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  1. On Netflix watching stone ocean, wasn't there a series set in Japan between this and stardust crusaders? Continues to be crazy imaginative though!
  2. Actually finished painting something finally, I've had these three on my desk for months! Going to do the knight next.
  3. In terms of how GRRM will / would have ended things, I don't even think he knows. He's described himself as a "gardener" kind of writer, so he has an idea but is no adverse to letting things grow and exploring them, a bit like a D&D campaign. He probably needs a collaborator or much stronger editor to keep him in line. Like anyone who read Wheel of Time you can tell that Robert Jordan making his wife his editor wasn't a good move and I'm not sure who is supporting / challenging GRRM. I honestly think he'll never finish, I'm not even sure we will see another book.
  4. Awesome! Have you read any of the books? Mkoll is a badass
  5. It gets better. I'm hopeful that they bump up the budget a bit so they can deal with the big battles later. I mean the story itself has a huge amount of fat they can cut compared to GoT so there is a possibility for a decent adaption.
  6. Feels like they were setting up for a second part of this?
  7. Yeah I am liking this surprisingly. Definitely getting Merlin vibes in terms of production quality. The thing is, the best thing about the books were the battle scenes which are huge and take up most of the pages sometimes. I wonder how they will manage those
  8. Oh man, they so almost got this right eh? I mean, just some basic understanding of movement would have help soooo much. In animation, the view is often set from one angle as that is what they have painted. You can move the camera around the set guys, it's live action! As it is already it looks stilted, people are just standing there waiting to be shot / punched. Frustrating
  9. It generally depends, as many of the Astartes chapters can trace their history back to the great crusade many still hold to the emperor's own commands that he wasn't a god and no god exists, as part of the ideology of the imperial truth. That being said 10,000 years is a long time even for transhuman warrior monks and some like the Black Templars love a bit of religion.
  10. Watching episode 9. Honestly could they stop writing the female protagonists as idiots. The bits on Trantor continue to be great, as if they were written by someone else.
  11. No man it's good work, hope you didn't take it otherwise. I'm already midway thought several project but when I inevitably start a new one from scratch I'll definitely use contrast.
  12. As we are coming to the end of 2021, I was looking for this post to compare how I did this year compared to 2020. Man I am waaaaay behind. I've done the sisters of battle box (less the seraphim as flying stands) and a few chaos things but am really lagging. Think I didn't paid at all during the summer. Hopefully you all were more productive that me!
  13. Yeah good episode, I'm finding the writing of Gaal a bit annoying.
  14. Yeah I'm in, a low budget isn't necessarily the end of the world providing the scripts and direction are there.
  15. Aye same, maybe I'm just a soft touch for Mafia media. Gabagool
  16. Up to episode 5 now. There are bits that I like and it's gorgeous to look at.
  17. Yeah I think this would have been better as a mini series
  18. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is watching this? Everyone I've spoken to IRL seems to have watched it or started it.
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