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  1. I've watched this twice. When is the next one coming out?!
  2. Well as 45 hours in a guess I did like this! Agreed the main campaign had pacing issues, really enjoying going back and tidying stuff up around the crater and Bezerker fights. Really wonder where they will take the story next
  3. I can recommend The Menu, we went to see it randomly at the cinema based on the cast and really enjoyed it! Going to check out Triangle of Sadness
  4. This has popped up on iPlayer, it's daft but watchable
  5. Ah that's a shame, the trailer looked like Event Horizon in the north sea
  6. I wonder if there will be earth Na'vi then? Or maybe humans see the earthlings?!
  7. Yeah we watched all of this, first reality TV show I've watched to the end all the way through.
  8. I think he's trying. Honestly he'd be better off just doing what Sean Connery did and be inexplicably Scottish in every role. Worked in 300
  9. We watched this earlier today, loved it. Fantastic cast playing the worst people on the planet, misdirection, and a nice couple of twists. Hope Rian Johnson keeps making these. Knives Out at a ski resort? On a cruise ship? I'm in.
  10. The thing is, he really is deep into the lore. Apparently he was the same with the Witcher series, so whatever it ends up being should be properly grim.
  11. I thought this was pretty good, hopefully it doesn't disappear up its own arse like Westworld.
  12. Finally caught the last episode, brilliant! Best Star Wars in years. I didn't even bother seeing the last film and despite likely Ewan McGregor couldn't be arsed with Obi Wan, this is what you want. New stories, leveraging the Disney budget but well thought out and actually worth watching
  13. Yeah we are enjoying this, writing and world building could be a bit tighter but the characters are enjoyable, especially Wednesday
  14. Louise Sugden at GW goes for mad colours, I follow her on Instagram. Like neon stuff
  15. Here's my mess. I'm somewhat regretting making Soviet marines following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Luckily they are just transfers so could take them off and just say they are blood angels successors.
  16. Right apparently due to a quick internet search I watched season 2/2 which would explain why I didn't know who all the new people are 🤦‍♂️
  17. Currently watching the second season of Berserk. No idea what is going on, they've clearly jumped forward in the manga from where the first anime ended after the eclipse. The CGI base isn't as good as the old Anime either
  18. Been thinking my Death Guard are too clean. Really can't be bothered repainting them but this could be a cheeky way to grime them up
  19. Played a few hours this evening with the gang, it's really glitchy at the moment, really needs a few patches. Seemed fun though
  20. 50Gb update on the go, beasting my internet connection for work
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