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  1. Wow. My google is very broken. And apparently I don't sense check things either. It was just the first example that came to mind. I'm sure if I were still young enough to know anything by Ariana Grande I'd have a more recent example. There's a clear route for a set of younger female performers where they are encouraged to Lolita themselves, and I'm not sure we're entirely standing outside of the greenhouse when throwing stones. EDIT: Google linked the wrong song for me!
  2. If it's societal issues, I don't know that there's a huge gulf between some of the stuff we're talking about in these games and, for example, Britney Spears in "hit me baby one more time." I guess that's probably longer ago now than I realise (googles - 2016!) but still. It's not like we're free from issues here ourselves.
  3. I'd love a PlayStation controller with longer life for sure, but I don't feel like it's often limited a session of gaming for me (and I've had a PS5 since launch, play it a lot, and play long sessions of Destiny with my friends regularly.) I think maybe twice in its lifespan I've had the battery low warning flash up during a gaming session. These suggestions that you can expect 60-90 mins from one seem way off from my experience - I think I'm never getting less than 5-6 hours out of a charge.
  4. I don't really know if £20 is a fair price or not, but that was certainly something else that jumps out. Like, how many stick drifts are you fixing at £20 a pop for the £200 to make sense economically?
  5. I was looking at it, having remembered it was expensive, but owning a DualSense with some stick drift. Then I saw the actual price, rather than just a vague "expensive". It's like twice what I'd consider ever paying for a premium controller.
  6. Do we even know that's it's contractually encouraged or locked for Genshin's clouds? Rather than that they just haven't done it for PC/yet?
  7. How many PS5s have you bought now? It seems like an odd choice if you do, in fact, hate them.
  8. It would be definitely a harder choice for me if Bungie came out as a pile of assholes, for sure. But then, my interest in the next Diablo has waned significantly in the wake of Acti-Blizz's well-publicised dickheadery, so who knows where I'd end up? I'd like to think that I'd make a considered choice if it was something I actually liked.
  9. What does hobbling mean in this context? Is it worse on Series X? I just went and did a really quick skim of the Digital Foundry review, which suggests that PS5 and Series X are both 4K and the XSX has a better framerate.
  10. Probably needs a citation-needed on that. The deals with Ghostwire and Deathloop were timed exclusives, and don't seem to have had commitments beyond that? Where's the claim that anything in the works with Starfield was more than that? I do think the "timed-exclusive" deal is always a bit lame. Hey, you can have this a year before everyone else, and then by the time it comes out for everyone else, no-one cares is a real limp announcement and perfect way to ensure the eventual relaxation is also limp.
  11. I do think it's somewhat fair comment to say that boycotting this is a low-hanging fruit. Like, the general age-bracket of people here are surely too old to be Harry Potter fans anyway (different if you've got kids, of course!), it doesn't look like a very interesting/good/unique game, JKR's views are widely-understood and regressive, there's more than enough decent games literally everywhere you look for any FOMO to be all that crippling. Surely that just makes it all the easier decision though? Is anyone really desperate to get into this? It looks lame, and the owner of the IP is a dick. That's the end of my thought process to not buy it. If I need to think harder on it, then I realise I've got people I know that the owner of the IP is very anti- their existence and well, it's not like that's making the decision any harder. If Steve Jobs were standing on stage every Apple conference and explaining at length that all that exploitative child labour is a good thing actually, because he hates kids, that makes that call a little easier also!
  12. I think the "these games are new IPs" is a bit of a fudge, isn't it? Like, Starfield (in particular) isn't some new unproven unknown. It's Space Skyrim from those people. I know it's just rehashing stuff that has already been driven to death, but MS spent a time pre-Zenimax acquisition (and still do) pretending that it's not going to be exclusive-city from acquisition onwards, when it was always clear that was the plan. Other than contractual commitments or the odd next-gen update that they can knock out for free/wouldn't attract new customers anyway, there's nothing they're bringing to other platforms there again. And why should they? They bought it, they own it, it's up to them.
  13. It's not even a very accurate meme. One of our most PC-centric users is also one of the most invested in MS/Sony warz.
  14. I don't see any reason that they couldn't make it today. Is it that offensive? I remember it as being silly not edgy.
  15. I don't think so, no. The list on the main PS Store website isn't updated, and seems to be just a static list of what was due to be there when it launched. You can browse the catalogue on the PS5 easily enough, but it seems harder to do from a PC.
  16. You're wanting to downgrade at the same time? Subs stack if you're upgrading or staying the same.
  17. Not to Premium from all accounts, no. Extra's not bad value.
  18. DMC5, Just Cause 4 Reloaded (I didn't know this existed), and yeah maybe Jett if anyone says it's good. A better month than some!
  19. Is it sad? CEX has always been a terrible place, hasn't it? Giving you pittances for things they'll then sell on for nearly full price, just cash converters for nerds.
  20. I was 4 Body, all my points were in Intelligence, Cool and Tech, and I still breezed the boxing fights (admittedly at high level) just by equipping a pair of gorilla arms I'd looted or been rewarded with somewhere.
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