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  1. Yeah one episode each for Son Goku, Benton and Hacker Mr T. Time to dig out my soundtrack CD and have a listen.
  2. Just update to 3.0 on the PS4 and what a fucking shit show it is. None of the quests are tracking properly so I've now ran out of boosted XP and nothing to show for it. It also looks like PUBG when it loads as the textures are taking so damn long to render. On a positive note i hit level 102 last night so i have my Baby Grogru Yoda backpack now i just need to be earning those Crystal costumes.
  3. It'll be a Warner Bros batch deal that's why we have the Predator and the Terminator 2 shotgun with the same reload action.. We've had a slew of DC content already so was always on the cards.
  4. Ah, OK I have no idea who that is but cheers for not ignoring me. Makes sense though.
  5. @Mr. Gerbik Paging you to the thread. So Immortal Hulk 42:-
  6. All his Grand Design stuff is great! Hip-Hop Family Tree Volume 1 is free to read on Amazon Prime Reading (so long as you have prime obviously) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hip-Hop-Family-Tree-Vol-ebook/dp/B013XRZKOM/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ed+piskor&qid=1610566440&s=digital-text&sr=1-2
  7. Piskor is so good at what he does and his enthusiasm really does get you hyped for stuff. Incredible Hulk 42, now that was a good read and some characters that i actually know and remember. I'll wait for some other people to catch up (Looking at you Gerbik) before i ask the questions.
  8. Just sat and watched What Lies Below with the other half. Other than some really awkward parts (and if you've watched it you know what parts i mean) it was a real slow burn, painfully slow, and then it ramps up a little, and it's all over. There was a reason it has 4/10 on IMDB.
  9. Never seen or heard of it before. The only exposure to the Mega-CD i had was kid from school who had a VR Racing game, Sonic CD & i think Daytona. And id seen adverts for Night Trap in some old comics.
  10. Cheers i can rent it for £2 on Amazon Prime so i'll give it a whirl.
  11. If you are like me and have no idea what you just watched i found some more information. The original game:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_Zero:_Texas And this is what you've just seen:- https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/01/silly_sega_cd_fmv_shooter_ground_zero_texas_is_coming_to_ps4 I am kind of interested because i have been watching High Score and they have just covered Night Trap which i have never played but i am seriously interested in giving it a try.
  12. I think the US focus is purely because this was made for the US audience and the international release is just a by product. I've finished the Violent Video Games episode which i thought was a little dull and told me nothing i didn't know already except i had no no idea Night Trap was for a different console not the Mega-CD. I'm currently watching the 3D episode, and it's all new to me and i thought the origin story for the name doom was pretty cool. Has anyone in the UK or Europe produced anything like this i can watch and learn about this side of the pond
  13. Fucking hell that Steve Irwin comment has done it for me Jesus. The Alien 3 comment is funny and is it not true?
  14. That fucking picture above is aces. I bet there's a list or archived posts on Girlfriends In Fridges with all the bad stuff artists or writers have said and done. With all that came out towards the end of the year with Ellis etc it sometimes feels like you are just waiting for the next big pedo reveal. I really liked the output Wood had but i wont buy anything he puts out again, i wont go into the street and burn all his previous work but i wont buy anything (if anyone ever gives him a try again) he ever brings out again etc. It's like JK, i won
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