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  1. Wait for It is a good song, but it's a rubbish sentiment.
  2. I tell you what can fuck off, and that's the Advanced Gluting Gallery in like World 20 where you have to score 13k and not get any golds.
  3. There's a suit mod you can get/make that shows up the secret ones when you're close to them, on the mini-map.
  4. Indeed, it's perfectly legit for a review to take into account if it's doing exactly the same thing as the other games in the genre.
  5. W3 had all those question marks and at a lot of them was just a chest with some pointless crafting materials or a shit sword. And there was no way to tell before you got there whether it was going to be a cool sidequest with a story, or just a fight with some drowners and a shit chest. Fewer better question marks would have been nice, I think, especially those shit ones in the water. I didn't fall in love with BOTW's open world either. Sure, the exploration was free, but there wasn't a lot to find, it felt like. Another bokoblin camp or a rock monster. I didn't feel this sense of wonder and exploration very much. Maybe when I got to the rainy jungle bit and there was the shrine with the lightning.
  6. Yes, if I wasn't so keen not to reward Ubi for being a sack of shits, I'd be quite looking forwards to this.
  7. That's true, although the world itself was poorly differentiated and I can't recall any of it.
  8. If it's safe to assume Harmonix would be making a rhythm action game, that seems like an odd fit. From my brief time with Thumper, it's just laggy enough for it to feel bad.
  9. I'm not a person that uses Metacritic; what does this mean?
  10. I don't remember this specific thread.
  11. I didn't know you had an expensive PC, layten - you've never mentioned it.
  12. I can't imagine CarloOos of all people just making stuff up in order to be dismissive about a PS4 exclusive. Surely some mistake.
  13. Ah - now I understand you. Yes, that makes more sense.
  14. I assume you're making a joke, but clearly it's already the Xbox. If Series is simply a word to separate the "Xbox" from the model number, that's entirely reasonable naming, but then it seems odd to start at X. Where do they go after that? Xbox Series X, Xbox Series Y, Series Z and then they've run out? Or will they need a new word because they love extra Xs? The One X seems to have tricked them into thinking it needs to start and end with X from now on. Not "why are they showing off the X first", of course they're doing that. "Why are they starting what Pob suggested is a new numbering scheme at X"? I'm also sure it'll be fine, but I don't get their approach to naming. But also pretty sure it won't make much difference.
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