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  1. Dunno, classics are almost impossible to judge. Toy Story I'll second though, that one's gonna be around for ages. Spiderman probably, just for how well it did EDIT: not as a classic, just something that will be remembered
  2. Yeah I think Use of Weapons was actually written first (can't be bothered checking) but Phlebas was the first chronologically. I liked Matter, but I think the what sets the earlier Culture novels apart from the later is that you can see their flaws a bit more. By the time of Matter the Culture I think seems a bit too perfect and a bit too powerful. I'd love a Culture novel set a bit more in the past, maybe during an episode of the Idirian war, or before in a period when you can't help thinking "There wouldn't be a problem here if they just sent a GSV in guns blazing and sorted everything out".
  3. Yeah this season has been good so far. Need more Lois though!
  4. Holy crap they're making game of thrones?! Hell yeah! EDIT: Internets rumours that Tricia Helfter for Cersei. Oh yes.
  5. Loved this film, Liam neeson is now officially the Man.
  6. Yeah looks like it could be alright
  7. Yeah shame about the results, but I for one am certainly getting the DVD when it's out.
  8. Man the ads and trailer length really are taking the piss now huh? I Used to work in cineworld and then it was standard policy to have 10 min ads, 10 min trailers which while still adding to the arse numbing time at least was predictable so you could just go later. EDIT: And yeah what was that 2008 films already out of the cinema thing about?
  9. Yeah I quite enjoyed this series, was a bit worried how they would pull if off using BBC 3 budget but it worked.
  10. YAAAAAS so good! Need to get the super extended edition on DVD when it arrives to get all the extra bits.
  11. Matt Smith? *sniff* I smell shite
  12. Yah! Liked today's alot, seems to be getting better too. The Light Killer bit made me laugh
  13. Jacobs Ladder put the shits right up me when I was a nipper
  14. Yeah bubblegum crisis sounds more like what you're looking for. Another sci-fi one that involved power armor that was alright was Virus Buster Serge, very reasonably priced if your purchasing and not downloading EDIT: also Meh if you can suggest something that was better than Code Geas i'm pretty interested, one prob with internet Anime hunting is knowing what to look for
  15. eech, not so good with films but in terms of series - Code Geas: Leouch of the Rebellion is as good as anything I've seen pretty much ever. Great characters and plenty of Big Robot fun. Amusing in that "Britania" are the bad guys who've occupied Japan! One good film (even though it's really a series) Is Macross Plus, 4 eps or one cut down film I enjoyed both Spriggan was cool, very good action anime, vaugly futuristicy, excellent visuals Cowboy Beebop - the movie, if you've not already seen it I'm sure others will be able to recommend more,
  16. I quite liked last weeks one, good to see vince being a bit less cocky. Also Drama! Tweet
  17. Another good episode last night! Anyone else still watching?
  18. Yeah I quite like it! Not sure the Hotness was well cast but the rest of them (Dom especially) are pretty good, zero budget and totally out of place at ITV but good. ITV has streaming vids up for catch up too which would be better without all the annoying adverts and crap picture quality
  19. Aye there's quite a few books, generally speaking quite good but like yourself I think it doens't stand up to George RR Martin, however while you're waiting for his next one to come out it's a pretty good way to waste time. A darkness at Sethanon is pretty good if I remember correctly, I beasted the riftwar series when I was in my teens and he's still churning them out. My fav currently is Steven Erikson, his Malazan Books of the Fallen really is the daddy at the moment, the nutter is an archeologist and it shows, he's basically planned out 500,000 years of history for his world. Funny in a way Robert Jorden never managed, and truely unpredicable in who he'll kill off. If you're put off by the coziness of Feist you'll love Erikson.
  20. Yeah it's weird eh? It's like it doens't really have a point. The Business is crap too.
  21. lead night goblins mostly, a few fanatics, all in need of a serious re-paint. I tried making a gobling army back in the day but was scuppered by how few points they make up. Got plastic archers and spears and a unit of plastic orcs to make up the numbers. Got some old wolf-riders which are cool Think I've got a snotling seige engine as well but would need to look. Don't even know if half of them are still in use in current rules, but when I added them up the whole bunch barely came to 1000 points. Not sure about you guys but I was dreadfull for collecting half an army then deciding to start collecting another
  22. Man I've gotta stop looking at this stuff, I just had my head bitten off by the parentals for having a cupboard full of games workshop, promised to look in to selling in but it's not going to be easy letting it go after I spent years collecting it all. Also why are space marines the only thing that retain their value? I've got tones of tyranids but they're all out of date now and bloody goblins, no-one on ebay wants them This is why I'm waiting till one of my younger cousins gets addicted to it so I can dump it all on them. It's only a matter of time...
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