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  1. The Eagle Lord

    Tales from the Loop

    Generation Zero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6kheRkaT7Q
  2. The Eagle Lord

    Pokemon Go

    Is this whole walk 20km to evolve thing new? Only seems to apply Frebass for me?
  3. The Eagle Lord

    Godzilla: King of Monsters

    Ah these are the pics from entertainment world. A lot of people think that whole atomic breath to the sky is some kind of signal flair
  4. The Eagle Lord

    No Man's Sky - Xbox version and NEXT update 24 July

    Anyone got a link to the trailer I can view on my phone? Also is their a master list for psn handles somewhere. Got a feeling I'll be heading back into this!
  5. The Eagle Lord

    Tales from the Loop

    Ah nice, bet it'll be good and he'll be chuffed since there's that whole game coming out that rips off his themes.
  6. The Eagle Lord

    Good new horror films

    It's not that bad but it is slow. A lot slower than I expected it to be when I watched it this afternoon. If you've got an hour and a half to kill then go for it however its a movie that just didn't click with me.
  7. The Eagle Lord

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Paper girls is amazing one of my favourite titles out at the moment.
  8. The Eagle Lord

    Pokemon Go

    If you go back through my posts you'll find the google doc. It never got stickied to the first post to my knowledge.
  9. The Eagle Lord

    Pokemon Go

    Shiny Minun here too and my second shiny overall. Insane amount of spawns for Gen 3 starters here which is annoying as i put 70km into Torchic just last month. Is it the Chicago event this weekend? Is it tied to that if so.
  10. The Eagle Lord

    Pokemon Go

    Does this mean Hanson Diglett is on its way soon?
  11. The Eagle Lord


    All of PS4 online gaming is down at the moment we tried to go from Fortnite to Tekken 7 and still having massive issues.
  12. The Eagle Lord

    Pokemon Go

    What are the requirements for this to happen for people?
  13. The Eagle Lord

    Good new horror films

    Went to the Odeon Monday just past, and did their "Scream Unseen" offer for the first time with a friend. The film we got to see was
  14. When i try and add you man it's greyed out?
  15. Yeah so turns out ive already started it and didnt remember and i have Volt, A Bo Staff, Some Kunai and a Assault Rifle so i will just aim to grind for that Rhino as soon as i can .

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