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  1. SqueakyG

    Recommend Me An Emulation Box

    I just set up a Retropie this weekend. Raspberry Pi 3 B+, a case that looks just like a SNES mini, and I also treated myself to an 8Bitdo SNES controller, not that it's necessary. I'm still sorting it out, but it was easy to put together and get started. A little bit of problem-solving and googling, but that's all part of the fun. I have yet to sort out the RetroArch settings for each system, and yet to test out whether the input lag is tolerable on various controllers. But so far so good.
  2. SqueakyG

    Games that get under your skin

    I've mentioned this before, but Life Is Strange sort of fucked me up for a while. I went through something that the game's fan community calls "post-LIS depression", and it hit me hard. For about a month after finishing the game I didn't want to play anything else, and all I wanted to do was watch youtubers' play-throughs. I would get randomly upset at times... I'd just walk into a room and think about the game and get upset. Any music from the soundtrack would put tears in my eyes. I couldn't get out of this funk for weeks. I didn't want to start another game, or read a book, or watch movies to take my mind off it. I wondered: "Am I depressed again?" and considered going to the doctor about it. I don't know how long Life Is Strange will stand up -- a lot of things end up becoming embarrassing years later, like, "Eww, that daft game made me cry?" Perhaps I just coincidentally played it during a spot of depression, I don't know. But right now I have to say its power to have such an effect on me makes it a masterpiece.
  3. SqueakyG

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I just played the first few hours of this, and have now taken a break at what I presume is the end of the prologue - the setup of the camp. Still in the "No idea what's going on or how to control the game" phase at the moment. It felt like I'm only half in control - veeery sluggish controls and long deliberate animations. I still don't know if I'm meant to be holding or double-tapping X to make the horse go. I still don't know why trying to fire the gun makes it reload first (maybe I don't understand olden days guns). I'm also still a bit confused about how the "cores" work -- what's wrong with basic energy bars? Maybe most pressing... why has the light bar on the PS4 controller been red the whole time? It's very worrying, Every PS4 game ever made is very clear about what that means: red light means you're in danger or about to die. But I don't know what it means here. I spent the whole prologue thinking: "I must be about to get the food/item/whatever that fixes my crushing health problem", but it didn't happen. Do I have a crushing health problem?
  4. SqueakyG

    Doctor Who

    Also: the asteroid at the end. When the Doctor started talking about how important this moment was for mankind and the whole universe, and opened the tardis door, I expected her to show something like the whole human galactic empire, and how we only managed to colonise space because of equality. But nope... just an asteroid.
  5. SqueakyG

    Doctor Who

    A bit plodding and heavy-handed, too much telling-not-showing, and the actors playing Ryan and Yas are a bit amateur. But the sheer worthiness makes it a good one. Quite a mature take, and worthy as a history lesson for younger viewers. To be honest, this felt a bit too much like a Quantum Leap episode. Hey, Quantum Leap was awesome, but you've got Doctor Who here. All three episodes so far feel like Sunday evening television rather than Saturday evening, which is both good and bad. It's a bit more mature, but also lacks the sheer spark of entertainment that the RTD and Moffat eras had. I think there must have been a few scenes cut for time, because I find it strange that Ryan zapped away Mr Space Racist Villain and we didn't get 1) The Doctor condemning him for zapping away the villain with a gun, or 2) Finding out where he was zapped to. Without knowing where Space Racist got zapped to, we don't really know if Ryan killed him/condemned him to death, and therefore if Ryan is a murderer, which the Doctor would not approve of. I think the Doctor expected Ryan to use the time displacement gun and tinkered with it to put Space Racist somewhere she wants him. Since we don't find out, I consider it a plot hole.
  6. SqueakyG

    The Alien films

    To be fair, I've watched the films about 30 times each and I don't know the name of Ridley Scott's cat.
  7. SqueakyG

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I guess partly it's because I play very slowly and methodically. If a side-quest comes up I must do it. If there are two branching paths, I have to explore both to see which one progresses the story and which one is extra... and do both. The way the Lake of Nine is designed especially made me take ages. I also rarely play in huge 6-hour play sessions any more, just a couple of hours when I can squeeze it in, so it felt like God of War went on forever.
  8. SqueakyG

    PS4 Pro

    This was exactly my experience with God of War. I'm on a white Pro, in a well-ventilated position. The fans make noise, but never anything as bad as the hairdryer my first PS4 was. Then God of War, ha! There we go! It runs fairly quietly most of the time, then sometimes makes the fans work harder. However, the Full-on Hairdryer Mode gets instantly set off by the map screen and the shop/crafting screen, just like in the video above. I think the framerate must become unlocked on those screens, so the PS4 suddenly starts trying to render 1000 frames per second instead of 30. It's fairly common, and it's the developer's problem.
  9. SqueakyG

    Twin Peaks

    The international pilot is worth watching as an extra -- it has an extra 10 minutes at the end that totally wraps up the murder, in a simplified but still very spoilery way. When they made season 1 they incorporated most of this footage, and it forms most of the scary lore stuff of season 1. So I suppose you are warned not to watch the international pilot if you're watching for the first time and don't want to be spoiled.
  10. SqueakyG

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I decided to stick with the default R1 and R2 for light and heavy attacks, even though it felt very unnatural at first. I'm far far far more used to using face buttons for those kinds of actions. However, if you move the attacks to the face buttons, you can't aim the axe and throw it at the same time. There are axe-throwing timed puzzles and everything!
  11. SqueakyG

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Bit of a thread resurrection. I didn't know whether to type this here or start a new thread like: "Are games too long nowadays?" I finally got around to God of War and I've been playing it for the last couple of weeks. I'm generally enjoying the game: I love the environments and the visuals, and the combat is meaty. It's a solid 8/10 and the money is right up there on the screen. Very impressive. I thought that I was ramping up to the end of the story, but then I looked at a walkthrough and saw that I was less than half way. Then I saw how much side content and "post-game" content there also is. At my current pace (a couple of hours each evening), I will be playing God of War as my main game for perhaps another month. That disturbs me. When did games get this huge? Is it reasonable? I'm not exactly bored. Thankfully this game is not a "busywork" open-world game, clearing busywork icons off the map. You know how those games can feel like a second work shift. God of War is constantly moving me on to new areas that are visually breathtaking - it's a carefully designed experience the whole way. But there's just. too. much. of. it. It's like expecting a 250-page novel and finding out that you've started Lord of the Rings without knowing how thick the spine was. Several games lately can be described the same way. The way my brain works, I can't put a game like this on hold and come back to it in a few months -- I'd honestly forget the controls and not be able to pick it back up. (The controls are really complicated and it was a dozen hours before I truly started to feel in charge of combat).
  12. SqueakyG

    Perfect Films

    A few days ago I rewatched Kimi no Na wa... twice. Back to back. In Japanese, then the English dub too. Probably the 12th and 13th viewing maybe. And I could have just pressed start again as soon as it finished. Aside from a couple of holes I can poke in the plot, I thought to myself that it was a perfect film. So there.
  13. SqueakyG

    Doctor Who

    Never mind "should of". She called star/solar systems "galaxies" TWICE.
  14. SqueakyG

    Most Useless Features

    But you must ask yourself: was a big Select button worth moving the Start button into a really awkward place? The correct answer is no.

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