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  1. Have you got to the plane bit or the evangelical Christian bit? Not sure which episodes.
  2. I'm okay with this, it's pretty enough to look at. Thought Cara Delevingnes Irish accent seemed pretty good and immediately made her even more attractive. More people should have Irish accents.
  3. Lovely work. Also what are you on about clearly you need another 4 to complete the Lance and fill out the Super Heavy Support Detachment. And at least 15 vanguard Skitarii, might as well get transports too to limit the drops....
  4. Post a picture of your admec team. I've still to paint mine, need inspiration for the cloaks. I've got 3 of the buggers built with plasma culvrins already.
  5. The Terrain is lovely, as are the minis inside. Just get it for yourself!
  6. Some lovely stuff announced, and had I not recently sold my soul to the dark god's of Chaos I'd be all over those sisters. Once the shame pile is a little smaller maybe....
  7. Been on bolter and chainsword recently, but might as well share. The Murder Sword worked out better than expected.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of the vanguard range to be honest. I'd like some Intersessors with storm shields and melee weapons to go storming the centre
  9. Especially Primaris I find don't forget the extra attack and better guns, the -1 AP is really helpful, plus the 30' range means that at 15' they are lethal as rapid firing and loosing minus to hit. The difference over old school bolters shouldn't be that much but on the smaller kill team tables it is.
  10. I need to go double check elites, are you sure it's per phase? That's totally broken if it is! Plus chuck in command points. I maintain normal chaos marines are pants though
  11. Are you bringing any of your own plasma? Thinking that getting through that much toughness 5 is going to be tough
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