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  1. the greatest line in cinema history is

    "The eyes are the nipples of the face."
  2. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Played and finished - wonderful. A nice and fairly brief antidote to "busy-work" open world games that put a million icons on the map. This remake is infinitely superior on a technical level - and it's great to be able to ride around and see the whole landscape clearly, without feeling like a PS2 is groaning and creaking. However, ultimately I think the original version is perhaps the more "artistic" experience. I had very little trouble with any of the colossi. That's strange because I remember some of them being a total bitch in 2006 - I think I even went to GameFAQs for a couple of them. So much time had passed that I didn't directly remember any of them, but subconscious memories must have helped because I got the puzzles much quicker this time. Still a few fumbles and mishaps, of course. I was planning on getting to the
  3. Peter Pan Goes Wrong

    The problem with this one was that the concept wasn't logical/believable, and didn't really suit the premise that works so well as a stage play. They invaded a TV studio recording of A Christmas Carol. Was it meant to be live? I don't know. It had a kind of cartoon logic that couldn't be believed. There were some funny gags - some of the stuff that I liked so much about the Peter Pan show - but it was mostly disappointing.
  4. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Abby did such a good job throughout the year at being funny and likeable. GOTY discussions break everybody.
  5. Steam

    I've been getting 4 "Steam Awards 2017" cards every day since the start of the sale, and still haven't made one badge yet. I have 9 of some cards, 5 of others, but still missing one.
  6. Undertale

    Okay... so... I finally got around to playing Undertale. It's Christmas week 2017... took me long enough! I'm afraid I kind of hated it. As I write this, I'm actually quite angry at the game. I hope I don't become ashamed of what I'm about to write once I cool off. So anyway. I have spent these years avoiding spoilers, in the hope that I would finally get around to the game! I knew there was such a thing as a "pacifist run" but not much else. I started it yesterday.
  7. Backlogs and their effect on enjoyment.

    I think part of my problem is how methodical I am with each game. I can't play more than one 'main' videogame at a time. Anything with a story or a substantial linear progress... one at a time. It's how my brain works. If I start playing another major game before finishing the first... or if real life prevents me from loading up the game for more than 2 weeks... the game is sadly abandoned, because I've lost the thread. So I can't juggle several games at once. I've also not helped myself by getting a Switch. I already had a pile of shame on PS4 and Steam... to the point of getting a little stressed about it, and promising myself to methodically get through them. But then I impulse-bought a Switch in the Blck Friday deals. So now I have Mario and Zelda to play! Thankfully, Mario is teaching me something I had almost forgotten about gaming: fun. It's an absolute pleasure to play, and I look forward to playing it! That sounds strange, but I now realise I have spent far too much of my life playing boring games that were just busywork. Too many RPGs with a pointless grind. Loading up those games is like like getting ready to start another work shift. Unlike real work, you're not getting paid, so what are you doing it for? You've put that gameworld into slightly better order, but so what?
  8. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I saw that video thumbnail in my feed and shuddered. I braved it anyway. It turns out that a serious NDA is enough to stop Brad from spoiling things.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Some more on Pinball FX3: It's great that you can change to vertical mode with a single button, especially to use the length of the Switch's screen in handheld mode. If you do so, it's better to detach the joycons and control the game with the touchscreen. In fact it's pretty annoying to play with the joycons because the constant rumble (HD rumble?) just makes the whole Switch buzz annoyingly. The rumble is pretty cool with a pro controller though. Technically: Handheld mode seems to be 30fps, which isn't really good enough for pinball. Docked is thankfully 60fps but less than 1080p. As I said, this game shouldn't be technically very demanding, I'd expect it to run on anything.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Pinball FX3 is out - for free with Sorcerer's Lair as usual. I won't be buying tables yet again, but a pack of two other tables are free right now if you look on the store page. I'm a bit disappointed that the docked resolution doesn't look any better than 720p... maybe 900p at most. This game should work on a toaster. I'd have expected it to be 1080p capable. Is this common? Strangely enough, in 2 weeks of owning a Switch this is the first time I tried a 3D game! I've spent the last 2 weeks playing pixel-art games - mostly Binding of Isaac - so I didn't think about the Switch's graphical capabilities. Two weeks without even knowing there's a fan and it gets warm! So now I'm actually starting Mario Odyssey - god knows why Isaac was more of a priority - and I noticed that Mario doesn't come close to 1080p docked either. It looks like it's doing something dynamic between 720 and 900p - I'll turn to look at something and it's really pixellated 720p, then I'll spin the camera a couple of times and the same geometry edges are a nicer 900p. Huh. Yeah I'm counting pixels when I'm supposed to be playing the Best Game Ever.
  11. Terminator 2 back in cinemas, in 3D

