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  1. Yep, smokin hot. Tom even came close to acting at one point! Not bad ep
  2. Yeah I caught the reference when I watched it, but it was executed poorly. Odd, not many laughs to be had.
  3. Have a go now mate, its about the only thing that runs on my crappy old laptop!
  4. Damn, wanted to see how my pier looked from the air. Going to Put some boats in and building a landing near Moose's place
  5. Do we have confirmation about monsters becoming active in multi? Personally I wouldn't mind Mukville becoming more like the single player (but with the ability to spawn blocks at will). It would probably bring some order to the place if we had to put up walls and barricades to keep the screaming hordes at bay.
  6. Agreed, very strong episode. Solid creepy performances from the supporting cast, the story actually progressing... loving it!
  7. Haha, yeah it was wasn't it? Not the best this week
  8. Yeah this is going to be ace methinks! Loved the pilot
  9. Yeah I can see that... but without the reset button they always used to push. And Erica is far nicer on the eyes imo
  10. I dunno, if it's done with some humour the title could work. Just so long as it's nothing like Terminator Salvation
  11. The Event, everything that happens after episode one and the run out of money or ideas
  12. Hmm, looking at the map, the best spot would be the land near the galleon - no idea where the person would land though. Do you need to be a specific rank to trigger TNT? I've never used it or red stone before
  13. Think that animal cannon is the bezt thing I've seen so far on minecraft! Could we build one in the server and use it to fire a volunteer? Or do you need a cart?
  14. Yeah about that, did some reading online after
  15. Agreed, I enjoy the messing about with others and other people seeing your creations more. I had exactly the same experience as you, made a functional house, even with glass windows, but once I was safe didn't feel the need to explore/dig like crazy. Will be fun doing exploring in a team though!
  16. I do have something against her. Whatever her background is she has limited vocabulary, "love, impressed, amazing", goes on about her top. Who cares. Also it seems the BBC didn't have much faith in her either, they had to get that other bloke to offer all the intellegent opinions. I'm not sure if I can go on watching this. Oh shit how I've got to pixar bint
  17. dammit should have been reading texts!!!! Nice one guys, I take it that was where the 4000 TNT's were?
  18. Watched this last night, suprisingly good. Not as worried about garfield as spiderman now. Wonder how the folk in it feel like being portrayed as such dick though
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