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  1. Lee Child passes the baton: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/jan/18/jack-reacher-series-author-lee-child-quits-and-lets-brother-step-in A shame but there's probably enough material out there for a well designed AI to keep writing them.
  2. The only reason to make more of this is if someone has a really solid idea for a different theme. It's not the kind of show you can just churn out, so I'm happy that they are leaving it there.
  3. The trailer looked terrible, from the look of it they tried to make this into some epic adventure for some reason. It's a dude who can talk to animals just keep it light and silly
  4. One of them should have at least grown a moustache.
  5. I take it this is building up to some sinister six shit then?
  6. Yeah I thought this was great. They've cracked the video game movie formula, just take the piss throughout! You can tell that the main cast were having a great time too.
  7. Resisted buying this. I'm in the process of moving house and need to limit the stuff I can carry. Besides if I'm going to get AoS stuff I want some elves or a dragon.
  8. I'm a bit late to the party but this was fantastic right? Who knew Damon Lindelof had this in him.
  9. £2.99. I don't need this.... Blatantly going to get it.
  10. Watched the first two, but after the final scene of episode 2 I think I'm happy to stop there
  11. They seem to be updating the older sculpts slowly so I guess so. I see that they are doing a re issue of dark vengeance. Got the chaos side less the chosen so can't really justify it.
  12. Panic Room is a serviable airplane film. Can't really remember what happened in it after all this time mind.
  13. Well I absolutely binged this season and really enjoyed it, crowbarred in villain notwithstanding. I remember the books having the same issue, in order to keep the drama up they had to invent more and more illogical bad guys who seem completely oblivious to the species changing events happening around them or just how important James Holden is. Despite that I enjoyed the ride, great seeing huge properly alien structures on TV so I can forgive this for not being Neal Stephenson level of sci fi. Also, Amos, what a guy.
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