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  1. 2 hours ago, moosegrinder said:

    From the playstation listing




    So some advantage? I got the edition which was 2 quid more with a rod and Blackstone Key but I kinda regret that now, I thought the rod would be a cosmetic. I quite like doing things "properly". No idea what the key does.


    Reckon it'll be no more than maybe slightly quicker at pulling up, or bigger hit zones to tap on. They'd not break the game.

  2. I still think Killzone 2 (that was the one with the controversial opening CGI fake movie Sony pretended was real?) was an actually good game. Not any of the other Killzones, except maybe the top down tactical one, which also had its moments, but KZ2 played an excellent game of slow tactical heavy gunplay.


    It was very brown, too one-note and kept imagining you knew or cared about the story, so it probably hasn't aged especially well. But it was a solid game for what it was, and I'll repeatedly mount this sort of half-hearted defence for it.


    I don't really know what its contemporaries were, so wouldn't especially want to get caught comparing it to something we all know was obviously better, but on its own merits it wasn't a bad game. Unlike Killzone 1. And I remember 3 and the PS4 launch one as also being bad. But 2 was decent! And the multiplayer was good. Because it was slower and more tactical, anyone could feel like they could get involved.

  3. Hellblade to Hellblade 2 is quite a lengthy turnaround so far, and compares pretty poorly with God of War to Ragnarok and Spider-Man to Miles Morales to Spider-Man 2.


    I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to suggest that MS have a lot of studios under their wing (many of them for a decent period of time, with games presumably in the pipeline when they've been acquired) and not really shown that they're able to manage them in an effective way yet.


    In fairness, I remember saying at the time of the prior acquisition sprees that Sony didn't really get to grips with that until relatively recently. No-one looked at the Sony exclusives as key titles until perhaps things like Uncharted started coming through? The PS2 into PS3 era is littered with filler.

  4. It's been quite surprising to me how often my mind's returned to how sad it is that he's passed away. Like, celebs and actors and so on die all the time and quite often they're people whose films I've enjoyed or seemed like a nice person or whatever.


    But it turns out I've spent quite a lot of time in Lance Reddick's company over the years, between all his genre film/TV acting and videogames, and especially with Destiny.


    It's a real loss. What a shame.

  5. There's whatever happens to Destiny after Final Shape, which isn't announced at all, but it's 100% announced that Final Shape isn't the end of Destiny. And there's a new IP that's untitled and unannounced, but will definitely be a live service game. That's what Bungie wants to do now, these games that blend best-in-class action games with long-term persistent service games.


    So JPL is probably shit out of luck on this front, I'm afraid. And Destiny, for all its myriad issues we all cry about, is a better game for its live service aspects and also an astonishingly good shooter.

  6. Mark me up as someone else who didn't really understand who the extra people in this episode were. I know they were in the flashback, and I vaguely remember the doctor as being a Bad Person, but that was it. So the main part of the episode, whilst perfectly fine, didn't have any draw for me at all.


    Do we know that the woman had a personal animus towards the doctor? Or was that purely a "you won't be able to give me up later" thing? Is it Andor I'd need to have watched to understand it all, or just a better recollection of Mando episodes?


    It's a bit annoying in Disney+ TV stuff when they just do "we're making another series elsewhere and now you have to watch that to get the thing you like here". Just like it is when it happens in comics, too.

  7. Agreed! This, I guess, comes back to the topic at hand. They made a good game, where the game was good moment to moment, and also the service part mostly made sense over time. I think, for all the moans and grumbles and worse that Destiny fans produce, most Destiny people would agree that they've done a good job over the 8 or 9 years (Grosse Pointe Blank gif) they've been going for.


    But that's because they knew what they were making! You can't trend chase, unless you know that you're going to make an objectively good game. I suspect.


    The chasers and the also-rans and the happy eater/little chef division games are always self-evident at moment of reveal. There's no surprise. Just the poor-quality leadership that wills these things into fruition.

  8. 4 hours ago, Broker said:

    Fair. I guess I’m thinking less from a popularity point of view and more that as a player since HOW it feels to me like Destiny hasn’t meaningfully changed or evolved for years. I think there’s probably space for a reimagining of those systems that breathes new life into the formula with some new ideas. 


    It's definitely well overdue something else coming in and overtaking it. That would be good for Destiny as well! That no-one really seems to be able to is intriguing.

  9. 5 hours ago, Broker said:

    Given the general stagnation of Destiny


    This isn't really to argue the main thrust of your post, other than nitpick this one part. But "stagnant" seems like a strong word for a game where more people just cleared its newest raid in the opening Contest weekend than did so for all its previous raids added together, and a recent expansion that got widely panned by all its biggest fans but attracted record numbers of players.

  10. 51 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    But an irrelevant difference, in this case.

    The point is (and perhaps I should have simply posted this first in block capitals to reduce the need to parse the complex analogy), Eurogamer could not afford to remove ads from the subscriber site as they need those people to attract advertisers, in the same way Edge could never commercialise a mag without adverts to its subscribers.


    I'm slightly confused by this point, because on of the selling points of the subscription service is exactly that they are removing ads. I don't sub, so can't speak to whether that's all ads, or just reduced, but it's explicitly part of the offer.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Timbuktu said:

    Pretty shocked to find out she died after watching the movie.


    You'd think that sort of thing would make the news. It's basically the plot of The Ring.

  12. We completed the raid last night (shortly after Contest mode expired, due to having gotten stupidly stuck on a mechanic in the 3rd encounter and doing it properly blind.)


    It's a fun raid, overall, I think. It's going to be very very quick to run in a normal week, just one to absolutely blast through. That's a fun gear change! Vow is a bit of a slow trudge at times.


    And the aesthetics are cool.


    It definitely does have more capacity for people to just do add clear roles than some recent ones (although that's true of Vow too in pretty much every encounter) but the mechanics are all nice and easy to hold in your head without a crib sheet, so that's good.

  13. I don't remember it being a villain of the week show, I remember it being a season arc show. Was it both?


    But yeah, the show's always been a hot mess of (what I assumed was knowing) trash. Just sort of charismatic trash.

  14. We're at number 2 (solved, but not executed) and yeah it's definitely much simpler so far. I don't know that it's "only 2 people are doing anything" though, because actually in the this getting the cadence and priority of add clearing is key critical work.

  15. I didn't have much fun with Beyond Light either, although I didn't play it when it was super fresh (coming along multiple season late.) Nor Shadowkeep. And I've had more fun than that with Lightfall already. The Legendary campaign is a great time on its own, as a gameplay time.


    I'm incredibly disappointed with how they've fumbled the story, especially given the pivotal point we're supposedly at in it (this is supposed to be our ending-of Empire Strikes Back part, right? Things are dark, but there's still hope? I don't really feel like they've achieved any kind of story moment at all) but the game itself seems in good shape. And yeah, Strand is a good time for sure.

  16. Playing the Strand sections as a Solar Titan still wearing the cheat mode safety helmet was a great best of both worlds, I found. You're still hard to kill, but you can suspend and tangle people usefully.

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