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  1. Is it still a good time if you didn't play it at the time and aren't overly-infected with nostalgia for it? I quite liked that Bloodstained game that's basically a tribute act to it.
  2. That was Greedfall. Stupid videogames having similar names. But yes, it's basically a demo for Godfall of some shorn-off challenge modes. What a joke. Saves me a download I guess. No explicit word on whether Mortal Shell includes the PS5 version, as far as I can tell? Which suggests it won't.
  3. I gave the whole lot away to someone on here in 2009, so maybe I'll need to find out who they were and check.
  4. I had an 85MB internal one, and an external SCSI one that I remember as being fucking massive. So I'd guessed it as being a gig.
  5. OG Spider-Man hasn't been to Plus as yet. I think you'd be waiting a while for MM. Yes they put their games up, but it's mostly not for a long time for the big hitters.
  6. I've had a couple of games where it's downloaded the game and then the patch, but it's been the exception. I don't know what makes those couple of titles different. The Downloading/Copying thing is an abomination, obvs.
  7. I did my Uni years between 94 and 98. Which was definitely well into the phase when PCs were starting to leap ahead (and probably, given my platform exposure and bias at the time, further ahead than I'd realised.) Whilst I was able to do my essays on Wordsworth (I think) and use some kind of plug in to get all the maths formulae right (and then print out overnight on this crazy colour dot matrix thing with a hyper quality mode that took forever and had soundproofing padding taking up most of the internals) it wasn't necessarily the sensible thing to be doing. I'd bought a 1GB external HDD, I had an internal CPU and RAM expansion in the trapdoor, I had a SCSI CD drive (that could be separated and worked as the world's most battery-eating and least shockproof Discman.) And all plugged into this TV where to get high-res, you had to go Interlaced and strobe your eyes. Just crazy behaviour.
  8. I did my full University education on my A1200 - the essays, the programming assignments, the dissertation, the lot. It was a bit silly to be doing so at times, but that was the computer I had! It did me proud, all told.
  9. Returnal would be the other obvious suggestion, but whether you want two tough hostile games is something you'd want to think about. Miles Morales Ultimate (which includes the Spider-Man remaster) and Sackboy are other, more colourful, friendly and fun options. As would be Ratchet and Clank. NB - I think these Black Friday prices might expire at midnight tonight. Not sure if they'll then drift into the new post-Black Friday sale or not. If you were buying £100 of credit, any of those should fit in that price alongside Demon's Souls.
  10. Anything over 10% is a reasonable discount, but you can normally find 12% on CDKeys and/or ShopTo by shopping through the denominations like gospvg highlighted.
  11. I don't think there's any upgrade route other than via the Miles Morales game.
  12. You got Overcooked as a PS Plus freebie if you've been assiduously grabbing them. Sackboy is definitely a good game (and on major digital discount until tomorrow on the Store - I think it's £35 instead of £50.) Also that It Takes Two got good reviews.
  13. They announce last Tuesday of the month, and release first Tuesday of the month. So it's as late as possible this month.
  14. My PS5 turns on the TV, and turning on the TV doesn't turn the PS5 on unless I left it on the HDMI input.
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