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  1. I haven't done it yet, but there's a demolish choice at Tom Nook. My guess is that you'd need to demolish and then replace, as I don't think there's any move or upgrade options for those.
  2. Blood and Truth is great fun while you're playing, but it does spend too long in terrible cutscenes like dumpster said, and also has several unnecessary Uncharted style walking while someone talks sections. It's also full of cockney swearing, which might be an issue if you're hoping to play with your family. I'd recommend Superhot VR over Blood and Truth for a family. Maybe that crazy hard Time Crisis-a-like, Crisis VRigade.
  3. Problems like weeds and wood are easily solved with a Nook Miles ticket. I think build the island you want.
  4. I am not sure how quickly her feedback is updated.
  5. So far, as I previously documented, I accidentally had Rex move out when Apollo came to the campsite after we were full, and the came seemingly picked someone at random to be asked if they wanted to trade. We had the choice, and I pressed the wrong button. Sad. The next day, Alice asked me if she should move. Not sure why, things had seemingly been fine. Since then, 3 of our residents have gotten into arguments with Lucha, so he really needs to go. So now I need to figure out how to evict on purpose. Ostracising has now commenced.
  6. I may not be being 100% serious. Sorry, I should have flagged it better.
  7. I googled the end recipe requirements. They are
  8. I find it far too easy to accidentally pick flowers when you're trying to pick the up the rock/present/branch etc next to one. It's intensely annoying. I am not accepting the blame for Alan's though.
  9. Statik's brilliant. Keep Talking and Nobody (no-one?) explodes is brilliant. Headmaster is really good.
  10. I've photographed my ears. Deezer requires the Hi-Fi subscription for 360 sound, which is double what I'm currently paying. Fuck that.
  11. I agree - I think for all they lionised Iron Man (and obviously RDJ was iconic in the role) actually Iron Man spends most of the time not being a very good hero. Obviously, there's some of a redemption arc in there by design, but even so. IM1: saves own life, has to correct negative impacts of his own lifestyle to date. IM2: saves own life, has to correct negative impacts of his Dad's life, and his own. IM3: has mental health issues, has to correct negative impacts of his own lifestyle. Avengers 1: hero. Avengers 2: creates end of world event out of arrogance, and repeats the same actions without having learnt anything about said arrogance. Civil War: is forced to be a semi-villain for plot reasons. Infinity War/Endgame: hero. Spider-Man Homecoming - a bit of a dick, villain is his creation again. Spider-Man Far from Home: villain is his own creation in a Jim Carrey/Riddler sense. It's a pretty chequered history. Whereas Cap is really the only one that's just a straight hero from start to finish (and obviously, again, that's the point.) I found the untramelled worship they've attached to Iron Man's legacy a bit out of fit with what we've actually seen.
  12. I've got Sony headphones that support it and use Deezer. I haven't photographed my ears yet. Do you want me to test it later?
  13. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/360-reality-audio
  14. @Alex W. It sort of makes sense for Sony's classic use-PlayStation-to-sell-other-Sony-stuff strategy also. I mentioned this during the Cerny brief about all the crazy ears, but Sony's headphones app already has functionality to take a picture of your ears for 3D audio and presumably use it to generate a HRTF (or whatever that acronym was) approximation. I haven't used it, but it's there. If 3D audio is initially focussed on headphones and stereo, enabling bluetooth and jumping on the 3D audio that's already out there would be sensible.
  15. @Alex W. Yes, but not the audio for headsets etc. Which is what I meant to suggest I was talking about.
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