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  1. Louise Sugden at GW goes for mad colours, I follow her on Instagram. Like neon stuff
  2. Here's my mess. I'm somewhat regretting making Soviet marines following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Luckily they are just transfers so could take them off and just say they are blood angels successors.
  3. Right apparently due to a quick internet search I watched season 2/2 which would explain why I didn't know who all the new people are
  4. Currently watching the second season of Berserk. No idea what is going on, they've clearly jumped forward in the manga from where the first anime ended after the eclipse. The CGI base isn't as good as the old Anime either
  5. Been thinking my Death Guard are too clean. Really can't be bothered repainting them but this could be a cheeky way to grime them up
  6. Played a few hours this evening with the gang, it's really glitchy at the moment, really needs a few patches. Seemed fun though
  7. 50Gb update on the go, beasting my internet connection for work
  8. WARZONE! wonder how I'll get on, will need to get good with a sniper
  9. Yeah this was great, don't think they need to make anymore but it looks like they are
  10. Watching this, was thinking "That looks like Scotland" in episode 4 and sure enough, that's Perthshire
  11. I've not had any problems with this, I think you need to reinstall
  12. Just got the credits for this, was playing with the OH and we both found this really compelling. And confusing!
  13. Going to try grind the lachman, given I have trouble hitting with automatic weapons this may take some time
  14. I'm quite enjoying this, had to switch to mouse and keyboard to keep up with the rest of my clan. I still utterly suck! My role is generally LMG suppressing fire
  15. Hmm, quite looking forward to this. Think the OH will be away so I can probably have a full weekend of being a social shut in and try rinse it
  16. Yeah totally. As well it shows that Gil Galad was being wise in his judgement of Galadriel, also we was clearly worried when they said they were making an all powerful magical crown of all things. Similarly the Dwarf king hinted that the elves becoming mortal and either living with that in Middle earth or running away to Valinor was the natural order of things, and that no good would come of using mithril to cheat death. LOTR has a very black and white morality, and even in the original trilogy they hammered home the point that it was ultimately mercy that lead to the fall of evil not great kings and armies.
  17. Well I thought this was great. Some scenes lingered a bit too long and could have been edited down (you know which one, say goodbye already), but looking back on the series:
  18. Just utterly binged Kaguya-Sama: Love is war after watching a YouTube recommendation from Mothers Basement. Its really good! Genuinely funny, not uncomfortably pervy and the characters act like actual people (most of the time). They do the whole reset of the relationship for comedy a few times, but generally time does pass and the characters do age and grow and from what I can gather the manga actually has an end, so I'm in. Can't stand open ended stories. Didn't watch much Anime for the past few years, there's a lot of good stuff I've missed. Haven't even got to Cyberpunk yet.
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