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  1. It is quite nice to have a nice window of time where I can play other games, as well. The relentless nature of the service game becomes unwanted at times for sure, and a duff season is not a bad thing!
  2. This is the first season for a while where I'm still not at the level needed to do the GMs.
  3. I didn't know that was the ending! (I've pretty much signed out this season, apart from King's Fall runs.) That's hilarious. Might have to log in and watch it now.
  4. I don't even think it was that amazing or worthwhile when I saw Avatar in the cinema in a decent seat. Like, I've never been confused in a film or a game about which parts of the picture are closer or further away, and I found it zero more immersive watching it in 3D effect. It's something that works perfectly fine from a technical standpoint, but I think doesn't really add all that much compared to a flatscreen.
  5. Dan Ackroyd's the heart of the film even if you do like Murray, I think.
  6. I think it's just the shit site. It's £2.64 to add Extra for the rest of your current sub, and they aren't then making it clear you can buy another year once you've done that. I'm extended out to 2026, and I can still top up now if I want to.
  7. Phil Spencer says, as the primary cited reason that they abandoned their own stick, that they couldn't make it for a good price. He says And you can see why! The S is what, £250? It would need to be substantially less than that. And all I'm saying is that I find the failure to achieve that pricepoint surprising. Not that it's a good idea! It's clearly easier for them to develop an Xcloud app for Fire Stick and Chromecast. Well, they'd have games sales and Game Pass. (Out of interest, if you download the Xcloud app on your Samsung, does the Xbox controller pair to the TV? I don't know.)
  8. I can't work out whether it's my writing or others' reading comprehension that's at fault here.
  9. Once again, I'm not arguing that it was or wasn't a good idea. I'm just surprised it was the cost of the hardware that apparently stopped them and not, for example, all the other things people are saying.
  10. I'm not really arguing whether it's a good or a bad idea. Just that I'm surprised they couldn't make a box that they could sell for <£100. This is the point of the streaming stick though, isn't it? It's not a box under the TV, it's a small unit dangling out of the HDMI port. Amazon Fire Stick style. Getting the apps would be straightforwards for MS. Whether it's worth it is a whole different question. I could see the argument either way on that. Yes, could write the apps for the TVs, but how many TVs can talk to your controller, how many of them have sufficiently performant internal gubbins that they don't introduce unacceptable extra latency, how many apps are you as MS going to have to maintain? How many people are interested enough in gaming to want to buy your stick, but not sufficiently interested to buy a Series S? I do tend to agree that getting the Cloud onto a Chromecast and Fire Stick is a better use of money. Just surprised they're quoting the cost of the hardware as the limiting factor and not the opportunity cost of bothering to do so.
  11. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't understand why they couldn't indeed make it for £60-100. Which is a lot less than an S. It could have the apps and a Bluetooth chip, WiFi chip and an HDMI port for that.
  12. It seems very odd to me that they couldn't make the streaming stick fit the budget. I know the controller part wouldn't be standard Bluetooth, but even so. A Chromecast is what, £60?
  13. I do think that's the big issue with Extra as a tier. It's not bad in and of itself, but it's not standing alone in the marketplace, and Game Pass seems like such a better offering. Sure, the Sony first-party stuff isn't on there. I guess I can see why not and fine? But it's the mid-tier and indie stuff not appearing that really splits the difference for me.
  14. The Extra tier isn't bad actually, but the Premium one seems like a complete waste of money as it stands.
  15. I've said it before, but "on display" are the key words there. Who's displaying their AV kit? No-one cares what you bought.
  16. First time for ages I've not "bought" all three titles. Harry Potter can go fuck its transphobic self.
  17. £550 feels like a lot of money to be asking. I can't see this being massively popular at launch? Maybe that's OK if they're only just getting to the point where they're making enough PS5s? Jeez.
  18. Thanks to everyone for repeatedly recommending There Is No Antimemetics Division. Just ploughed through it on holiday, and it was great.
  19. Contender for worst ending of a post ever here.
  20. Do we have any evidence that it saves them time? The existing systems aren't about artists drawing the fake lighting on, are they?
  21. The deadline for the UK CMA to assess is 1st March 2023.
  22. I don't think it's delaying tactics - a few months here or there are nothing in the big picture. I think they're trying to make as much noise as possible in pursuit of extracting as long a commitment to keeping COD multiplatform as they can. That's really the goal of all this, unless they really think they can get the acquisition blocked (seems unlikely) - forcing MS to commit to COD releases and feature parity for as long as possible.
  23. It's not that viewers are dim and incapable of remembering, it's that they can't assume you're not channel hopping. So "coming up" is to try and stop you tuning away, and "before the break" is in case you've just joined. It's not complicated.
  24. I don't think any of this is all that remarkable, that Sony say this and MS say that. It's just exactly what you'd expect from this sort of thing. You'd read the same when BT bought EE, or O2 and Virgin Media merged or whatever. Lawyers lawyering. It's just because it interests us and layte loves format wars.
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