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  1. Yeah, I'm not even particularly a Souls person, but I don't see how you could argue the opposite. Practically everyone went and made Souls-likes for a period. You had The Surge, Nioh, Bound by Flame (I think?), Fallen Order, indies like Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary and I'm sure I could go on.
  2. I haven't played the PS4 one on the PS5, but I'd assume it's essentially the same - it was a decent performer and looker on the PS4. You'd get the Pro version on the PS5 effectively, so that would go to faux 4K and have HDR which the base PS4 might not have. With the comments about the 50+ hours, are you unaware that they have now put in a save transfer function? So you wouldn't lose your PS4 effort. But yeah, you could get the PS4 Miles now, have a free upgrade to PS5 Miles when you get one, then decide later if you want to pay the extra £20 for Remaster.
  3. I also don't appear to have 120fps mode on the PS5 with this. Did it not get released yet? There's nowhere obvious to select it, and it's definitely not doing it by default.
  4. I'm also mainly Daft Punk Spider-Man.
  5. I know it's come up before, but I just crumbled and bought WRC9. It's hard to even know if you're downloading the PS5 version (or indeed, downloading it twice) isn't it? That's a bad bit of UI.
  6. This month's Edge thread is really generating even more bad takes than normal. Incredible work, team.
  7. Yeah, I just binged Season 2 last night, after binging 1 whenever it was new. My wife just reupped to watch some new Taylor Swift thing, so I accidentally did all the new content in one sitting. I should say that I'm enjoying it still.
  8. As someone who's never scratched any EU stuff, I am not exactly the same excited when a character from the cartoons turns up searching for someone from the cartoons/a book/I dunno. I thought when sounded awkward and obviously designed to make me excited in a way I wasn't. I really liked the part where Mando is told quite bluntly that he's space Kimmy Schmidt. As someone not drenched in Star Wars lore, I think it would be better carving its own path than riding the trails of previous works. But that doesn't seem to be what's happe
  9. I was rally hoping someone would do that.
  10. I would also be interested in WRC impressions.
  11. That Tipping Point just got slightly wedged under the back wall and tiddlywinked itself out. As if they'd need to go to those lengths to rig things.
  12. Quite an interesting Digital Foundry piece on the Sackboy game. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-sackboy-a-big-adventure-tech-analysis It seems quite pared back to make the base PS4. 720p60 and lots of assets just removed to keep the framerate stable.
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