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  1. I've just finished the graphic novel, and it was OK, but the ending is really flat! I imagine it's stepped away from some story elements (racism) and god only knows what he has done for the ending. Shall I just wait for it to end up on Netflix or is worth taking a punt for £12?
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Balloon https://archive.org/details/LeBallonRougetheRedBalloon
  3. Are you using Netflix? Mindless stuff is pretty hard these days, as they seem to be going for the deep! https://www.netflix.com/gb/browse/genre/7424 7DS is another Shōnen title like Demon Slayer I find I can watch and watch again & I always enjoy. Pacific Rim was another one which is quite short and isn't too deep if you don't mind Mecha fighting Monsters. The Transformers stuff is OK, and it too can easily be followed without giving too much attention. Sorry I can't help more but the things I've been watching of late require more of a watch and don't play on your phone kind of thing
  4. Maybe it's one of the ones from "Bill Plympton" as those were all kinds of weird and extreme. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0687739/?ref_=tt_ov_dr I know he did some shorts about Dogs.
  5. Ah, i only ever saw the trailers for that and won't watch in because of the Warren Ellis connection. I'll have to watch the trailer again because I remember castlevania looking a lot better than masters just did. Is it wrong of me that I really didn't mind his lack of screen time!
  6. That ending was a nice way to get people hooked. I’ll be interested to see where they go from here.
  7. I’ve not finished it yet still going through the last episode. And it’s been cool to see some of the figures I brought about ten years ago but it’s nothing amazing by any means. Not sure which Korean budget studio they chose again but it does show! Maybe all the money went all the voice talent as it didn’t go on the writing or animation.
  8. Just started the last episode and props for them for bringing in
  9. Now on episode three and that opening line is a cracker. I'm getting a bit more into this, although I keep looking at Teela and thinking of Cara from Mando. Is it wrong that i'm enjoying The Masters focus this time round.
  10. fucking Hell! https://www.cbr.com/netflix-kevin-smith-masters-of-universe-revelation-review-bombed/
  11. I've just done the first episode, and it's ok. Lots of nostalgia from the second it starts which is always good, I'll watch it, but it didn't grab me enough to make me do it back to back.
  12. So not a lot of decent stuff about at the moment, which is why this is dying out again. Gamma Flight 2 was a good read, but I had the reveal spoilt last month by the solicits for issue 4 and onward. I don't think there's enough pull with the characters and story for me to carry on reading if I'm honest, and it makes me nervous for his Venom run even though the new Venom has such little backstory to cover. I gave Superman & The Authority a go and almost instantly got reminded of how Morrison can be such a hack at writing! Man Black was pretty much written as John Constantine mixed with Morrison's early creation Kid Omega, and he just seems boring as fuck... I'll do all four issues because I need something to read, but this won't be winning and wide praise. I think the only thing I really look forward to is TMNT Last Ronin but the scheduling is mad on the book even though it is so great. Three issues so far and all have been top notch.
  13. Got it preinstalled waiting to go! As soon as I’m home I’ll be all over it!
  14. While on the subject of The Immortal Hulk, this just popped up in my inbox! https://www.popinabox.co.uk/merch-figures/px-previews-marvel-the-immortal-hulk-6-inch-funko-pop-vinyl/12702114.html I'd really like to find the limited edition Chase version, as it glows in the dark!!
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