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  1. Man this game can be a real piece of shit when it wants to be. Playing it with the nephew the other day, doing a side mission, and we kept getting killed with no idea what the fuck was going on. After about ten attempts we called it a day and turned off the game. Well today I load my saved game up to have a stab again and to my surprise I can now see trip mines with RED laser sensors. So obviously the game was glitching before and not showing the explosives or the trigger before. Not my first glitch, and I'm sure it won't be the
  2. Isn't the guy playing Snake-Eyes from some BBC TV series if I remember rightly? It'll be dire, and I bet that they have no Timber going round mauling people's faces which I think should be part of any serious Snake-Eyes GI Joe film! Not a lot of hooks going on in that trailer for me!
  3. I'm still making my way through Debris for some reason I can't work out. Going through this year's Married At First Sight Australia which I will openly admit I enjoy because I can't quite believe some shit people come out with on that show. I'm on the cusp of doing a Mr Robot rewatch while once I've finished Debris while I wait for the last season of Brooklyn 99 to start.
  4. Wow. You've hit it big when you're doing a Statham movie.
  5. Not sure how I feel about some of those designs. Orko looks like he's going to fuck some people up! Voice cast is good so it has that behind it if anything.
  6. Just done all eight episodes over two days first seven in one and then left the last episode to watch this evening. I really fucking liked it! I thought it was going to be really shite reading some comments then I remembered it is Muk. I really like what they have done with this! The music, that intro gimmick and the animation too (shoddy animation is the norm in Anime these days) but what struck me was how much they had lifted word for word with the comic and managed to not make it way too cheesy. The voice cast were great, and I re
  7. What the fuck was up with partying last night? After spending two games with harsh rubber banding with the other half, I tried joining you a few times @Pistol only to be told there were errors with the party. A reboot didn't change anything, so I put it down to a privacy setting your end. However, as soon as I tried to jump into another party with a couple of mates I had the same error message. I really hope they get this shit figured out before the BB Comp this evening, if not they'll be some really pissed off people including myself.
  8. 144 means nothing round here it's about how far you are with your Neymar JR skins Joking aside welcome to the club, it was my Nephews who got me into it and now I play with the other half who's never been a gamer and she's already level 98. It's such a good game both simple and complex at the same time.
  9. Hi guys. Anyone know if I'm able to enable RTX on the Java edition. I've tried too Google answers but I'm getting conflicting info. TIA
  10. Some nice easy challenges for those of us that embrace the flame! And nice to see Flare guns back shoot one of those bad boys in to the spire and watch all those targets light up!
  11. Just use windows+g if you've got the Xbox thing logged in, and you can record from there. Or can you scream "xbox record that" like i do everytime something i want to clip happens.
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