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  1. Take a punt on the engram - that's how I got that helmet.
  2. How do I get access to this? Does someone need to add me?
  3. The Destiny review is the best one I've read, no doubt as a result of the reviewer playing the game for long enough to play through most of the content, including raids. I'd much rather have late reviews if means the games are played thoroughly.
  4. The October update fixes the noise issue
  5. The demo is brilliant fun. Roll on October 3rd.
  6. A good video of the #xboxnoise issue:
  7. I think you're fine, I've just measured mine and it's 50dB when close to the machine. Also, if you're not sure whether you've got a noisy one then it probably means you haven't - I'm not one to be fussy about imperfections normally, but this just sounds plain wrong.
  8. It is strange. I've done a lot of Googling on this, and although there are similar reports dating back to the Xbox launch in November last year, the number of reports really seems to have picked up since the launch of the Xbox One without Kinect. This makes sense as people say the noise is lessened by having the Kinect connected.
  9. Not really. MS haven't said anything about this other than 'send us your console for repair', which understandably a lot of people are unwilling to do due to the fact they're immediately replacing their brand new console with a refurbished one. Also, MS have yet to comment on what's causing the noise (current top contenders are hard drive arm movement, graphics card 'coil whine', or something PSU-related), which is leaving a lot of people frustrated.
  10. As expected, the replacement Xbox from Tesco makes the same noise. It was manufactured in July though rather than April, and started making the noise straight away, rather than after the update - so I assume a newer OS version was already installed. A possibly then, that this could be fixed with an OS update.
  11. Happens on the dashboard, but weirdly stops when a game is playing (and when the game is running on the dashboard). I could probably live with that, but annoyingly it also happens when the Xbox is in standby mode.
  12. Pretty sure it's not a fan noise. Sounds more like a hard drive noise to me, and the noise comes from that area too (back right). That wouldn't explain why it happens in standby though. Others have said it's a 'coil whine', but I wouldn't know what that sounds like. I'm getting a replacement from Tesco today but am expecting it to be the same, as I've not read one report of someone getting a replacement from a retailer and the issue being fixed.
  13. This topic on the Xbox support forums has grown rapidly since the launch of the XBO in several new countries over the past day or two:http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4269/p/1805665/4931945.aspx#4931945 MS have been unsurprisingly quiet so far, but if this is as widespread as it appears, then a media storm is surely not far away...
  14. So much for that theory! Cheers rafaqat.
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