sun" flag motif that has been altered to something else so that it won't offend other Asian countries that get angry about it. Since the Japanese quiz would have been just fine in the Japanese release, the speculation is that they've created one overall version of the PS4 release that will not need any further modification in international markets (except for translation, obviously). This means if/when we get Yakuza 3 over here it should have all content except the Japanese quiz, offensive trans substory, and rising sun graphics. Interestingly enough, the offensive trans substory was included in the Western release last time... but it's obvious to see why it's not as acceptable now. Kiryu even calls the person "it". Oh my.
  8. SqueakyG

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    It got to the point where Haruka wanted me win 3 rounds in Virtual On. I was like, "Haha, no." I played that game once and it never needs to be played again! Then I discovered that if you take a taxi back to Kamurocho she starts asking for something else there. So every time she asked for something I wasn't willing to do, I switched cities again. It was all for nothing anyway. Spoilers: nothing happens if you reach S rank with Haruka's requests. It goes on forever.
  9. SqueakyG

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    The series never really explains how Kiryu is an immortal, invincible, ageless superhero god. But he is.
  10. SqueakyG

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    I've decided that I hate Virtua Fighter 2. Can't play it at all. Also had a great deal of trouble understanding how the Toylets game works, I kept failing it over and over (then load up the whole game from a save to retry, because otherwise you'd have to wait until Kiryu needs to pee again). So I kind of raged in that Sega arcade. Apart from that, Kiwami 2 is great so far!
  11. SqueakyG

    Shenmue 1&2

    You're not wrong - this is hard to find in physical form. So I have to ask my local GAME: if you've sold out, why have an entire shelf of dummy copies on display? The guy said that they didn't get many copies because not many people pre-ordered, and the amount of stock they receive is based on pre-order interest. Almost a feeling of, "Oh now you're interested in Shenmue now you see it on the shelf. Well you people should have pre-ordered, shouldn't you?"
  12. SqueakyG

    Shenmue 1&2

    This works on some games but not others. Some games decide that the splash screen is a scene you're not allowed to capture.
  13. SqueakyG

    No Man's Sky

    I finally unlocked a little ramp that connects to the external doors of the big round/square rooms. It was one of the last things to unlock, after a bunch of shite I'll never need. I got that bug... but it happened on a planet described as a "Deleted world", so I thought the game was being clever!
  14. SqueakyG

    No Man's Sky

    Wow, that's a long list, filled with things I'm waiting to see fixed! I might put the game on hold until this patch comes to PS4. The longer I've played, the more I came to discover that almost every quest in this game is bugged. It's like the game falls apart if you actually try to play it with purpose. I'm not sure I can think of another videogame that is so broken and buggy. It's even buggier than a Bethesda RPG! (though strangely enough I'm still addicted, having late night sessions and not moving from my chair for hours at a time). Atlas quest: Board the next Atlas station to find that nothing happens when you interact with it. No text comes up. Base Weapons guy quest: Tells me that sentinels are on the way and I have to kill them! Invisible bugged-out sentinels then fly around my base, unkillable. No indication of how many I have to kill, when it stops, or how to complete the mission. (Finally got it finished somehow). Base computer: Not the glitch where the mission marker is set to your freighter (though I got that too). Now the problem is that I finally reached 100% data deconstruction and got what I presume is the last mission -- go to a planet in another system with an abandoned base and interact with the panel. It gives me a Cyclotron Ballista upgrade, then starts another countdown timer for the base computer, this time 6.5 hours. But the next time I interact with the base computer, it's the same mission... to the same place on the same planet. It's on a loop. Now I'm about to proceed in the Artemis/Apollo quest, but the patch notes above say they fix a bug with something I'm about to do... so I should wait. And everyone says this quest is totally broken near the end anyway. Smaller irritations: A mission-giver in a small planetary base gives you a trivial task nearby. Perform task. Return to mission-giver... who is now on the other side of the planet at a trade outpost. Apollo tells me: "If you start this quest, you won't be seeing your base for a long time! Are you sure you're ready?" Gamers know what this means. I decline the quest because I'm having more fun building my base right now. But then Apollo's incoming call bleeps at you every time you get in your ship. You must decline the quest or put up with the alarm every single time you get in your ship. After a few hours I couldn't stand it any longer and accepted the mission... but then it turns out that you can do Apollo's next tasks at your own pace anyway, no problem - ignore them and carry on base-building. Frigate damage: Yup, that damaged frigate is still reporting damage, but zero terminals to fix. I like the concept of Storage Containers having unified contents wherever you build them (like Minecraft ender chests, I guess). But why the hell are there ten of them, with five slots each? Five slots is irritatingly small. I have to go down the line and check ten massive boxes because I can't remember which one I put my Cadmium in. I may have said it before, but don't use the terrain manipulator to improve terrain around your base buildings, you'll just make an ugly mess. The terrain manipulator needs a "smoothing" laser. The galaxy map is aaaaawful. Truly impossible to look around and browse for systems to go to. My base isn't that big, but the portal load time to reach it has become more and more epic. I'm sure most Spectrum and C64 games took less time to load from tape. Well... time to put another 5 hours in...

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