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  1. Interesting conversion idea, how tricky would the robes be to add using green stuff I wonder:
  2. I'll probably pick up Gaunts Ghosts, and the close combat Celestinans, in two minds about the paragon warsuits
  3. Gave this a go the other day, just to bump this thread and say damn go watch this if you haven't already!
  4. I didn't mind that ending, there wasn't a big gotcha moment but I think it's clear they want another season. I quite liked how at the end just how banal the corruption was.
  5. This was excellent, surprised it isn't being promoted more!
  6. Giving this a go based on the praise in this thread, even Netflix seemed to hide it away when I searched for it.
  7. I've totally binged this and am now caught up ahead of the finale on Sunday. Ya bent bastard
  8. I'm guessing more sisters of battle stuff, which means I need to finish off the shame pile!
  9. Great work guys! Maybe I should pull my finger our and do my sisters repentia.
  10. Looks like you can pre-order on the GW site so I think they are making more. I'm staying strong and saying no! That being said I'm totally getting these guys as they are awesome:
  11. Nice, is the black primed and highlighted in grey or did you do anything else?
  12. Ah the Dark Vengeance box, it's ace. I only have bits of it
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