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  1. So basically DC killed him off during a "Crisis" being the wankers they are. Where originally I think it was Dick Greyson who was going to end up dying instead.
  2. This is what I was thinking of :- And another article here:- https://www.cbr.com/superboy-copyright-faq/
  3. It'll never happen as much as we want it too. All the estate want will be more money like is the case with all of these things. Am I right in thinking that's why Superboy got killed off somewhere instead of Nightwing in case they had to pay more to use the character or something along those lines.
  4. Was it just the name credits that Siegel and Shuster got? That seems so long ago now.
  5. Thanks for that, it's a long ass read but well worth it. Nice to see some of DC's golden children going on the record there, but I suppose if you've got a lengthy contract with them, they can't do anything to shut you down. Dido seems to be shouldering a lot of it from what I've read so far.
  6. This has been released on Mobile Phones today with the ability to link to your Nintendo account, so you can carry progress over. There's a new giveaway event running too which has given me the push to install it and start playing again. It looks and runs so much smoother on my iPhone than the Switch which is also nice and gives me a decent option for playing on the bus rather than tethering my phone for the Switch. I'm not sure how long the feature has been there, but it now has a "Unite Squad" feature which I assume is some kind of guild mode.
  7. Well that's it all over for me. That's one of the better tv show endings i have seen over the years, really gripping in places and although one annoying question remains unanswered (for me at least) i was really satisfied with how that all came together.
  8. I'll see if I can find the article for you. From how I understand it, Inferno is going to shake up and dissolve the council of x, leading into problems with the "mutant utopia". I'll be honest I won't be picking up Inferno and well have to see what the weekly series next year brings, but I loved Hickman's House Of X and had really high hopes for everything, but you can see it coming apart at the seems in the things like The Trial Of Magneto.
  9. It looks like they are going to be losing the island and everything, so this will be another reboot. It's a shame as some of it start really well then got derailed by X Of Swords and never really recovered.
  10. Yeah, He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/he-man-and-the-masters-of-the-universe-reason-netflix-characters-look-totally-different.html/ Article here about the "look" of it. Bit of a shame as I liked Jeff Matsuda's comics work, but it's not doing much for me here, I know I'm about 35 years too old for this show it would have been nice for them to keep something of the original for the kids to enjoy and seek out the older stuff.
  11. Just sat through the first episode of the new series. Aside from the shocking spoilers in the intro (I mean ffs we've not even met Prince Adam & now you're showing me he's He-Man ) I look forward to the Fortnite Skins and the "Tiger Tribe Forever" emote that will come with it. It's so fucking bad I mean what the fuck is up with Lizard Man At Arms. I can only assume it's going to get worse as it goes on, and I know I shouldn't, but I feel I have to take one for the team and carry on into episode 2 at least.
  12. I've been binging it on Disney Plus. I'm now about half way through Season Six and I'm going to be quite sad when it's over. Some really clever shit in this and some decent pacing throughout.
  13. It's on all the usual streaming sites already. A couple of the cinemas in London have it showing. I saw Tokyo Tribe in Peterborough, and it was great to see on the big screen. Can't wait for other people here to see it as there is so much to talk about with this one lol
  14. Well, that was what I expected and a lot more. Madness in places. Weird placed comedy. And some amazing shots! Simply beautiful color work.
  15. Not impressed this time round. If I didn't get it for free I wouldn't have brought the battle pass. I'm amazed that they didn't stick that level 100 character in a pack instead. Consider I went out at 224 last season I can't see me going past 100 hundred in a hurry!
  16. I have not thought of Land for ages since he swiped that guy's art for Marvel's first Aliens comic cover. Now don't get me wrong i know even J Kirby loved a good trace back in the day but if i think of Land i always think of his Jessica Alba trace for Fantastic Four, just can't help it. That and his ghastly run on X-Men. Comics have been really shite for me of late, other than collecting Demon Days for the artwork and getting the odd Euro comic English translation I've dabbled on trying to find something new and just getting the first issue here or there. I can't think of anything i'm looking forward to reading besides Hulk and that's one and done. Sad times.
  17. I really enjoyed the book end episodes of Stories be nice if we get another season.
  18. I'm three in and im really enjoying the new series. It's so great to see the old faces back again and a few producing episodes too. With the whole FX channel gone in the UK I wonder if itll end up on Disney like the current The Walking Dead season.
  19. Anyone give Dark Ages a try? I really liked the first issue and will do all six. Always up for some "What If?" Had no idea who the big bad was or where this fits in with anything else but it has a decent story and some great art.
  20. Yeah that's how you do an episode. So bleak and miserable and that ending. I think if no other episode beats this then the series will be remembered for this one at least. Cracking stuff.
  21. Thing is it's still just the same boring grind no matter how you look at it. I still walk my eggs because once I have them in the incubator the walking registers on the Apple Watch so it's no hassle. I have a Gym outside of work which I load up with a Slaking every morning knowing it'll be knocked out over night giving me 50 coins daily. And every new Pokemon release I'll be there catching them all. I used to play Battle League, but that's such a horrible laggy cheat fest I have to be really bored to try that. Eventually I'll be bored of catching them all and won't even load it up....
  22. I've made it to Chapter 2 Part 2 and given up and gone back to rinse the three Parts of Chapter 1. I'm now running the Demo class with the Marksman Rifle and the Smart Gun with a decent set of perks / mods boosting the rockets. I've got a few decent upgrades for the guns, mainly aimed toward stability over fire rate, which works ok. My main gripe is still finding humans to play with over the really shitty AI match making is better as it puts me into a lobby now but no-one joins in time forcing the AI as teammates each match. I keep dying and then not being picked up by the AI teammates, or getting taken out by the second enemy type while trying to pick up my AI teammates. It's annoying, but there is more than enough to keep me playing as I'm only level 7 and eventually match making will get sorted, and the game will be a lot easier to play and get a bit more enjoyment out of.
  23. Don't suppose you have a link to this at all please?
  24. Did anyone pick this up on Xbox? I'm replaying the first three missions currently getting mods and powering up weapons as I'm stuck on the first mission on Chapter 2 as once I cross that bridge of doom I get proper fucked by my team mates.
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