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  1. Yeah, I seem to have stopped getting cards for games I'm playing - when a few are still supposed to drop - but I've been getting random lots of 3 cards for games that should have "no card drops remaining". Must be broken.
  2. SqueakyG

    Doctor Who

    The Twitch chat is quite interesting. It scrolls way too fast for anyone to have a meaningful conversation, so you basically just get some of the 5,000 viewers typing memes and observations in ALL CAPS as they see things. I don't know if it's awesome or disconcerting when I think of a droll observation about the episode, then 50 other people type exactly the same thought at once. And then the way the audience joins together to make memes out of the repetitive trailer that plays - twice! - between each episode. LONDON, 1965! Hey, it turns out that if you try to watch 14 episodes of Pertwee Who every night of the week, you get pretty bored of the hoo-rah military boys' adventure UNIT stuff.
  3. SqueakyG

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Classic Dan: Didn't know that pirates committed crime. I caught that one live and facepalmed too.
  4. SqueakyG

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Same experience for me! That's okay though. For some reason I love everything about fighting games - and the Street Fighter series in particular - except for actually playing them. I bought this collection purely to own the "history" of these important games, even though I've had the MAME roms for years anyway. I love everything about these games: the characters, the pixel art and animation, the music, even the storylines as daft as they are. I've always found 2D fighting games impressive. I can't play the games for shit though! I've read books and websites about how to play better, but it has never helped in practice. I can only pull off a shoryuken about 1 in 5 times (I feel like I've typed this before...) I can't decide if I prefer the Xbox One's d-pad or thumbstick... I'm honestly a little better on the thumbstick, but apparently that's frowned upon. I've been working my way through each game, usually getting beaten by the first opponent, sometimes struggling on to the second or third. Then I give up and play the next game. (Apparently Super Turbo is broken: they've used a rom where the difficulty is set to the hardest no matter what). But that's okay, it's honestly fun enough to read all the info and history of each game and then load them up for a few minutes. I'll never play online. I didn't get this collection to play online. I just wouldn't bother. If the CPU is hard, then real humans must be SNK boss hard. I'd rather not feel the shame and indignity.
  5. SqueakyG

    Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth

    I'd fire up Doom 2016 for another single-player run... if I knew that doing so wouldn't trigger a 30-50GB download of stuff I don't need.
  6. SqueakyG

    All things Yakuza!

    I hope the remasters get localized! Chances may not be 100% certain. Sure, the last few games have sold well in the west. However, it sounds like these remasters of 3, 4 and 5 are going to be smaller and more rushed releases. I wouldn't be surprised if they were digital-only. Due to the quickness of their release dates, I can't imagine they are getting a full Kiwami treatment. I think they'll just be 1080/4k ports. That's good enough for me, never having owned a PS3, although it may feel like a step backwards after the newer game engine. I'm more worried about burnout. I already feel a little burned out by playing Zero, Kiwami and 6 in the space of 18 months.
  7. SqueakyG

    PS4 Pro

    My Pro doesn't sound like a hairdryer... the fans make noise, but not that much noise. However, you could fry an egg on top of it.
  8. SqueakyG

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't believe anybody in the world holds a controller with their index fingers over L1 & R1 and their middle fingers over the L2 & R2 triggers. That's madness. Normal sane human beings do as we do: index fingers at the ready over all 4 shoulder buttons. R-right? However, put me in the category of people who think the Switch Pro-controller is the most comfortable and perfect design to hold in your hands.
  9. SqueakyG

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    I think I got spoiled by Yakuza 0 being my first Yakuza game. I must have played the best game in the series -- so the rest are always going to be a little disappointing. Kiwami was very underwhelming -- I appreciated the main story, but everything else was simpler and smaller and less funny and less outrageous, and I felt there were also serious balancing issues. I like 6 a lot more than Kiwami. I really enjoyed it. The main story may not be as explosive as previous ones, but I found it intriguing and entertaining enough. I appreciate the new game engine -- it's so much easier to slip in and out of fights, and the world feels more real with seamless interiors. I also really liked Onomichi as a location -- sure it's small and quaint, but I loved the atmosphere. For some reason I loved the "becoming a regular at a bar" minigame. I can see why people were a bit disappointed with 6. They cut a lot out: Streets are blocked off in Kamurocho, there's no bowling or casino or pool or real darts, etc. The fighting system feels very simplified and less enjoyable. One of the big minigames is a baseball sim, which is apparently deep and accurate... but bewildering and pointless if you aren't a baseball fan. The other big minigame is clan battles, which are fun but way too easy (until the last few, which are too hard). The hostess conversation minigame has been made less fun by choice cards. I'd still recommend Yakuza 6.
  10. SqueakyG

