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  1. I don't hold out much hope that they'll even allow PS3 discs, really. I'd love it if they recognised my digital purchases on PS3, but I'm not even sure they'll do that. I think you'll get to a point where the PS Now catalogue has a non-streaming option. Which would disappoint.
  2. You should start doing the daily challenge runs every now and then. You'll get one with Portal soon enough. It's a turret that spawns and shoots fucking laser beams.
  3. If they ever did, it'd be a great opportunity to finally get rid of the PS3 and reuse that HDMI port for a Series S. I'm not a huge BC person, but there's a couple on there I'd love to keep access to.
  4. I think it does assume a certain level of familiarity with the source material a bit too much.
  5. @McCoy I do think it's a little different (arguably not much) than streaming of video or audio. Netflix/Disney/Prime 4K is definitely technically worse than a Blu-ray but not to a point where you'd ever really tell. 4K is essentially pointless for most people in most circumstances anyway, and the "good enough" barrier is more than exceeded by the current state of compression on those things. I think we're not quite there yet for games, reliably enough. Even Stadia (which seems to be something of a high water mark for streaming today?) has had noticeably more input lag than the same game on my console, and visibly lower video quality. If you assume that inevitably improves (as it will) maybe that gap narrows to an imperceptible level - I don't know. We all always assume the relentless march of technology and capitalism solves everything, but the investments needed to bring those datacentres close enough to everyone is astronomical. Maybe it's just inevitable. I think it being the default universal way of gaming is still a ways out. I don't think the one-way streaming of video and audio services faces that same hurdle. The lack of interactivity and ability to put higher quality behind a slightly slower startup time is immensely helpful.
  6. Those round-up things never work for me either - I think I might have turned off the relevant data collection option and that their error code page needs work.
  7. They've been really clear that the majority of the Zenimax stuff is exclusive already, I don't think there's any reason to expect anything from them to be multi-plat. And, once any contracts Sony may have on eg COD expire, I don't imagine their strategy is to keep putting those out on PlayStation either. They did the same nod and wink prior to the deal closing last time, too. Anything in development or legally committed to will release as planned, anything new - no chance.
  8. Not sure we can trust the critical judgements of people who subject themselves to not just one, but two different cuts of Justice League.
  9. I had that exact experience, if it's any consolation. I think, in retrospect, what happens is that on a random run you're now good enough that a luckily relatively overpowered build can propel you to the end, but your more common ones can't. So you got there once like a dream, but can't replicate it. I just went back a few pages to early Nov, and I see that exact same story there for my progress. I first saw Redacted on attempt 17, saw him again on 18, then a gap until somewhere in the 20s before I started getting there again and consistently. Didn't take him down for the first time until attempt 33. So you need to improve (slightly) but more importantly, learn how to create those OP builds. Do you force the RNG to give you more Gods than it naturally would so as to maximise the 5% per God bonus on that mirror item? Or preferentially select the boons that can reliably do the higher %age per status effect? Is the Athena dash shield an essential? Which weapons are you most effective with? Which keepsakes do you select, and at what times?
  10. I don't like the Bow at all, but it's the weapon I have the most success with. Annoying. The aspect that turns the Special into homing arrows is very easy to use.
  11. I had a streak of 21 when I failed yesterday, so I'm hoping solving today's in 3 is a return to form.
  12. Yes, that'll happen. That's about a mirror of my experience, where the first time I cleared Elysium I went all the way (to then fail), then there was a reasonable lull before I took Redacted down for the first time, where I didn't feel like I was making much progress. But you are. It's time to start understanding which boons you like, which weapons you prefer, and how to use the choices that present themselves to get the right balance of general room clearance versus big boss readiness. Theseus and Asterius serve as a good preview in that regard.
  13. I think I thought they were MS already. Were they Activision?
  14. That sounds a lot like the stuff people were saying about Bethesda when they were bought.
  15. As retrospective reputation rehab efforts go, this seems an exceptionally poor one. It feels like the denials in fact confirm out of his own mouth that he's a cunt.
  16. Yes, I think at our middle-aged demographic, the trans debate ends up echoing other left/right splits to an extent, but in her core demographic of people 20-25 years younger than me it's much more universal that they disagree with her. I think, to generalise a little, the younger generation are much more of a single bloc on this. Which is why there's such a battle anyway. I don't imagine she's going to feel that in her wallet at all, but I think Potter as a franchise is tainted.
  17. Fucking hell on today's. Somehow fluked it out of nowhere. Wordle 212 2/6
  18. Obviously any USB-C cable and a charging plug will work fine. So there's that. The official pad charging dock is fine. Nothing special.
  19. The official headset is nice enough (and not unreasonably priced) but, as @Cyhwuhx says, any headset (wired or wireless) supports the full 3D Audio gubbins. I find the 3D on a headset infinitely better than the version they put out over TV speakers, but I guess YMMV. So a qualified "yes" for the "official" ones, but a definite yes for a headset in general. The nice thing about the official one is the physical button for game/chat audio mix and some EQ options in the PS5 UI. Although the buttons aren't the most intuitive to find mid-game.
  20. Although I suspect they calibrate the XP needed so that no-one playing for a normal amount of time will unlock any more artifact mods than they do today, really. The Masterwork orb changes seem likely to be quite step down. And yes, changing armour affinity being cheaper is good, but perhaps the system just shouldn't exist.
  21. That took me a long time sat there trying drafts of my 5th guess slotting in letters to see what looked possible until it suddenly clicked.
  22. What was up with that chase sequence? Really unspectacularly slow. And the gang were a bit weirdly lame.
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