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  1. Yep! And here i was hoping you were coming in here to drop some knowledge. How they are coming back from that i will never know
  2. FFS Literally just seen this and it's expired already
  3. Off the last issue of Three Jokers had a nice "fuck you" to the readers at the end, that aside i'm still a little miffed that the whole thing was pointless other than to try and do an adult "wrap up" to the whole "the button" storyline they did a few years ago. I'd almost bet they make all the Black Label line "elseworlds" by the end of the year.
  4. Was buzzing with that win and getting to use the Victory Royale emoji!
  5. That's the first three Fortnitemare challenges done and dusted. I need to get into Dr Doom's vault for one outstanding challenge as well as sorting out the doing damage with the Gatherer's remains. What is still really pissing me off is that for some unknown reason the "Make a Stark Robot Dance" challenge does not work for me no matter what console / pc i am on. And since we are having to endure the Halloween event i'll have to leave the Marvel Storm's power challenge for when the LTM returns.
  6. Ohhh be better for me to get the digital version of Wingspan after giving up on trying to buy the damn board game.
  7. We can always try for a forum Squad up to help you or wait until all this bollocks is over and try again.
  8. How does said farming work then? Maybe explain why i see a lot of people in lobbies during the day time.
  9. Jesus that is less then what i paid for it. For that money id keep it on the off chance i ever get a chance to play it. Cheers dude!
  10. Is it me or is Fortnitemares a pain in the ass this time round. Even solo i'm struggling to do any of the challenges although i did hit a Nightmare Royale. @Pistolevery time i log on it says you are online play creative mode, are you practising for something or is the game crashed.
  11. I'm thinking about shifting it, think it'll go for anything with everything sealed but a wrecked box?
  12. Just been up in the folks loft having a "sort out" And found these! Tear on the outside aside, it's near mint! I've never opened the cards or punched out the counters etc and same with the other expansion i've never even opened the minis. Annoyingly i am one miniature out of the 100 pieces missing and a look in the loft is proving fruitless. It has surviving three house moves so i should be grateful nothing else is missing.
  13. Distinct lack of Jiu Jitsu in that trailer. Looking forward to Cage having his sword fight scene against the alien ala Predators. It'll be shit but it's Tony Jaa & Nic Cage that'll entertain me for a good hour or so. Straight to VOD isn't a bad thing.
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