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  1. Thanks. It was a nightmare to use. Lots of cutting, EQ, gain adjustments and removing the bad language. Took ages!
  2. Kristen Stewart scene from movie Anesthesia (2015)
  3. Part 17..... Anna Morley - ‘Amygdala’ Aes Dana - ‘The Gradual District’ Lorn - ‘Through The Fire’ Marc Romboy - ‘Voyage De La Planète’ (Ocoeur Remix) Holden & Zimpel - ‘Saturday’ Lena Deen - ‘Lateral’ Jonas Munk - ‘Resonance’ Pass Into Silence - ‘Voices’ State Azure - ‘Celestial Ghost’ Lewis James - ‘No Team’ (feat Lorn) Shasta Cults - ‘Hazel1’ Lorn - ‘The Slow Blade’ OKADA - ‘Killing Myself For Your Love’ Cliff Martinez - ‘They Broke His Pelvis’ Lorn - ‘Timesink’ Negative Neutron - ‘(spiral)’ Suumhow - ‘Cabin’
  4. Kilchurn Session is back. After about 3 years. Sorry!
  5. New mix! Simone Giudice - 'Momento' Simone Giudice - 'Corpo' Apparat - 'Caronte' (Radio Slave Ambient reprise) Ripperton - 'Daïmon' Otik - 'Theia' / Christopher Bissonnette - 'Jour Et Nuit' Tracey - 'THRRVL' Richard Skelton - 'For Berlin' / Christopher Willits - 'Coast' Spinnet - 'Exterior Minor' Fennesz - 'In My Room' Apart - 'Hera' The Humble Bee & Off The Sky - 'Haunt Me Still' Kyle Bobby Dunn - 'Years Later Theme' halftribe - 'Maybe' Simone Giudice - 'Cura' SØS Gunver Ryberg - 'The Presence_Eurydike' Violeta Vicci - 'Violet Light'
  6. Did a mix. It's a recording of a live broadcast I did on Mixlr. It's alright. Michael Sterns - ‘Movement 4: Life in the Gravity Well’ Marble Sky - ‘A Shining Juniper’ Michael Sterns - ‘Movement 5: As the Earth kissed the Moon’ Michael Sterns - ‘Movement 6: Something’s moving’ Alex Somers - ‘Untitled’ Peter Michael Hamel - ‘Colours Of Time’ (Deepchord’s Carolina Forest Mix) John Beltran - ‘The Coming Home’ HANKER - ‘Sail Over the Eastern Horizon’ Cliff Martinez - ‘Is That What Everyone Wants’ Dark Morph - ‘KAVURA’ Jónsi & Alex - ‘Chapter On
  7. I spent the first 3 to 4 months just track selecting alone, shifting through a spreadsheet sent to me of all the tracks/albums etc the website had featured. I could have easily done a 24hr long mix. Ha ha. Track selection was definitely the hardest part. And yet so much good music left out.
  8. Cheers Shoes. Was doing my head in that! Done it loads of times before but just had a massive brain fart this time round.
  9. It's been nearly a year in the making but here you go. Done especially for the 10 year anniversary of the label/blog/website www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com http://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/blog/2018/10/14/todos-ten-years-of-a-strangely-isolated-place
  10. Hey man, yes I get all the stats on soundcloud for plays etc. A lot of the early ones were not up on there though until I decided to pay for more time and then that allowed me to get the rest up. So the stats are only accurate from when uploaded. I probably missed out quite a few years worth of plays. The followers base on mixcloud is tiny so that doesn't get much. I'll always plug the soundcloud more and it also allows for comments, which is nice to read.
  11. A wonderful ambient resource: http://astrangelyisolatedplace.com
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