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  1. Did a daily challenge yesterday in Biome 1 with the Rotgland Lobber, and my first instance of audio glitching. And the really horrible noisy digital kind where you can hear the speakers twisting themselves out of shape. Really awful. So I ran through the thing to the end for my 5 Ether. Not a great score.
  2. Wired have a very unchallenging puff piece up to read. A couple of quotes:
  3. I do agree - whilst it's a very pretty world at times, the open world template it's been forced into is not, I think, the best (or least tired) one they could have used. I get much less excitement from the replacement of map icons with on-screen gusts of wind or chirpy birds than I was supposed to. But the combat is excellent, and something closer to a linear game or a hub and levels perhaps would have been a better fit.
  4. Keza for the Guardian has written a good (and positive) review. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2021/may/12/returnal-review-epic-dance-of-death-with-beautiful-brutal-aliens That early game RNG experience:
  5. There is definitely a presumably-undesigned tension between what's the best thing to do to survive a run and how long your real life lets you play that I don't appreciate. It presumably peaks when you're taking on Biomes furthest away from your starting point. You want to gain some Integrity/Health, get a couple of good Artefacts under your belt with some decent perks, and a gun you like at a decent level. For that, you want to explore. But I only have so long to play, which means I lean towards streamlining it. Yes, you can pick up Weapon Proficiency at the world gates, but my exp
  6. Thing is on that, even when you watch videos of the developers giving tips and demos, they explicitly encourage some farming of the earlier Biomes. And with RNG being what it is, you may well find a little farming ends up being the whole level. I do agree it's a bit fruitless. You get the same proficiency whichever route you choose, so that's annoying, but it's being able to buy an eg Astronaut or that Artefact you like, or just a Silphium vial. Either way, a maintenance outage to Destiny tonight meant a good few goes tonight. Ixion is down. The fucker.
  7. I'm yet to have a Rest-related crash or anything, so I wouldn't be worried there. Mostly, it's the inability to change game.
  8. I have used Rest once, and successfully so. But a: risk of patching and b: intention to play Destiny 2 before I pick it up again. It's not a good enough solution.
  9. The lack of a way to suspend a run is certainly a hindrance on when I can play the game. I'd quite like to play it now - I've finished work, the wife is doing something. But I don't have any certainty that I can finish when it'll be time to make dinner or whatever. So instead, I don't play it. Nor do I start when it starts getting late. I hope they correct it.
  10. Yeah, I've seen Ixion twice, got him to the third phase both times, but keep fucking up getting back there. Even with the shortcut. Oh well. Improve! Luckily, the core game is fun.
  11. I was having a halfway decent run last night where I picked up a halfway decent gun, had the artefact for healing at low Integrity, and nothing too major on Malfunctions or Parasites. But, when I got to the Biome 2 level skip to the boss, I wasn't at full health and really wanted a heal and a health pack/astronaut. So I opened the door into the mountain and fucked up that room to the point of dying. Fuck.
  12. PS5 doesn't play PS3 games. I also don't appear to own the PS4 version, so presumably whenever they gave it away on PS Plus, they didn't give it away as a cross-gen title PS3 to PS4.
  13. I'm really happy with my PS5 so far. It's been almost entirely stable (I have had a couple of crashes, especially in the earliest weeks, but nothing like the experiences of some) the PS4 Back-compatibility has been flawless so far, and the PS5 games have been actually surprisingly good. Demon's Souls, a game I abandoned on PS3 either at Phalanx or immediately afterward, was brilliant with the faster loading and therefore quicker retries. Astro's Playroom is about as excellent a pack-in as you can ask for. Miles Morales was an excellent time, Sackboy was surprisingly great fun. And
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