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  1. yeah you get pieces of the costumes. The characters are on a rotation i believe so a bit like killer instinct. But for a permanent character unlock your looking at spending real money!
  2. It's good don't get me wrong it really is but i just cannot seem to find it as amazing as everyone else. I like the Hulk i think he's a good character not one of my favourites and not in my top ten but the title has had some great runs & titles. Since the new issue is out does that mean were ok to talk about the last one?
  3. Not sure if anyone else has had this but got a message from xbox live and it has given me a copy of the mortal kombat 1995 movie for free for owning MK11. Not amazing but i havent seen it in a good few years.
  4. I did wonder if this was on the cards when i saw those two panels in this weeks Justice League. I really like Bendis writing teenagers, he seems to just get it right. The first arc of Young Justice wrapped up today and i really enjoyed it, Bendis did just a good a job as Peter David and even managed to modernise the kids just enough for me to believe it.
  5. That panel with Clark, Jon & Johnathan was impressive! And i did love the My Hero Academia nod too thought that was really cool. Anyone read Batman this week? I don't know if i'm loosing my marbles but it's like i had already read that issue before.
  6. I use an iPad 2 for all my stuff so i can well imagine how amazing that is. Theyve stopped updating comixology for mine a good long time ago so i know eventually i will have to give in and upgrade.
  7. Captive State was good i really liked it but i did have to google for an explanation of the ending. John Goodman is pretty good in it and theres some great stuff going on in the background i was just left wishing they had fleshed the world out a bit more.
  8. Mine's the first model that came out if i remember rightly. Looking at it again it looks like the metal gear portable ops part just unclips like some kind of casing. You can get a wire on ebay that looks like you can just pop it into an iphone charger to get it to charge it.
  9. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/updates You get the first three chapters of any of the Manga they do and then you get the current three chapters so like with Samurai 8 for example you'd need to catch up by Sunday June 2nd if you had mode than three chapters already out to get the simu-scanlation (i made that term up, but we get it the same time as Japan but in English)
  10. Just had a sift through some of the boxes at my folks and found my silver MGPO PSP with a 2GB Memory Stick in it and a copy of Tekken Dark Resurrection sadly however there is no charger with it. Where would be the best place to get a cheap charger for it? I have the usb cable for the console but it doesn't charge via usb if i remember correctly right? Well no lights seem to be coming on from it anyway.
  11. I really like it, some padding here and there which feels unnecessary and then there's the whole wedding thing. I didn't realise he was leaving the title early, where did you read that?
  12. Nah, it's Justice League #20 which features (no shocker) Mr. Mxyzptlyk! I had no idea it was actually Starro stuck in a Jar (Jarro) and it actually sees Batman as a father figure.
  13. https://www.newsarama.com/38466-greatest-x-men-stories-of-all-time.html
  14. Do the whole Hellfire Club / Dark Phoenix stuff & then personally i loved the Jim Lee run during the 1990s too starting with the X-Men 1
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