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  1. Again big robots fighting each other, that's what I likes. Who cares if its a bit crap?
  2. Damn, I knew that I was getting old and out of touch but I never even knew about saturday night wrist. Having a listen on spotify the now. Hole in the earth is good, heard it actually on an underworld soundtrack (I know I know but it had The Cure and VNV Nation on it I was curious). After reading the story behind Back to school I'm kinda hoping he loses his temper again and makes more songs that good!
  3. wolverine enemy of the state by Mark Millar was pretty good, not sure where it fits in with which arc but him being a bad guy and trying to assassinate the president was entertaining.
  4. That was awesome! Would still love to see them live, hopefully can make the glasgow gig if it goes ahead. Wish I'd caught the whole thing though, got a text reminding me half way through.
  5. Yeah the last album was certainly a grower, I like it though, Hexagram particularly. Gotta respect them for only sounding like themselves.
  6. Oh c'mon bbc new red dwarf was better than this! also surly craig charles priory bills would be cheaper than this. See what people mean about feeling annoyed at laughing at parts.
  7. Yeah it was good fun, but then I'm easily amused by big robots blowing things up.
  8. They are remarkable songs aren't they? I'm the same, have only heard of him from this thread. Did a quick google of him, expecting to find a wikipedia, but then ended up back here three years ago to see one of his posts. Every now and again the internet seems a very eerie, quite sad place. Will be getting album methinks.
  9. I've read a couple of the twilight books too, have to say while reading it I was mostly sitting there getting annoyed that the vamps could walk around in daylight, I did enjoy them. but yeah if you analysis the writing it's pretty shocking the amount of "I did this and I did that", even if it's supposed to be from the point of view of a young girl, she seems a little dull. Maybe that's the appeal, she's a bit of a blank canvas for the readers to project apon. Does portray that awkward, obsessive teenage experience of being in love pretty well, especially the second one. Went to library soon after to get an anne rice book for some better written trash. Even though her later books aren't as good. Notice above mentions of Garth Nix, my flatmate's tried to get me to read them a few times, any good?
  10. Yeah genuinely awesome! Finding my loyalties being drawn more to this than Boosh which seems to try to hard in comparison.
  11. Yeah he looked like a wax work figure. Awesome performance by Schreiber.
  12. Damn, shouldn't have looked at the spolier tag. Kind of automatic when I think i'm up to date.
  13. I have no idea why he bothers with FOX, I'm enjoying this show but will be (pleasantly) suprised if it gets another season. Given what they did to firefly and how good that was I don't think this show has much of a chance.
  14. Yeah Carlos Mencia is a bit shite, I get the impression that some executive thought "Hmm, Dave Chappelle is doing well, I wonder if we can do that with a Hispanic audience". He's not completely terrible, but for instance the first episode of "Mind of Mencia" is painfully unfunny.
  15. I really liked the way it was shot too, no live audience much better effects. Really great offering, WANT MORE!
  16. Yeah I'm filling that one under guilty and embarrising pleasure
  17. Good, getting better. theyve finally realised the benefit of giving the bad guy a personality
  18. I've been feeling guilty about enjoying this film. Tha guilt has been lifted by this thread
  19. Oh yeah! Just got mine for glasgow on the 12th! YA BEAUTY!
  20. I love these books, quite apart from how good they are and their regularity, each one usually has enough in it to be satisfying adventure all of it's own. Wheel of Time would've been ace if Jordan had an editor to force him to hurry up and cut out all repetitive filler.
  21. Dunno, classics are almost impossible to judge. Toy Story I'll second though, that one's gonna be around for ages. Spiderman probably, just for how well it did EDIT: not as a classic, just something that will be remembered
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