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  1. Anyone else blatantly going to get a chaos knight?
  2. I've got the PBC now so thinking the same thing.
  3. Revisers get about and are tough enough to useful, Intersessors are good at 15' as they can rapid fire plus loose the to hit penalty and -1ap. Old Marines literally have nothing going for them with bolt guns. Chaos Astartes really struggling at the moment, maybe Death Guard would be alright. Next kill team will be Skitarii, plus I'm to finally paint up UR-06 (?) From Blackstone for a bit of tanking.
  4. Well got my arse well and truly handed to me last night. Psykers = good, Old Marines = bad. Firstly played a 100pt servants of the Abyss list, the psykers and megavolt cultists performed but my god standard guard and marines are woeful. Second game which is pictured below looked cool. But in a 200pt commander games only the plasma marine and the greater possessed did anything. I think Khorne berserkers have a place but really 100pt of my list did nothing!
  5. They look pretty good to me! Impressive that you can churn out a decent squad of infantry in a few hours. If I ever did orks or tyrannids I would definitely use contrast for the 100 odd infantry
  6. Really enjoyed the first season, also a bit of the second but 3 episodes to go totally loosing interest.
  7. How thick are contrast paints? I'm thinking if they cut out a step they might help preserve detail?
  8. Looks great man, I'm really going to have to start weathering stuff looks so much better
  9. I really enjoyed this, clearly I love both of the authors but Michael Sheen and Tennant are what made it. I liked that it was a tight 6 episode show, I really don't have time for the neverending Netflix series' that last 5 seasons theses days.
  10. I'll try Contrast paints, but what I really want to see is no more grey plastic. I went to a Killteam game night a few weeks ago and it really breaks the immersion seeing unpainted model's.
  11. Contrast is witchcraft. Definitely what I'm going to use for my Slaanesh demons. In the meantime, still working through conquest. Up next apothecary Vassili, and some blight lords
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