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  1. Another big patch. The Day 1 patch was 11GB, the next was 11GB, and the latest is 13.5GB. I try to avoid big downloads by getting games on physical, but oh well. I'm still on ME1 as well. I'm struggling to enjoy it to be honest. I loved all 3 games at the time -- I still think ME1 has great universe-building and imagination, and it always reminded me of Babylon 5 except a lot cooler. But it's been a bit frustrating to play: - I haven't got to grips with combat at all. Biotic selection is clunky and I often miss: I choose an attack from the wheel, click where I want it t
  2. Apparently I've been here since Feb 2008. Never too active or wanting to stand out... in fact I've kind of drifted away the last couple of years, apologies. I was on TheDVDForums for many years, but I got sick of the uptight and contradictory mod rules. One month you were allowed to swear as much as you wanted because a swear filter would asterisk your swears, the next month you'd get disciplined and your post deleted because it was against the rules to swear even with the asterisks. One month you could type the word "Argos", the next month "Argos" would turn into "A****" (because
  3. I love Shin Godzilla. I'd describe it as a political satire about large-scale disaster management, where the disaster happens to be a (weird) Godzilla. It's not exactly like an Armando Iannucci film, but that would be a basic comparison. It was a very successful film in Japan - not so much because of Godzilla hype, but because of how much it resonated with the 2013 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. My biggest complaint about Shin Godzilla is that it's very tiring to watch with all the subtitles. I usually prefer to watch foreign films in their native language with su
  4. It's an option in the menu called "Found HUD", added in Afterbirth+
  5. I think it may still be a while before I get a PS5 - because I'm not going to desperately fight against scalper bots. What ways are there to get PS4 saves onto a PS5 now? Is it still true that you can't transfer PS4 saves from a USB stick? Would I have to buy a month of PS Plus for the cloud saving, or are PS4 saves included in the local transfer of data that can be done between a PS4 and a PS5?
  6. I vaguely remember breaking Morrowind so much that it was no fun to play any more. I think I enchanted 4 rings with 25% levitation each so that I could fly, and another 4 things with 25% speedup so that I could fly super fast. I was Superman. Great fun for a while, but it totally broke the game. Then Oblivion came out and they nerfed the number of enchanted items you could wear... though I still remember being able to go 100% invisible which made dungeons trivial.
  7. I still have my original Xbox - in a cupboard for about 14 years - and a modest collection of the games on disc. I'm frustrated that I have no way to hook it up and play on it, because none of the TVs or monitors in my house has older TV inputs, just HDMI. I did some research into solutions but they are either crap or expensive. On the crap end, there's a bunch of HDMI converters in the £30 range, but nobody ever reports good quality from them. On the other end, there are line doublers and converters like the OSSC for £150 or the Framemeister for £400. That's specialty stuff for pe
  8. Is this necessary for 100% trophies or something? I wouldn't have even dreamed of hunting for those Part-Time Hero random encounter enemies -- it's such a tiny background part of the secondary content.
  9. For people who like the nostalgia when someone bumps the thread... I finally started playing BOTW! It was on my pile of shame since I got a Switch in 2017. I meant to play it for Christmas 2017... then 2018... then 2019... but it never happened. It became such a sore point on the backlog that I gave myself an ultimatum: I'll play it over Christmas 2020, or else get rid and strike it off the backlog forever. I'm happy to say that I started playing over Christmas, and I'm really really into it! Truthfully I expected to play the opening plateau and then cross the game off
  10. What the actual fuck just happened. I had my first "Shareholders meeting" - it lasted 5 seconds and ended in failure, everyone unhappy, share price dropped. People just shouted at me and 5 seconds later Ichiban is cowering under a table and crying. I had no understanding of what on earth I was meant to do. That wasn't a tutorial at all! Considering it's only the second time I've ever tried this management minigame -- my only employees are an old woman and a chicken and I don't know how ANY of it works yet, but apparently there's a shareholder's meeting. I feel like it's done nothing to explain
  11. I would go to the game shop I used when I was a teenager, taking a game that I bought there when I was 14 and still own today, and trade it in, knowing my 14-year-old self would walk in and pick up that exact copy of the game. I would hide a note inside the game case with a bunch of spoilers about how my life turned out, and how to avoid a bunch of bad decisions. And maybe some lottery numbers and stuff.
  12. I'm on chapter 5 and it feels like the game has truly started now - I have a full party, and can choose different jobs. This is also where my fears begin. Here's my concern: I'm not a JRPG guy at all. I've gone out of my comfort zone for this one because I love the Yakuza series. I've enjoyed things so far, but now I'm starting to worry about the things that made me too anxious to enjoy JRPGs: What if I'm under-levelled? What if I'm levelling the wrong jobs? What if I've been building my party wrong for the whole game? Sometimes I don't understand what's happening in fi
  13. I heard that PS5 doesn't let you backup saves to a USB stick, is this true? Without PS+ and cloud saves, it's a great comfort to be able to save to USB. When it comes to PS4 games, can you at least transfer PS4 saves from a USB stick to the PS5, or is that missing too?
  14. So... does the PS5 have fan noise? Most initial reviews said it was much quieter than PS4 Pro. Does Series X have zero fan noise and PS5 has some?
  15. I found a thing! So you can't continue from the world you died in by holding A+Start (the open secret that everyone always knew from the NES), because there isn't a Start button. But! To make up for it, hold A on the title screen for about 5 seconds to start a game with infinite lives.
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