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  1. I don't expect (or understand how it would work) them to support mods. You aren't running the game, or accessing anything other than a video.
  2. It might not be much better for you. But you'd be having a shitty game anyway with a bad connection. It does mean your bad connection doesn't ruin everyone else's game.
  3. @HarryBizzle In a game today, dedicated servers or not, a game is in part running on the server and in part locally. You are running around your map in your local game, and your machine and the server are constantly negotiating about where you are, where the other players are, where you're shooting etc. Anyone who's played an online game for any amount of time knows how that degrades when someone's connection is bad. People teleport around the map, shoot you through walls or around corners, don't take damage when you apparently hit them and so on. That's all because of the disconnect between your local part, my local part and the server in the middle. With a streaming version of that game, none of that local stuff is happening. At its most basic, that just means everyone's running a server/client instance with a known, fixed, very low latency. But conceivably, you could just write the game differently in the first place.
  4. They would not be affected in the same way they are now, though. None of the game is running locally, so everyone has a 100% consistent connection on the server, and the variable is only how often and well a player sees it. So none of the effects of your lag manifest to other players.
  5. Did it? I thought streaming had been shown to be the saviour of recorded music now?
  6. It'll be a bit of a shame if they screw this up. Their big product demonstration (whenever that was) had features that I thought looked properly transformational and new. I recall feeling pretty positive about it then. That whole idea where someone is watching their favourite streamer play whatever massively online game is popular, then press a button and suddenly you're not just playing that game - but in that session, playing with your favourite person. The seamless switching from TV to phone and back. And then what they have launched with is, at best, worse versions of games that don't take advantage of the platform or its technologies at all. Bizarre.
  7. Come on. They've got loads of failures under their belt for sure. But at least try and maintain a thought from one post to the next. Stadia's not even a hardware product, at the core.
  8. I mean, obviously not. Android does pretty well, the Google office replacements, Drive, Gmail, Maps, they've done pretty well with that small video sharing site since they bought it, Chromebooks are very popular. etc.
  9. I think Google, from current evidence, are fucking it up on the product side. It's come up a lot, but there are decent use cases for streaming. A lot of them are as a complementary service - so I normally play my games on my local device at home, but the saves sync to the cloud and therefore I can still play a slightly worse version of the game when I'm away, or travelling or whatever. I think they might be choosing bad games to show it off also. Why would you pay a sub plus £50 to play a worse-looking, laggier version of RDR2? But a version of COD where no-one can cheat and everyone has a consistent connection might well be an improvement over the local model. And then, I think Nate upthread already talks about the ways in which it could be transformational - seeing the ad for the game, or your favourite streamer playing it, and instantly being able to open that game up in a new tab and just start playing it could be a huge change. But a: it's not quite ready yet (if it ever will be) and b: I suspect for the foreseeable future it's complementary rather than replacement. the XCloud/PS Now services seem to understand this a little better. Google isn't great at consumer product management.
  10. To everyone who's not Luck, why are you bothering with the non-ripostes here? All you're doing is stinking up the place and making it look like he's touched a nerve.
  11. I think this is the only game this winter that I'm looking forwards to. A Jedi-themed single player adventure, with what seems like a softened From-style template, might suit me really well. I assume we'll lose the frustrating (for me) difficulty spikes but also the intricate level geography and in-world lore discovery. But then you've got lore for days already built in.
  12. The issues I have with Google Newsstand are, as Gerbik says, mainly about punctuality. But it does also, for me, have a niggling issue where picture captions repeat across the entire article.
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