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  1. I heard that PS5 doesn't let you backup saves to a USB stick, is this true? Without PS+ and cloud saves, it's a great comfort to be able to save to USB. When it comes to PS4 games, can you at least transfer PS4 saves from a USB stick to the PS5, or is that missing too?
  2. So... does the PS5 have fan noise? Most initial reviews said it was much quieter than PS4 Pro. Does Series X have zero fan noise and PS5 has some?
  3. I found a thing! So you can't continue from the world you died in by holding A+Start (the open secret that everyone always knew from the NES), because there isn't a Start button. But! To make up for it, hold A on the title screen for about 5 seconds to start a game with infinite lives.
  4. Both my orders arrived today - Amazon and Nintendo. No idea why I kept both orders. Impressions: - Screen is bright, LCD, and very small. Perhaps a little too small to enjoy the game, a bit like a Game Boy Micro. - Screen is pixel-perfect at least vertically - the aspect ratio of the games is 4:3, so there's horizontal scrolling shimmer. - Colour palette is on the "blue sky, orange bricks" side - It feels very light and hollow. Not flimsy, but more like a toy than a device. - Buttons are spongey rubber. - No headphone jack... of course... there
  5. I have a couple of questions about PS5, sorry if they've been talked about before in the fast-moving thread: - A lot has been said about the lack of X-Series-X's "quick resume" feature, but does the PS5 at least still have standby/resume for the currently playing game? I found that pretty essential on PS4. - When you put a PS4 game disc into a PS5, will it start installing the data from the disc, or is the physical disc merely a "key" that starts a full game download?
  6. The NMS website says about game save transfer: "PS4 players can upload their save data in-game for download on PS5." But I'm pretty sure that cloud saves on Playstation are a perk of PS+, right? I've never had PS+. I hope there's another way.
  7. "All DLC currently available for download will also work on new consoles. No messy generation transition this time, it’s the same DLC!" But... what about all the previous game imports? There's a complicated history of previous game imports. On Xbox 360 I had imported RB1, RB2, Green Day, etc into RB3... and then nearly all those songs imported successfully into RB4, giving me a library of nearly all previous disc content for all previous RB games. How much of that will still be there if I resume play on Series X?
  8. I marathoned 3-4-5 Remastered during the Covid lockdown earlier in the year. I didn't really get burned out... possibly because it was Covid lockdown. Those three games covered the 3 months I was furloughed from work. I think I'm ready for 7 because of how different it will be. Different protagonist, very different combat, mostly a different location.
  9. I was just thinking today that the PS5 and XSX aren't going to have optical out, and that's a step backwards. I watch blu-rays on my PS4 and I'm still a supporter of physical media and blu-ray discs. In recent years I have found that most movies with "7.1 sound" (or whatever) are way too quiet on my TV -- I turn the volume up to max and it's barely enough, even if I send my TV's output to an amp. I solved it by using the PS4's optical out, which is nice and loud with lots of volume to spare.
  10. The anticipation to play Yakuza 7 (for some reason I must use its Japanese name) might be the deciding factor for when I get a next-gen console, and which one. The past generation was totally the PS4 generation for me. After Microsoft screwed up the Xbox One launch with Kinect and other nonsense, I never truly liked the Xbox One brand. But I totally liked the PS4 -- its dashboard, its style, its games. Then Yakuza. Oh Yakuza! I have played an entire epic series of games that I didn't know existed, and played them ALL on PS4. I cannot mentally separate Yakuza from the Playstation br
  11. This sounds like much more of a drifting game and a track combat game than what I hoped it would be. I was hoping for something like Virtua Racing - more about technical racing, but still arcadey. May still buy it, but not so sure after reviews.
  12. I hope the physical cartridge for 3D All-Stars actually has all the game data for all 3 games on it, or else what's the point of buying an artificially scarce physical item? Preordered... because I'm a fool and throw away money... despite feeling disappointed that they didn't make more effort on SM64, and the price, and the lack of Galaxy 2, and the weird limited release date. I also simply need to own that shiny Game & Watch physical object. I thought it would only be available from the Nintendo store so I went to the trouble of creating an account and pre-ordering it there -
  13. I don't think I've had any trouble speaking the name of a game in particular. But of course there's all the social shame of talking about videogames around normies. I remember when I got Tomb Raider in 1996 and I wanted my parents to know what a great and important game it was, and my mum just looked at the front cover and the the size of Lara's breasts and said "No wonder you're interested in that." As Nick R said above, I also get flustered if someone asks me about what I'm playing, because I don't know what level of understanding they have, and whether they'd think
  14. I made an imgur album of comparisons between Kabukicho and Kamurocho: https://imgur.com/a/da6I2W2
  15. My main memory from those days was that Daytona impressed me because you could see cloud reflections in the car windows. I had no idea how 3D graphics worked - I couldn't really comprehend it yet - but I knew that Daytona had cloud reflections in the windows and Ridge Racer didn't, so Daytona looked cooler.
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