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  1. Enjoyed this one again, nice to see they can still suprise, I'm guessing next week is going to be a bit mental
  2. Sweet! Been working my way through Necronomicon, gonna pick it up again and read this one.
  3. Esh, really wanted this to be good. I actually started counting the number of times the Serbian doctor from ER said "Oh my god".
  4. From reading his blog I think George is splitting his time working on some of the screen plays for this and dance with dragons - look forward to it but I've been waiting for that bloody book for ages
  5. Cheer for the write up once again! Good to see Inception doing well, score one for intelligent films!
  6. Oh go on then, yeah time for them to go for it!
  7. Yeah I know. The first one somehow entertaining despite itself, the second one, dreadful. There's going to have to be an exceptionally good trailer to get me into the cinema for this one.
  8. Anyone read Richard Morgan? I'm plowing through all his books at the moment, love playtrade £2 books. Just finished Market Forces, not bad, but not as good as his space sci-fi stuff. I've just gone and ordered everything else he's published, and will get the Steele remains when I can get it second hand. Also just read Green Mars, don't know how it took me so long to get into these ones, have ordered Blue Mars for holidays coming up.
  9. You know, I suspect the Orange advert taking the piss out of the A-team might end up being better than the film itself. Despite bad reviews I think the trailer for Losers makes it look better.
  10. Ace! Loved it, Richard Coyle was excellently cast. The only thing I would have changed would be to have Alan Rickman as Vetinari, not that I think he would have been particularly like the book character, just that the world needs more Alan Rickman.
  11. Ooof, I was hoping rory would go but that was brutal! Haha, his weak chinned face was displeasing me. Agreed with most of the sentiment in here that it was a definate OK ep, but not amazing. legs legs legs
  12. Entertaining enough, hopefully they wont announce that they're going to shoot the next two films back to back and make another double sequal move craptacular
  13. I didn't mind it, good to see this increaingly rare bit of TV sci fi is still entertaining, hopefully they'll pick up the pace a bit now
  14. Damn. Have to watch Glee on a monday now
  15. Yeah had alot of fun with this episode. Amy's bf... not so sure. Don't like his face, maybe that's the point though.
  16. Yeah, did a quick IMDB to see if she was in anything else, looks like the last thing was a version of robin hood but with a stargate in it. Blah.
  17. Cheers Goose! Yeah I'm not so excited about Robin Hood. How did Kick Ass do overall? Would love a sequel.
  18. It's hilarious! Yeah, definately a substititue for story telling.
  19. Lol at the guy who was in Ali McBeal. Smallville, where careers come to die. Although wasn't too bad I guess, tho I'm fairly sure I can predict what's going to happen with that rao thing
  20. Yep, the more mechas the better!
  21. Add some ham and cheese, could be nice!
  22. Great episode, Karen was excellently cast, love it when she started making silly voices and faces - "and what are you going to do", makers her seem so much more human than previous assistants.
  23. Yar twas good! The new girl is fantastic, remember seeing her on the Kevin Bishop show, stunning. Got a good feeling about these season!
  24. I eat porridge most days, but I eat it uncooked. Does anyone else do this? Dark honey, milk and whatever berry I can get cheap - currently black berries.
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