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  1. Watching this from the start again, damn it's good. Olyphant and Goggins what a performance. Ava is ridiculously hot.
  2. It's mental. Also how much money that girl took out unsecured (and that the banks let her) it's crazy.
  3. The books are very similar! Good fun but extremely dumb. Hands like dinner plates. Punching a guy so hard you stop their heart and so forth
  4. I was standing in the living room for the last 5 minutes. Fucking yaldy Scotland!
  5. I also love that he'd named after Margaret Thatcher
  6. Didn't the author admit the later entries were just to pay for his divorce?
  7. Seemed relevant. My sister is a visual artist, she often said making that her job (teaching art) was a big creative drain. She still loves it though
  8. Aye disappointing reading up about him, he comes across as snidey and almost highschoolish. He created a lot of work that I really loved and showed a lot of insight, you really would have thought he'd be a bit more aware of his impact on others.
  9. This is another 5/10 for me. Earlier in the thread someone compared this to the umbrella academy, yeah it's like a po faced high budget version of that.
  10. That trailer was just the whole movie right? Might give it a try down the line when it goes to streaming
  11. How bad is the overuse of similes the second time through? "they were staring at each other like two strange cats" or something
  12. Watching Wrath of Man. It's a Guy Richie Jason Statham movie. Delivering so far
  13. Wow. I bet you are all super excited about this
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