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Actually I take it back, the controller isn't the main purchasing decision. It's the price. Jeeesus, the Nintendo Tax you pay for the Switch version is ridiculous. PS4 and Xbone physical, Amazon: £27.99 PS4 and Xbone online stores: £34.99 Switch physical, Amazon: £39.99 Switch on Eshop: £44.99
  11. SqueakyG

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    My purchase decision will be based on a simple question... which is a better standard controller: PS4 or Switch Pro? I would guess the Switch Pro controller because the d-pad feels solid and the triggers are buttons.
  12. SqueakyG

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    I really will have to use that internet code to get a million yen when I get back to Kamurocho (I'm on chapter 4 in the other town now). I'm totally running out of money, hovering around 5,000 yen. I don't even think I've wasted much... mostly spent on meals for healing, and cat food. The single biggest expense was early on when the girl wanted a Haruka picture that cost 50,000. I didn't realize that I'd never see another 50,000. Enemies aren't dropping anything at all, and I'm worried that I will literally not be able to afford food to heal soon. Money was never like this in Zero or Kiwami.
  13. SqueakyG

    Should all games have an easy mode?

    The most frustrating experiences I've ever had with games were QTE and occasional/unique sequences that I just couldn't fucking do. Some examples: - I seem to recall God of War 2 on the PS2 (or maybe it was Far Cry Instincts on Xbox) had a final boss battle with a QTE finisher, mostly just for cinematic effect. But I couldn't fucking do it, and guess what? Every time you failed, you had to start the entire boss battle from scratch, including the unskippable cutscene beforehand. On the 9th or 10th time killing this boss fair and square, I was shaking with anger and fear of losing the QTE and having to do it all again. - Uncharted 2 has some frantic sequences where you're swept along in a crazy action sequence and you're just expected to know when to move and jump. It's like Dragon's Lair. It's QTE but without button prompts. I got stuck in the building that's collapsing while you're inside. One moment in particular - I swear - I just didn't fucking know where I was supposed to move/jump, and Nathan fell to his death about 20 times. I just wasn't getting it. Whatever subliminal cues were supposed to be guiding me, I was missing them. I just died, died, died, died, died, died, died. - This one may be a glitch that only happened to me. GTA IV on 360. The last sequence of the long final mission. You are required to ride a dirtbike and hit a ramp, which triggers a cutscene where Niko jumps from the bike onto a helicopter. But the cutscene failed to trigger. Niko hits the ramp... and just falls in the water. Mission failed. It should be noted that this is 10 minutes into an epic final mission that must be repeated each time. Then the ramp... I hit the ramp fair and square. Fall in the water; mission failed. I tried hitting it slow, at full speed, or from an angle... fall in the water; mission failed. I even switched off the 360, rebooted, cleared the cache, went to forums to see if it was a known glitch... nope. Niko hits the ramp... and just falls in the water; mission failed. I could perform the other 10 minutes of the mission with my eyes closed. By the 12th or 13th time failing at the ramp I was shaking and hitting myself in the head and starting to cry. For some reason the 13th or 14th attempt worked (I didn't do anything diffrerently), and thankfully I got to the end credits, but I finished the game fucking furious. I watched the credits whilst seething with anger, which wasn't how I wanted to feel about a game I'd enjoyed very much. So I wish those games had a smart way of knowing that the player has failed the sequence a certain number of times. Some code that says: "If player fails sequence 6 times, offer player the option to autoplay rest of QTE."
  14. SqueakyG

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    Chapter 3. There's a severe lack of money -- I think small amounts drop very occasionally from fights, but only occasionally. I wanted to check out the cabaret club but literally couldn't afford it. Basic purchases tends to add up (food, etc, but mostly spent on cat food because I'd hate to not have every type of cat food when I see a cat). You can find a code on the internet to open the safe on the roof of Serena's -- inside is supposedly a ranbow bun... and a million yen. That's totally cheating. But what do you think? I'm tempted if money is going to be this tight.
  15. SqueakyG

    PS4 Pro

    My base PS4 was always a jet engine. I can't say that dust had built up, because it made that much noise from the beginning. Nothing made a difference, athough I never tried opening it up to reseat the processor, that's beyond my abilities. I found one piece of advice on a website: put the PS4 on a cooling rack (you know, for cakes and biscuits and stuff) -- this lifts it from the surface, and the rack acts as a heatsink. Didn't make any difference, although I still have the cooling rack! I've heard that the jet engine kicks in the most in maps and pause menus sometimes because those games unthrottle the GPU while on the map and pause menus. However the game is still being rendered behind the map, so it's like telling the PS4 to suddenly start rendering the game at 1000 fps. I hate games with jet engine pause menus, because usually you want to leave the game on the pause menu when you step away, but you're afraid that's going to kill the PS4.

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