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  1. It's one of those isn't it. But as I said I enjoyed the show as a whole and it's even got me to seek out the book although that apparently only covers some of the first series.
  2. Bodies Bodies Bodies 2/5 Not the slasher flick I expected, has a good chuckle throughout and was surprised to see Lee Pace in it. And great to hear Disasterpeace on the soundtrack. Was the girlfriend's daughters pick but was glad I watched it.
  3. The Leftovers Series 1-3 Saw this recommend in another thread and decided to give it a go. It starts off quite strong with lots to think about and loads of questions to be answered and then it just gets stranger and stranger and then the final episode. I liked the cast a lot I don't think there was a character I didn't like throughout. But then you get to that final episode and you are reminded it's by one of the guys from Lost. 3/5
  4. Oh I didn't know that, everything I've seen him in he's been playing an American then.
  5. Bullet Train 4/5 Wasn't shocked when I saw it was by the John Wick people. Had a great laugh watching it but Quicksilver's English accent sounds just like Jay from The In-betweeners which I just couldn't unhear.
  6. Yep, that's the pre-order cancelled for me until I find out if I can skip it or mute it. At least you could skip it in Pokemon Go
  7. That's pre-order cancel bait. I don't want his music in my Pokémon game, and I bet they'll be no way to turn it off.
  8. I've got pretty bored with this of late, just sick of how laggy it is in Battle League etc. I still do raids with my friends in Japan, but I don't log on daily like I used too, I do wonder if it won't be long before I stop logging in completely. It needs something to bring new players in and to keep us long term players interested, but even I don't know what that will entail.... Are there still people here playing it daily?
  9. Here for anyone else that wants to watch it!
  10. Does all that LOTR stuff have gorgeous art inside? I've never had a chance to do any proper RPG (Lack of friends) but I do like thumbing through things online and looking at the artwork. I'm sure a TMNT RPG I got many moons ago was also branded GURPS (Don't quote me on that mind) so I don't know how that relates to the other one you have (If it does at all).
  11. Oh boy, you've not seen the latest glitch everyone is using. You can phase in and out the wall so quickly by spamming it you become bulletproof, given it's not a massive ball ache yet because there are so little buildings in chrome you need to go to but taking down "the Herald" last night was full of the cunts..... You imagine what It's going to be like when the actual Splatoon gun comes out if they've not patched that glitch!!
  12. I'm not surprised they've put some effort into it, with the Manga top bestseller lists etc I've had the first few volumes sat on my shelf but have yet to start them, although I do remember bits of it from scanlations. Is the Manga still ongoing, does anyone know? I wonder what the Solo Levelling Anime will be like, as that's got a massive following online but don't seem to see as well because it's not pushed as well.
  13. Sorry to go against the Muk policy of hating on games, but I've been enjoying it. I've only owned a couple of Smash games and not got on great with either of them and lost interest pretty quickly. MultiVS clicks with me, given I will never be the top tier player it seems to put me up against, but I do feel I get some of the mechanics and can hold my own. I like some of the characters they've gone with, and the tutorials make a good job of teaching you some advanced moves and as with most things there seems to be a good community out there (It's not gone toxic yet)with some good character videos. It's not completely solid as someone mentioned above I see choppy playback and games loading in while I'm still at a black screen, but I suppose it's still going to have teething issues like everything else does. I think people remember not all platform fighters are wanting to be Smash Bros and imo it's better for it.
  14. By how fucked the Capcom site is right now, going to be a lot of people in the beta. Fingers crossed for all of us trying to get in.
  15. I'm re-reading the Manga again after giving up with the Anime for the second time. I'm in the final arc and god is it dull and predictable. Likewise, I think they'll gain some viewership off the nostalgia, but I think that people will soon remember how bad the source material is. I'm also shocked at the almost copy and paste of some of the Stern Ritter with Naruto characters (I don't know which came first) although I suppose they are actually based on mythology. There will however be some great fights in the Anime which i'm sure will be dragged out over a few episodes, so we will see some decent animation there I hope. I wonder when Disney plan to show it over here in the UK.
  16. I gave up quite early on after being pissed off they let the ball drop so much. Searching the net, you can find posts like this one:- https://steamcommunity.com/app/1056640/discussions/0/5079478487797369687/ Seems the endgame is just grinding money and waiting for scratch cards....
  17. I can't say without spoiling the storyline so far of BvR however if you want to know..
  18. Batman VS Robin 1 is out today and where you've all seen the return of a character in the previews leading up to the release, I was happy to see the return of another character. You've been warned... I'd not seen them for years, and looking at the internet I may have missed a miniseries they were in a few years ago, so something else to add to the read pile at some point in the future. As for the rest of BvR it's not that amazing and I won't be carrying on with it, but there are some nice easter-eggs on some of the pages.
  19. Strangely enough, that's where one of my local branches resides, and I always seem to be the only customer in there at any time. I don't mind them having my email address, especially when I have a personal one which starts with spam@, and it's a good way from their perspective to harvest some details. As for the codes, they did a promotion for Fortnite before Christmas last year, and I had six different pieces of receipt paper for six 25-digit codes. I saw everyone was moaning at Europe getting something again, so I did wonder what they would offer to keep them sweet over in the US.
  20. I'll pop by to my nearest one tomorrow and see what they are saying, I've had issues before where staff have been stockpiling them to put on eBay or whatever have you, so you don't get a real chance of getting one but fingers crossed.
  21. Disney got Bleach rights, which surprised me, but not sure if that is worldwide rights or not. I'm skimming through Bleach again via Tubi with a VPN / Ad Blocker, god there were a lot of filler episodes in it that I don't remember sitting through. That said, it's been so long since I last read the manga, I wonder if some of the later stuff was actually filler or just very bad pacing.
  22. I liked it, I thought it was pretty good in places, FOX in the UK showed it without French subtitles twice which helped no one, but the versions that went up on D+ are good. I gave Season 1 a second watch after finishing Invasion over at Apple, so I will give Season 2 another watch, hopefully before Season 3 airs over here.
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