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  1. Damn, shouldn't have looked at the spolier tag. Kind of automatic when I think i'm up to date.
  2. I have no idea why he bothers with FOX, I'm enjoying this show but will be (pleasantly) suprised if it gets another season. Given what they did to firefly and how good that was I don't think this show has much of a chance.
  3. Yeah Carlos Mencia is a bit shite, I get the impression that some executive thought "Hmm, Dave Chappelle is doing well, I wonder if we can do that with a Hispanic audience". He's not completely terrible, but for instance the first episode of "Mind of Mencia" is painfully unfunny.
  4. I really liked the way it was shot too, no live audience much better effects. Really great offering, WANT MORE!
  5. Yeah I'm filling that one under guilty and embarrising pleasure
  6. Good, getting better. theyve finally realised the benefit of giving the bad guy a personality
  7. I've been feeling guilty about enjoying this film. Tha guilt has been lifted by this thread
  8. Oh yeah! Just got mine for glasgow on the 12th! YA BEAUTY!
  9. I love these books, quite apart from how good they are and their regularity, each one usually has enough in it to be satisfying adventure all of it's own. Wheel of Time would've been ace if Jordan had an editor to force him to hurry up and cut out all repetitive filler.
  10. Dunno, classics are almost impossible to judge. Toy Story I'll second though, that one's gonna be around for ages. Spiderman probably, just for how well it did EDIT: not as a classic, just something that will be remembered
  11. Yeah I think Use of Weapons was actually written first (can't be bothered checking) but Phlebas was the first chronologically. I liked Matter, but I think the what sets the earlier Culture novels apart from the later is that you can see their flaws a bit more. By the time of Matter the Culture I think seems a bit too perfect and a bit too powerful. I'd love a Culture novel set a bit more in the past, maybe during an episode of the Idirian war, or before in a period when you can't help thinking "There wouldn't be a problem here if they just sent a GSV in guns blazing and sorted everything out".
  12. Yeah this season has been good so far. Need more Lois though!
  13. Holy crap they're making game of thrones?! Hell yeah! EDIT: Internets rumours that Tricia Helfter for Cersei. Oh yes.
  14. Loved this film, Liam neeson is now officially the Man.
  15. Yeah looks like it could be alright
  16. Yeah shame about the results, but I for one am certainly getting the DVD when it's out.
  17. Man the ads and trailer length really are taking the piss now huh? I Used to work in cineworld and then it was standard policy to have 10 min ads, 10 min trailers which while still adding to the arse numbing time at least was predictable so you could just go later. EDIT: And yeah what was that 2008 films already out of the cinema thing about?
  18. Yeah I quite enjoyed this series, was a bit worried how they would pull if off using BBC 3 budget but it worked.
  19. YAAAAAS so good! Need to get the super extended edition on DVD when it arrives to get all the extra bits.
  20. Matt Smith? *sniff* I smell shite
  21. Yah! Liked today's alot, seems to be getting better too. The Light Killer bit made me laugh
  22. Jacobs Ladder put the shits right up me when I was a nipper
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