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  1. Exactly what kind of 'research' are they supposed to be doing? If they check out reviews, they'll see it getting good scores. Arse. I was talking about NFS:U. I've fucked this post up good and proper.
  2. And not only that, but when LOTR actually gets good reviews, and probably good word-of-mouth reports from their other friends, it's an easy choice.
  3. I didn't even bother punctuating my insult. That's how low you are.
  4. I doubt it. It's only £20 new. Anyway, I like it. It's fun, and slow, and wandery-atmospherical-nicety.
  5. I'm only messing really. But on a serious note, the one issue I have with LCD tellys is that they make a poor signal look really, really shit. And Dixons-type shops don't generally have a good signal going to the tellys, as they're all run off splitters, and crappy cabling, non-RGB this, that and the other. IMO. And I'm not an A/V nerd, either. My next telly's going to be a fuck-off LCD one, though. A friend of mine bought one recently, and when we plugged it in, we were all "this is a bit shitty." But, once we'd set up the cable box to be using RGB, and so on, it looked gorgeous.
  6. Nightmare Creatures, on PSOne, was a good attempt at a 3D beat-em-up, I thought. I had quite a bit of fun with that.
  7. Tell me, in your own words, why its shit. Not someone else's review, not the recieved opinion of the 'enlightened', but your own feelings.
  8. LOTR would surpise me. There's no more films, and they story is done. And they might be polished, but you'd be hard-pressed to call FIFA, SSX or LOTR 'turds' even if some of them might not be the best games ever. In other news, why have we gone from a Ninty-mentalist forum, to an EA-hater'z' forum in less than a week? Weird.
  9. That's when you use all your power tanks, and freeze everyone. It's called the mega-freeze in the manual. (presumably, to differentiate it from the normal press-triangle freeze) It's R1-L1, or something.
  10. And Keep the mega-freeze for when it gets hairy, if you can. I did that bit twice. The first time, I was kicking ass, but not quite efficiently enough to keep Farah alive. Trouble was, I'd used the Mega-Freeze when they first started appearing, and wasted it. Second time, I save it until I'm well into the fight, and give them all a huge whooping.
  11. Oddly, it doesn't work like that for me. I had an extended period of convalescence a while ago, and the problem then is that whatever you do, you're already bored before you start. So you need quicker and quicker fix gaming, in shorter and shorter sessions. Variety being the spice of life, and all that. Or at least, that's how it worked for me.
  12. Yeah! That's me told. I can see why people come to you for your sagely wisdom.
  13. I disagree. Or at least, I don't necessarily agree. Just because we, (or at least, a subset of 'we') say one is better than the other, doesn't make it so. What if he buys Burnout 2, like what our man here recommended, and doesn't like the fact that you can't do anything to customise the car? Perhaps he enjoys that bit. It certainly doesn't sound like Burnout 2 inspired him to realise he'd made the wrong decision when he played it at a later date. Sometimes, you have to realise that other people don't care about things some of us care about. That doesn't make them stupid, or wrong. Just different.
  14. And does he like it? Knowing what scores things got isn't the same as giving good advice.
  15. How do you figure that? A devco is just people. Those people still exist. FACT.
  16. sounds right up my street. Also, it'll make a change from the usual horror games as a conduit for my sick and twisted kicks. Actually, that does sound kinda cool. And presumably would play OK even on my steam-powered PC. Maybe I'll go pick it up.
  17. Venice and Phelan: Mine had a laptop, and is typing. So I win. Yay!
  18. they do when corporate knobsacks dissolve their development teams and take away their IP. Having an established IP isn't a prerequisite for making a good game. And those devlopment teams could presumably have quit if they didn't like it.
  19. ...or the very real situation (and just one of many) where EA dissolved Westwood and gave its series to a bunch of monkeys. Mind you, I'm fairly sure you could convincingly argue that Westwood had just been remaking the same game for years anyway. Something you most likely despise EA for, right?
  20. Uncle Mike

    I Ninja

    Oooh, I am excited now. Does this mean it's nearly time for our secret ninja society to take power, Clive?
  21. This is going to sound a bit flippant, but: "Welcome to the Internet!"
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