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  1. On PS4 Pro. Played NMS for a solid month when it first came out in 2016. Then last year when that huge update came out I played it for another solid month, starting a new save. I think I did nearly everything story-wise. I left myself at a pretty nice complete base I'd built. If I get back into NMS and download this massive update... and load up my save... what state can I expect to be in? Would my base be completely broken? Would my ship and multitool be okay? I really don't think I'd bother playing NMS from scratch a third time -- I want to enjoy the position I spent a hundred hours grinding to achieve, and not take another hundred hours to get back there. It also makes me think... how much of the last 100-hour game was all about the inventory management. How many of those hours I spent juggling the 250 and 500-limit slots, and working towards more suit slots, and working towards bigger ships purely because they have more slots, and spending soooooo loooong juggling shit between inventories, especially those damn storage units. It's fair to say that half of the gameplay "loop" was entirely about working with those 250 and 500-limit slots. And with a click of his fingers, Sean says "Make it 10,000."
  2. Yeah I don't know if you're allowed to talk like this on rllmuk any more, but I've always kind of liked the sexiness in the Shantae games. It's harmless and trivial - and the games are great fun. I think maybe slightly more fun because they're also pleasantly midriffy.
  3. I realised that Doom 3 has pretty much the same plot/structure as Half-Life (understandable, since Half-Life was partly inspired by Doom in the first place). You start a day of work at a restricted scientific installation. You walk around and get your bearings, talking to other workers. You walk around the lounge and bathrooms. The scientists have been playing with dimensional portals and it all goes pear-shaped -- legions of monsters come through from another dimension. Most of the personnel have been turned into zombies. You must make your way to another wing of the facility, and eventually enter the dimension the monsters came from.
  4. SqueakyG

    PC Engine Mini

    It's a bit confusing, but I think all versions of this console will have a set of 25-ish American games and a set of 30-ish Japanese games. You'll be able to play them all, but the Japanese games will only be in Japanese (making the text-heavy games like Snatcher a bit pointless unfortunately). Also some of the games are included in both lists. Unless I misunderstand.
  5. I was really looking forward to the graphical update, how disappointing. My PC certainly can't do any of this newfangled ray-tracing stuff, but the "super duper" update wasn't going to be ray-tracing, it was just current-gen shaders and lighting and stuff. That would still need a decent graphics card, but I assumed that was the intention. I assumed that they were making the super duper graphics as an option for those who could run it... not cancel it just because they couldn't get it running for everyone on cheap tablets and phones.
  6. I wish the game showed better information about clear rates, etc, because it was always a little confusing. It looked exactly the same in SMM1 so I doubt they'll improve it. A clear rate of "12/180" means that the level was beaten 12 times in total, and 180 attempts were made in total (counting every life spent). The clear percentage is a percentage of these numbers. I wish to see other data: I'd rather know the number of unique people who cleared a course, represented as a percentage. You can work out the rough numbers in your head by looking at the Footprint number versus the Clear number. But even then it's not accurate, because the footprint number isn't actually the number of people who played a course -- it's the number of times the course was started. This is often very similar to the number of people, but not the same, for example if the same player keeps coming back to have another go. So yeah, I'd like it to show more - and more understandable - numbers.
  7. Share it on any forum you're involved with. Try to use the spreadsheet here if you can... although I suppose RLLMUK courses are slowing down now that SMM2 has been out for over a month. There are always threads for sharing courses on the SMM subreddit and other gaming forums. If you're inclined, you can follow small Twitch streamers who play courses if people submit them. I haven't done this myself. Lately I have found that my newly-uploaded courses get about 4 or 5 plays very soon after uploading -- this must be from randoms playing it from the New Courses tab. Then when I share the code with RLLMUK and some discord friends I pick up a few more plays from them. Then over the next few weeks the course will slowly pick up a few dozen other random plays. But don't expect a course to go viral unless you're a known "personality", or you get lucky, or your course really is genius.
  8. I'm really annoyed with myself for not playing this enough, and I'm worried that if I don't put in some sessions I'm going to drop it. That would be a terrible shame because it's just as good as Yakuza games. I'm still on chapter 3 and haven't put in a good session for over 2 weeks. The problem is that Super Mario Maker 2 came out at the same time, and that's a timesink if you create courses. Then there was the heatwave and I didn't want to use the PS4 Pro while it's that hot and humid. Then the weekend just gone was cool enough for consoles... but I ended up making another Mario course instead! Arrrrgh.
  9. There's an Asian girl who seems to be some kind of secret government weapon, who kicks ass lethally when attacked, and who needs her identity to be protected by a gruff but kind captain? That's a very well-played story, and the last time I enjoyed that story was Firefly.
  10. Has your course been played by anyone at all? The theory is that you need to get a few people - not associated with your account or IP - to play your course, then it gets added to the other systems so that it can be played by randoms. Then it needs enough plays to have a difficulty assigned to it for Endless mode. I'm not sure if courses need a difficulty assigned before they show up in multiplayer -- but they seem to be mostly quite "easy" or "normal" in my experience. If it still hasn't been played in Multiplayer... it could just be because there are literally a million courses with the Versus or Co-op tags, and having your course played is a lottery. Yep, that was always the problem with SMM1 as well. You need to belong to a forum or a subreddit or a discord server where people share their levels, or you need to watch Twitch streamers and get them to play your level. Or you need to be an internet celebrity who has thousands of fans who'll play it. Your courses are awesome, and us rollmuckers will always appreciate them. But it still sucks not to see your courses get played by hundreds or thousands of people. It discourages you from making great levels -- why spend an entire weekend making a masterpiece that only a dozen people play? I suppose you could try dashing out some fast free-hand levels, and see if natural talent creates something fun in under an hour.
  11. I can see all the effort that went into that, very well done. I sucked of course. The two parts I got stuck on were: Not realising the three large stacked spinies were a colossus, I just thought they were an environmental obstacle, so I didn't even think of trying to kill them to get a key. Then after killing the big wiggler, I didn't notice the way out -- I thought I had to go back the way I came, so died a bunch of times trying to get back and doing the whole fight again. An arrow to the exit could have helped? But this was all me being thick. I've never been good at puzzle levels.
  12. Are you all still adding your courses to the spreadsheet? Please do. It's the main way I play rollmuck levels.
  13. Oh you'll be happy if you like shiny collectibles once drone racing opens up.
  14. I met him the last time I played and thought: "If this is a real restaurant chain, then this is some serious in-game advertising."
  15. I got my first "Nintendo Code of Conduct violation" email today. They don't tell you what comment got you in trouble, but I know for a fact I've never been insulting or used vulgar words. Apparently this is very common - as soon as some precious diddums gets a critical comment he hits the "report" button, and Nintendo's automated system does the rest. I think the most critical comment I ever left was: "Meowser fight in a locked room with spawning fire-flowers: cliche." and I only left that comment because it was funny how I'd just been reading a thread on Reddit about how boss battles in sealed rooms with spawning fire flowers are very groan-worthy, especially if it's Meowser, because Meowser is not designed for sealed rooms. Meowser is the only boss in the game who can chase you through a course and that's what he's designed for. Now I'm too scared to leave critical comments, which is a shame. You should have the right to be critical. Someone drew the words "Your level is bad & not fun" at the start of one of my courses... and I'm leaving it there. Fair enough, man.
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