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  1. 3 Containments to buy a focussed red bar, plus first Opulent Key gets a random red bar, plus first Bound Presence too. So it might not be too much of a grind? But yeah.
  2. I don't really think anyone's been personally called out for saying that they'll buy the game. And there certainly were people who took sufficient umbrage at Blizzard's scandals to find Diablo IV a less attractive prospect.
  3. Yes, that's the default. I suspect that the craftables will turn up somewhere. Maybe the Exotic kiosk?
  4. I really like Tears of Contrition. It makes a great noise.
  5. I think the only gun I don't have from Season of grinding Containment (you're welcome, Nate) are Firefright and Drang. Maybe I'll finish off Drang. But if I'm gonna grind one, I'd guess it's Tarnished Mettle really. I need 4 more red bars to get that done, and I didn't complete enough of the story yet to buy them. Annoying!
  6. Prioritise the Mini-Tool and Bump In The Night over Austringer, I reckon. The Mini-Tool with Incandescent is even more fun than a Voltshot Ikelos.
  7. As of this week's hotfix, the red border weapons at the various HELM vendors can all be bought once per day, not once per week. So if you've got the relevant Umbral Energy, it's bonanza time.
  8. I think the game's overdue a mix-up, so I don't mind if Linears take a hit. We're at a point now where there's a few things that just don't really change. There's no reason (other than boredom) for a Titan to every do anything other than a Solar/Loreley build (except in the few cases where you really want Thundercrash,) LFRs are the boss kilers for virtually every boss (except a few where you use Lament,) elemental-triggering SMGs are viable in almost every activity and so on.
  9. I am really enjoying the new "you can buy the red bar focussed weapons every day" regime. Will it be enough to encourage me into Ketchcrash/Expedition to grind the Tarnished Mettle? Do Wellspring and Dares disappear when Lightfall come out? I might look to see if there's anything there I want.
  10. Yes, it's quite well hidden. It's in the same place you link your account to YouTube, Twitter or Twitch. Sorry I can't be more specific, I did it then turned it off.
  11. Although if you've already "bought" them by then, you don't lose them AFAIK.
  12. I haven't checked the price, but I doubt it (I would guess that's a year of Plus Essential.) What I'd do is check the price of a year of Extra on Sony's website, then buy that amount of PSN credit from ShopTo. You should get 10-15% off via that route.
  13. Unless you're prepared to run an NGO then you can't post on rllmuk.
  14. I wonder when they start to worry about PS Plus numbers dropping. It dropped last time as well, from memory? Presumably they'd make the argument that it might have been artificially high from Covid previously, but for how many years is that a valid excuse?
  15. It's confusing as fuck to a newbie, and Bungie don't have any intention to change that. Even old-timers that take some time out struggle to work out where it's at when they come back. The tl;dr of it is find a buddy and have them walk you through it.
  16. No, there's one more DLC after Beyond Light (which is The Witch Queen) and a new one coming out in about 3 weeks (Lightfall.)
  17. I go to ShopTo, but no there's no better way at the moment. They do run sales, but I think you've missed that.
  18. I think the PS5 must-haves, if the cross-over stuff isn't appealing (although everything pre- God of War from Sony is a free next-gen upgrade, I think? So perhaps worth downloading for a look at least, and they're good upgrades) are Demon's Souls and Returnal. They are properly great, great looking, great to play, real next-gen feel (even if a pedant would point out DS is a PS3 game, I don't think it feels like that at all.) Astro's Playroom is also essential, but it comes pre-installed on the PS5 anyway. Ratchet & Clank, if that appeals? PS Plus Essential is the Games with Gold tier, you need it for online and get a couple of free games a month. It is not the trash fire that Games with Gold is. PS Plus Extra has the subscription Games Catalog. It's not bad! The various flavours of Sony website, Sony app and on-console store all have varying UIs of terrible construction and inconsistent ways to "purchase" or download the titles, and it's not always easy to know you're getting the PS5 one or the PS4 one or whatever. But as an offering it's not bad. Not as good as Game Pass is. PS Plus Premium is the one where they also offer PS3, PS Vita, PSP, PS2, PS1 titles, and it seems like everyone unanimously think it's shit.
  19. Pretty sure geometric and exponential sequences are just the same thing written in different ways. There's nothing in geometric sequences that necessarily implies an increase in the multiplier.
  20. I think my point wasn't to try to whatabout it, but more to say that the thrust in here is that the games are pervy because the Japanese society is pervy. And I wonder if, to an extent, we're just seeing different pervy presentations and a little more blind to our own through familiarity. That's not to downplay any of the examples people mention at all. The preponderance of very sexually-presented minors in particular seems a huge issue that should absolutely be called out as long-overdue for addressing.
  21. I do think it's fair to say we're in a better position now than the 90s where all girl bands had to get their kit off in Loaded as part of their promotional campaigns. That was always icky. It feels like maybe our female celebs are more in control of what they're doing? (I confess to not really knowing.)
  22. I don't really think I was trying to excuse it! I think what you see in a lot of these Japanese games is atrocious, and it certainly means I don't buy them. I'm merely saying I don't know if we're exactly clean in that regard. And I hardly think it's hypothetical. It'd be really odd if I actually had the list of current examples to hand off the top of my head at my age.
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