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  1. For anyone born 1975 or earlier, Atari was as big or bigger than Nintendo, Sega, or Xbox/Playstation became later. For a few years in the late 70s & early 80s, Atari was gaming.
  2. Unfortunately, those side ports are for Jag pads, not the standard mouse and joystick ports, which are still underneath. The STE could use the Jag pad, but how many games actually did?
  3. Lord Melbury

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    1.6 revisions are pictured below. the clock cap is the gold one at the back left of the console, by the ide port. These ones should be ok. If they are found to be leaking, you will need a replacement though. The machine requires that cap to run.
  4. Lord Melbury

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Version 1.6 revisions have a higher quality clock cap, so 1.6 owners shouldn't need to remove & replace this cap (or at least there's no more need to replace it than any other cap in a 15+ year old machine). Unlike earlier revisions the 1.6 Xbox needs a cap there to run, so it would have to be replaced rather than removed, if you went down this route. Below is the clock cap in the early revisions that will need removing, found under the dvd drive at the front of the console.
  5. Lord Melbury

    Paul Woakes - Mercenary/Novagen - RIP

    Jeff Minter tweeted this picture. I assume most people know who is who, but if not, left to right, Archer, Jeff, Paul.
  6. Lord Melbury

    Paul Woakes - Mercenary/Novagen - RIP

    Encounter was my favourite game of his. Excellent game on the Atari, although his C64 games (both Encounter & Mercenary) were perhaps more technically impressive, simply because of the difficulty of producing quick 3D worlds on the Commodore. Novaload (his C64 fast loader) was probably the program of his most loaded onto my C64 though. RIP.
  7. Lord Melbury

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    I don't know where you got this from, but that's wrong! A UK MD1 power supply will be fine for a Japanese MD1 or US Genesis. Likewise, a U.K. MD2 power supply is fine for the Japanese MD2 or US Genesis 2. Maybe you are confusing it with the SNES/Super Famicom, which do need different PSUs.
  8. Lord Melbury

    I've bought a Dodo

    I have just acquired a Panasonic 3DO as part of a retro bundle I bought on the 'bay. It still works, and produces a surprisingly nice picture through composite (it also does s-video, but my gaming TV lacks that input). Does anyone have any recommendations for games that may be worth tracking down? It came with Need for Speed in the drive. Other than that, I have checked the wiki gameslist, and other than the odd Amiga/Mega Drive conversion (Cannon Fodder/Another World/Flashback/FIFA/Lemmings), the odd Mega CD game (Night trap), and the old FMV games (Dragon's Lair/Mad Dog Mccree) none of the titles are recognisable to me. Is there anything worthwhile out there?
  9. Lord Melbury

    Emulation On The Pc

    Best emulators for a new PC?
  10. Lord Melbury

    SpeXtrum v0.2 Beta Released

    Just to let you know, this has just been released.
  11. Just to let you know, Xport has released an arnoldx v1, an Amstrad emulator for the Xbox.

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