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  1. After finding this video on youtube, i discovered CxBx-Reloaded. Has anyone here used that emulator at all? I don't see much about it but i admit i havent looked very far yet. Jet Set Radio looks good on it too!
  2. Don't know if others want to help out @bradigor
  3. 1. What makes Fortnite so addictive? For me it's the simplicity of it all., there's a pull of trying to unlock everything on the battle pass. 2. Is it easy enough for you to pull away? If not, why not? Yep i can stop playing whenever i want too. That said i do become a little obsessed when its close to the deadline to completing the battle pass. 3. Do you have a different reaction to Fortnite than you do other games Not really. 4. If you have children, have you noticed any change in them since playing Fortnite? No children but my youngest nephew is obsessed. Fortnite on the Xbox, Fortnite on his switch and if he can't take his switch he uses his mobile phone. 5. Do you feel forced into spending beyond Battle Passes to get the skins? Not really i have spent money before but i have always been a sucker for cosmetics in games, i like the idea of making something feel a bit more personal to me. 6. What are you overall thoughts on the game? How does it make you feel? Is it something unique to Fortnite? Or the genre? I like it, it was the first Battle Royale i ever played. Although it's now not unique i did like the battle pass feature and i like the fact since completing the season with Drift in it i haven't had to buy the pass again due to being able to win enough vbucks to continue. Even, though it is cartoony (which i like) it does feel very tense sometimes when you down to the last few survivors.
  4. Ah best of luck then, have to admit this does look like a cracking set.
  5. Made sense with the whole push "to make more mutants" i'm expecting a lot of new births etc. We know the stock of the Summers clan is big in most of the future storylines over the years and hell we know Wolverine is also immortal too.
  6. The new x men 1 was pretty dull and i hate what they have done to Vulcan which as far as i can tell hasen't been explained anywhere prior to this. So far the pick of the week is the Dark Multiverse Knightfall, as that has some really dark shit in it.
  7. I always liked Shatterstar when he was part of the early X-Force days and his fight with Wolverine was awesome during "Fatal Attractions" when he calls him "Lord Wolverine" but they never ever really focused on him properly and tied up lots of plot points throughout the years. Adam-X was another 90s characters from around the same time that got a raw deal but if you research on the net looks like he and/or Gambit was going to be "Summers" brother before anyone had thought of Vulcan. Comics eh! LOL
  8. Don't worry i started in the 90s and then went back to the start. I still had to google a lot of stuff especially since some mutants haven't been seen for years.
  9. Have to admit im loving what i've played so far. Had my first 2nd place against people on solo mode. Those boats are quite good fun too!
  10. Oh man i am all over halloween this year! Those Halloween Costume pokemon are amazing!
  11. Shamefully never read it! I did like what North did with Jake & Finn in the Adventure Time Comics. All i know about SG is she used to fuck Wolverine and used to be Luke Cages kid's Nanny. Oh and she beat Thanos once too (snigger) When it goes dirty cheap i will buy it on comixology, same with Moon Girl as i know people rave about that too.
  12. Every time i see cases like this i can't help but think of the Father Ted Eurovision episode.
  13. Shame on you for not enjoying the fireworks in the Ewok Village on Endor again!!
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