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  1. Probably the best way is to mindlessly grind out bounties on (all 3) characters, but after that, yeah probably hitting the most doable season pass challenges.
  2. Yes it certainly does. I'll watch Rockwell in practically anything, so I'm probably game for this. I do think it's going to be a bit pub cover band though.
  3. I did worry from the trailers that I liked the game, but would find the 2D and visual confusion annoying in the combat elements.
  4. I didn't really mean it as harshly as that might have sounded! I just meant for you to join the Zoolander (Sandlander?) club.
  5. Couldn't help sending a screen grab of today's to my wife. Still a child.
  6. Yeah, but it'll be on the way for everywhere. Same as Netflix's ad-supported tier. With all the fragmentation, increasing cost and increasing advertising, it's hard not to see an uplift in piracy.
  7. Just make it so they never slow down, and their face is just a blur the whole time, then rerecord all the lines.
  8. I watched to The Sound of Her Wings last night. It turns out it's actually pretty good! I think there was only one bit that stuck as being poor But the rest of it has been pretty good. Which is nice.
  9. I also went and found this based on the thread, and it was indeed an enjoyable time! Thanks for making the thread revlob.
  10. You can still get Master Dares done just from the app still without any wait at all. And you'll want to rank it if you want the Forerunner catalyst.
  11. Seems unlikely, even if it does come out
  12. Bungie seems to be in general pushing people to lean into single-colour builds, but there's plenty of builds that require a mixed-armour setup. There's no inherent bonus to them being all the same.
  13. Although I wonder how much of that is the ridiculous fins, and not the core case.
  14. Jonathan, Will and Mike could all be offed without any loss to the series, and probably clear benefit.
  15. 1440p support and what sounds a lot like folders (called gamelists) on the way: https://blog.playstation.com/2022/07/28/ps5-beta-introduces-1440p-support-gamelists-and-more/
  16. I don't know what it is (maybe it's the fact that the story as it was all got tied up in end Endgame? Maybe the newer movies have all been a little duff? The TV stuff all feeling like a smattering of nothing teasers for bigger stuff to come?) but I've pretty much lost interest in Avengers: Neverending Corporate Roadmap. I'll end up watching a lot of it, I'm sure - but it's not going to be opening weekend excitement for me at least. Nor cinema at all for a lot of it, either.
  17. Vader should accuses her of always want to hook up with Alderaan guys.
  18. I've quite enjoyed the consistency with which adult Jade always stands looking at the evil things coming towards her for way way too long before running, every single time.
  19. All the standard regional chests in the other areas count as well. It's not Do Containment 75 Times, it's find 75 chests.
  20. I remember Echochrome reviewing quite well at the time, and then being frustrating for exactly the reasons you outlined there.
  21. I just redownloaded Drive Ahead after ZOK's post reminded me how much I used to enjoy that. And these days it's all monetisation and ads and free spins of roulette wheels and so on as soon as you get going. Fuck that. This is one of the reasons it struggles to get people to pay attention. Not RJs endless harping on about nostalgia, but a real lack of care, attention and balance into how and why people might want to play your game and give you money.
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