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  1. If we promise to get "Didn't like The Last Jedi" etched on a local park bench in your memory when you die, do you think you might be able to give it a rest for a while? I'll stump up for an RDR2 one too if you like.
  2. Once it's a PS5 game, it'll need to run from the internal (or expanded) SSD. External won't cut it.
  3. I flew to Cyprus last year or so, and I recognised where we were flying over at some point directly from the AC Odyssey map. That's obviously not quite the same point you were making, but I also didn't think it suffered from a lack of sense of place.
  4. Pretty sure there are already games where people make a living playing them and selling the results of their grinding to others. My crypto-obsessed friend thinks they're a revelation.
  5. They've definitely said you'll visit the realms that were previously not included. I can't recall whether that's instead or as well as the ones we've already been to.
  6. They can, and no doubt loads will. Really though, the crux of it was just that. If you have the scale/ability/nous to want to handle your own payments, you shouldn't be forced to have to use Apple anyway. The rest of it, in my view was all fluff.
  7. Whilst you can totally imagine them nailing the character and vibes of a Wolverine game (seems they're going for his introduction scene at the start of the first X-Men film here, for example) it's certainly true that it would have to be a very different game to Spider-Man. He just doesn't have any fancy movement powers, so you're left with standard running around, presumably slicing idiots up, and a regenerating health bar that doesn't really lend any differentiation from any other modern videogame character. (I can't remember how that working in the old Wolverine game, by the way, do you end up in a funny situation where replicating his healing powers ends up making him feel weaker than, say, Nathan Drake?) I've got a lot of confidence that Insomniac can make a great game of him, though.
  8. Not that I bother believing or disbelieving any leak at all, but I'd be surprised if they did much on Deathloop tonight. I know it's the big upcoming exclusive, but we've already had a State of Play on it and loads of previews etc. I think it'll be mentioned in passing at most.
  9. If I could put Returnal into a quick resume-like suspend and come back to it when I wanted, I'd be playing it more. I don't miss QR a huge amount, but there's no doubt in my mind that I'd benefit from it here and there. It's a nice touch.
  10. We've been fucking smashing it tonight.
  11. I think overall, not a lot. I think we're at one of those points in the technology curve where the immediate improvements are all incremental rather than revolution. 8K or noticeably wider gamuts are all way off. HDMI 2.1, VRR and the like are where it's at for now. Maybe this panel will be a bit brighter or whatever, but nothing you'd be selling up for.
  12. No reason at all for those with the free upgrade (Horizon Forbidden West) as far as I can see. You technically get less with the PS5 version as it costs £10 more but you don't get the PS4 version thrown in.
  13. A better decision at least. Still objectively worse than the competition.
  14. It does seem very obtuse and customer-unfriendly to not only separate the gens like this, but not allow any discounted way to upgrade (let alone how stingy that is compared to the alternative platform.) Incredibly backwards thinking at times from Sony these days.
  15. Basically Fast Five redux with extra Ryan.
  16. They're going to bring it to DVD in like a month, and not bother releasing it to cinemas over here? What a great job of distributing it they're doing.
  17. I'd bet they don't get the revenue on the other platform that they would have gotten (whichever way a platform-exclusive goes) - you get all that launch press and review and hype once, not the year later when it goes multi-platform. Who wants last year's game? Not everyone.
  18. Hitman 2 is presumably the PS4 version. Does that mean I can import them into the free Hitman 3 edition and play them in that for shinier content?
  19. I waited too long for it to load then, which would be amusing if I'd made it up, but actually just means I'm thick.
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