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  1. Borderlands pricing: Borderlands 2 GOTY = -78%, £7.69 Borderlands the Pre-Sequel + Seasons Pass = -70%, £16.49 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (all Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel EVERYTHING) = -97%, £4.73 A mistake?
  2. It will take patience before the Pi 4 will be ready. The Retropie people need to make a new build, which could take weeks or months. If you like to put your Pi in one of Retroflag's lovely SNES or MD cases you'll have to wait for them to make a new one (the Pi 4 has reversed network and USB ports, so you won't be able to connect the USB extenders inside the Retroflag cases, and the power/HDMI ports are different too). It would be a nice bit of extra "oomph" when it's ready. Hopefully SNES games that use enhancement chips would run better in Snes9x, and perhaps you could use more modern emulator cores instead of their less-accurate older cores. I wouldn't hope for Dreamcast and Gamecube, etc.
  3. PREORDER CANCELLED. But really... please please tell me the Kamuro of the Dead game allows for inverted controls?
  4. I hope the 8bitdo M30 is compatible. I suppose they're under no obligation to make "rival" controllers compatible if they have a deal with Retro-Bit, but I hope they aren't that mean.
  5. GameXplain are getting a lot of dislikes on their latest SMM2 videos because they spent the last 5 months treating SMM2 like the best and most important game ever... and now they've played review code for a couple of weeks they have loads of nitpicky minor complaints.They even say that it's "Not better than SMM1". Or rather, while it's obviously better in many ways, it's lost a lot of the character and quirkiness and charm. They also warn that both docked and handheld mode are less ideal for creation than the Wii U gamepad was.
  6. Something weird happening in the Youtube comments section for the Cadence of Hyrule quick look:
  7. That feeling when The Banana Splits IP is cheaper to license than FNAF.
  8. Good on Stephen King for allowing the movie version to share a cinematic universe with the Kubrick Shining, which King famously hates. To be fair, he hardly has a choice if he wants to make movie money at all - -it just wouldn't get made if it couldn't connect to the Kubrick film.
  9. Playing one isn't like playing the other. Dracula X is a completely differently-made version of Rondo of Blood, and arguably Rondo of Blood is better. That doesn't mean Dracula X is bad though. While it may not be as good as Rondo, it's still very decent. The main thing I dislike is the way the backgrounds are paler than the sprites - it makes the graphics look worse than they are.
  10. I used to think Amiga emulation was a massive faff, until I discovered how easy it is to use WHDLoad versions with FS-UAE. Now it's pretty much as easy as a SNES/MD emulator -- click a game in the list and it just works. No disk swapping. No crack intros. No copy protection. No problems. The people who made those versions did a wonderful job of making them work just like console roms. If they could find a way to put that kind of emulation into a small box, it would work just fine as a mini retroconsole. The bundled controller could be a CD32 controller, if it doesn't have too much stigma. I understand some of the drawbacks -- only console-style action games would be viable, because anything that needs a mouse and keyboard would need a mouse and keyboard. They'd also want to map "up" to a button like I do in the emulator.
  11. I was very disappointed with the Mega Drive Collection for the Switch. I'd already built up that collection on Steam through various sales, but I wanted the Switch release for the portability. It's alright in docked mode, but portable is awful. It's the pixel scaling on the Switch's 720p screen. There's no pixel interpolation at all (unless you want full bilinear blur-o-vision). Mega Drive games are known for their grainy look, and the bad pixel scaling ruins it. Then you also notice that the input lag is only just tolerable, and there are some frameskips in places. The worst part is knowing that they're just never going to fix it. No patch. They don't care.
  12. It's an extra account, an extra 2-step verification faff, an extra company that has my credit card or my paypal, another store with another layout. Also there's a sense of... not exactly pride... but feeling like you built a Steam library over the last 15 years. It's a bit weird to have nearly all your games in one convenient and familiar place, then have to remember which particular 3 or 4 games had to be bought from another store instead.
  13. I keep seeing adverts for a company called "Retrosix" in RG magazine, so I checked them out. Oof -- too expensive for me! They clean and restore the guts of GB, Pocket, Color, Advance, and put them in new aftermarket shells. That's £59.99. Then for GBA you can get them to put in the backlit screen from the SP 101... that's another £50. I'd almost go for that as a treat to myself, even though it's too much. But then when I looked closer at their product photography, I noticed little things about their aftermarket shells and buttons that I didn't like. None of them are exactly like the stock colours, but I'd still hope for accuracy. This one here happens to be Super Famicom-styled, but they all have the same problems. The Nintendo logo at the top is slightly incorrect (possibly to avoid trademark infringement?), and the Start, Select and Power labels use the wrong font. It's just enough inaccuracy to make it not feel like a real GBA. But there's a "once you see it, you can't unsee it" thing too... did you spot it? The A on the A button is centered, but the B on the B button isn't. Real GBAs have the A and B southwest of centre, but here they are mismatched, like googly eyes. I can't unsee it. What a shame. I really wish that they used original shells in the best condition possible, or at least had more accurate new shells. It's no sale for me, I'm afraid.
  14. About the darkness: I didn't mind the episode being lit so darkly in general, but the banding on my copy was pretty ugly. Hopefully the episode will look better on blu-ray, but some scenes looked terrible with a few pixallated shades of deep grey dancing around on the screen. About the episode: I hope if there's a big battle at King's Landing they do it in the daytime.
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