    I have bought the new Blu-ray release. Don't have a 3D television, so I can only comment on the 1080p regular Blu-ray: - Picture quality is amazing. It's an absolutele night-and-day improvement over previous blu-rays, and mostly for the better (except for some things, see below). There is so much more sharp resolved detail in things like name-badges, signs, textures on walls and floors, fabric, etc. You can see every individual hair on actors' heads. - The film has been re-coloured, and it's up to you to decide whether you like it. Generally they've made daytime scenes 'cooler' when they previously had a warm red look. Overall I think there is a vast improvement here. Previous transfers were far too bright, and now there are much better black levels. The film now has so much more depth and texture because of the lighting and shadow. - Unfortunately the Special Edition and Extended Special Edition didn't get a 4K scan or 3D conversion, so if you want to watch those scenes seamlessly branched, you'll get a very jarring jump into the old transfer for those scenes. It's honestly so disruptive that I'd rather use the old blu-ray if I want to watch the longer cut. - They've made a few tweaks and changes. Nothing sacreligious - Cameron hasn't pulled a Lucas - but they've done digital head replacements on Arnie's stunt double and stuff like that. - The big problem: DNR. All of this excellent work is almost ruined by too much digital noise reduction. This makes faces look waxy and completely removes film grain, making the film look very clean and digital. Some scenes are worse than others - the first half of the film has a few awful waxy faces in particular - but then it gets better for the second half. It's still a shame.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Just waiting for a Switch to arrive from Amazon this week - my first Nintendo console in decades! It was a rather shocking impulse purchase on Idiot Friday. I have no idea whether it will gather dust after Mario and Zelda get played, or somehow revolutionise my jaded outlook on gaming. It's kind of an experiement. We'll see. I have also therefore never looked in this thread before. Hello! Some immediate thoughts while I wait: - I'm not sure whether to buy a Pro controller straight away (how much????) or wait to see if the joy-cons are alright for my big hands first. - I see the Nintendo 'premium'... everything is expensive and doesn't go down in price like other consoles. - If Switch games are so expensive because of the SD-card format, why are the digital versions just as expensive or more? Yeah I know, for business reasons they don't want a difference between physical and download prices. Still sucks. - My biggest worry is that game saves are stuck on one physical Switch. It seems like madness that there's no cloud saving or transfer to SD card. I must assume there'll be a software update in the future to allow it? - I could see myself using the Switch to play The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +... even though I've already played it for 500 hours on Steam and it only cost mere pounds there.
  13. Yakuza 0

    No no no, please keep up updated with your wife's reactions.
  14. The Walking Dead!

    You must know that it's not as simple as "stop watching if you don't like it." We've been watching this kind of TV - and talking about it this way in forum communities - for at least 15 years now. We've been through this many times with great shows that turned bad (Lost, Dexter, etc). It's strange that you'd still bring out the simplistic and dismissive "stop watching it then" argument. You're not new. A viewer's relationship with a long-running show can be complicated, with an attachment to the characters and the material, a sense of intrigued concern when the show declines, and an investment in time spent watching so far that causes you to keep going. People don't keep watching bad shows because they're just idiots. Come on, man.
  15. Elite Dangerous

    It may just be complete random luck, but I found the highest number of water worlds, earth-likes and terraforming candidates between Colonia and Sag A*. That was the most lucrative stretch by far, compared to the highway between the bubble and Colonia. I was also surprised by how many systems were totally fresh and undiscovered -- I somehow thought that there would be no virgin territory left any more, but I guess it's billions of stars. Couldn't bear the thought of flying back to the bubble, so I got a Suicidewinder and teleported back, then ordered my Asp to be transported. It's taking 61 hours, but that's okay, I have to play South Park anyway.

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