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  1. My save game has been corrupted (30hours), and is in stasis until the hot fix, so I’ve started a fresh game to get the update feels. The base building is engaging, but I chuckle every time I go and hide inside my little wooden shantytown to escape the toxic space storms. It doesn’t interest me as much as the pioneering, finding new planets and prospecting does. The first 5 hours are frustrating in terms of inventory management, (launch fuel!) and I’m a relentless hoarder, so it took me a while to get used to the new elements, but it’s fundamentally similar, so I’m still grinding, recharging and surviving. I feel like a bit more flexibility with slots in exosuits during the first 5 hours would really eliminate a lot of frustration, but would remove that urgency and struggle to survive that drives you initially. I can understand people’s criticisms of the consistency of the universe, and if you think too hard about it, it can ruin the pleasant illusion. I’m happy to live the lie, as long as it keeps serving up variety. I started to tire of the same experiences with my old save and hadn’t really played since 2016, but this feels such like a substantial update its been much more fun to play. Same as the first game, I can’t help but feel like an awkward Columbus ‘discovering’ a new system when its full of trading posts,Gek,Vykeen and Alien artifacts.
  2. The .- version of a file is a mac OS X file that gets written if you copy files via Mac OS X. the emulator you are using for your mame Roma will need the correct rom version of metal slug for it. You can use clrmame to check your roms or rebuild them for a particular rom set ( e.g. If you wanted to use fba or mame2003 instead). The retropie documentation over at GitHub is extremely good. Try changing the emulator for that game to a couple of different types. Lr-fba is pretty good and I think has a neogeo unibios built in?
  3. As for the bare knuckle sections, I found them to be really brutal. They've really gone for the break, dislocate, maim sort of move set, and I feel a bit queasy playing the bare knuckle sections. The violence is definitely dialled up in this version with the double, triple and quad kills, which are a bit flamboyant to say the least. Although it is good to see Evie besting 10 men in the ring.
  4. Anyone still up for level 29-ish Destiny action? I'm trying to get some co-op in and finding it hard to find more than one person in my friends list who hasn't reached the level cap. I'm hashampersand on PSN and usually good to play from 9.30 onwards.
  5. It hurts even more on the iPhone, but I stuck with it, and it's a solid racer. It would be great if you could do some online multiplayer though.
  6. I couldn't find reference to it here, but Retro racing is the fucking business. Top down racer, a bit like Megadrive micro machines, and it's got classic drift style handling, in the vein of c64 Grand Prix simulator. Powerups, choice of vehicles (that make a big difference) and Leaderboard track times. An excellent nostalgic blast.
  7. Classic Times. It was thoroughly unsporting of them, but good old-fashioned English Justice was served that day.
  8. Loving squad and arena slayer without the Armour Lock. It's making me appreciate how good the hologram and jetpack are. I dread going back to regular Team Slayer and people having Armour Lock-offs. Useful, but overused.
  9. I'm loving this so much, it's really quite compelling. The acetylene level that you posted the solution to earlier in the thread really stumped me for a while. I had no idea you could loop back through the grab, and only recently that the bond instruction could be sent from anywhere. Tough learning curve, huge satisfaction guaranteed.
  10. Got my 3ds, no games though! my code is 2019-9637-5456, added quite a few of you. Can't wait to get some street fighter battles on!
  11. But how would you make z axis control fine enough to deal with the precision needed for bullet hell shooters? Or do you think it would be organised into different planes of action, and you switch between them?
  12. 3D will probably be touted as a gimmick, until someone invents some sort of gameplay mechanic or genre of game that is genuinely improved by the arrival of stereoscopic 3D and requires it to play. It'll be a shame if it is a passing fad, and becomes overused to the point of cliche, like lens flare or unnecessary stealth sections in games. I'd love to play picross 3d in true 3D though. And bloody Kula World. Where will it stop? Chuckie Egg 3D?
  13. Make sure that you've already gone down the ladder into the underground bunker and laid the explosives on the computer console. The access ladder is to the right of the large double lift hangar thingies in the courtyard when you smoke the technician to get the keycard. Once you've done that, a door opens downstairs, and loads of extra dragon-guards will spawn. That's what I had to do on Agent difficulty. I'm loving the single player on this - I love the way the difficulty scales up with more complex demands, rather than just more hitpoints or more accurate guards.
  14. Do friend codes have to be mutually added for you to play online with this? What I mean is do you have to swap codes with each other in order to play people online, or is it more like mariokart in that you can go on and challenge randoms? If it is a mutual swap, someone do the honorable thing and add me and put up your code, I really want to check out the multiplayer. 5027 0282 2080
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