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  1. Hopefully the scalpers misjudged this one like they did with the sisters box. I managed to get that at cost a few weeks later. I did kind of want this for the rule book and the necrons, I can see myself getting the official 9th edition set eventually.
  2. Battlescribe has other games on it, but yes it would be a shame if they have to pull the list builders. I like making theoretical armies or just checking random unit rules. That said I still bought the Death Guard codex just because I wanted to have it
  3. Got bored during my lunch break so made a diorama of my Violators warband attacking an imperial position. I'm 37 years old.
  4. Spears of the Emperor is great, actually anything by ADB generally is. The Night Lords Trilogy for instance. I'm currently re-reading the Gaunt's Ghosts series. Currently reading Sabat Martyr, which is awesome. Best one since Necropolis. It's worth reading them all as you follow the troopers as they survive or die, or get promoted to Sergeant etc. So many awesome scenes: I really hope GM release a Traitor Guard force, I've been making one using the Blackstone Fortress minis but I really would love to have rules and model for a high traitor human like a High Magister / Anarch.
  5. @And @RFT that's why I was being sneaky and bringing an Astropath in my mini army above, you can make the Tank -1 to hit which is quite funny. That's a mechanic that I hear is going in 9th as basically it would neutralise all Ork shooting.
  6. Based on what I have painted I could field this nasty little Guard Army for 500pt: I guess this morning I'm mainly going to be on Battlescribe making tiny armies.
  7. I'm pretty sure I could fit an entire Brigade of Guard in for 500. Mostly las weaponry so unlikely that they would achieve anything!
  8. Done. Honestly if you ever feel a compulsion to paint one of these demon turkey's paint the wings in sub assembly. Utter pain in the arse. Now I want a Brass Scorpion.
  9. Just finished the sunless citadel with my Sunday zoom crew. Utterly brilliant, the amount of dumb / and or awesome stuff that happened was epic. A particular highlight was inadvertently torturing a goblin then reanimating him, and an occasion when my gnomish druid companion turned into a giant lizard and demanded I mount him into battle
  10. I was able to get the limited edition box on ebay for about £120, might be more than you are wanting to spend but it's a fun box. I also was eyeing up the Sacred Rose colour scheme from a few pages back, but bloody hell all that white. Even my Apothecary is light grey! I think I'm going to have to do it so they match my Space Pope
  11. £120 isn't too bad, plus you can get a cheeky discount from Element Games etc. £100 for a bit of lockdown fun... tempting
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