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  1. Both are true. Loading is slow and the PS4 games can't use the full speed.
  2. There's a free PS4 patch, is how I read it, but the PS5 native version is paid for.
  3. Sounds like next gen upgrade is not free for existing owners. £29.99 for a next gen update and the DLC, £19.99 for the DLC alone.
  4. You can buy the DLC for less than £6, I think. Whether that gives you access to the upgrade I'm not clear, but it's certainly available to buy separately.
  5. If anything, I think it's more work for them to split it into PS+ and non-PS Plus owners, so I definitely don't think it's a couldn't be arsed thing. (Disclaimer: not an expert in Sony weirdness.) But I don't think it's a "can't be arsed" thing anyway. I think someone decided they wanted more money.
  6. It's definitely more complex on Playstation, but they could deal with it if they wanted to. It's a commercial decision.
  7. This trend where it goes on PS Plus but then you don't get the next-gen update is shit. I'm not going to buy it for that, guys.
  8. I honestly think there's not much you want to be told, and that mostly you'll want to figure it out by playing. But if I had one tip, it would be But really, all you want to do is play. It's not a game that's got lots of mechanics and systems, but it is a game that rewards comprehension.
  9. Season 2? What's the point? It all finished didn't it? There certainly isn't more book.
  10. I'm not sure all acquisitions are always good, but Housemarque getting platform holder money and the certainty that can bring strikes me as a good thing for everyone. If they're given the time and money to make more stuff like Returnal, then fucking brilliant.
  11. Silencers are a craftable at some point, and get used up.
  12. Flash weekend sale in the Store. Returnal, Demon's Souls, Miles Morales Ultimate all £52.49, Miles non-Ultimate £33.49, Sackboy £42.59. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/category/16617674-2165-4899-9dbc-d56a68992cef/1
  13. To paraphrase, I think, a woman at a Stephen Hawking lecture, it's Lokis all the way down.
  14. It's just as simple as that they have a CPU and GPU and can therefore do a whole SoC with just the one vendor, isn't it? And probably a business development team that build good relationships.
  15. It sort of sounds like you don't really want it much anyway. If other scaling methods are nicer (and the Series X can already do great-looking 4K60 stuff) does this add anything to either console?
  16. I'm not saying at all that it won't end up consistent. What I am saying is that everything we and Hiddleston Loki know about the TVA comes from Mobius and their internal training material. I think episode 3 has established that these primary sources are unreliable, even if you hadn't picked that up already from the more subtle hints in episodes 1/2.
  17. I think it's fairly clear that a lot of what we/Main Loki have been told about
  18. I don't remember a shortcut, but then I also only did the boss once. You got from high to low, so I don't know where the shortcut would be. I think it's like 1-2 and there isn't one.
  19. Nothing, I think, other than a label that assures you it'll support all the things you want it to. Which does have its own value in a world where not every TV/Monitor will support say, VRR or low latency mode etc. I assume it also means it'll do HDR and so on.
  20. I watched a little bit of the Eurogamer stream for it. It looks laughably shit.
  21. If anything, it'll be the second. There's no next-gen adaptation on PS5 or Series yet.
  22. You can't level until you kill boss 1.
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