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  1. thanks. It’s definitely confirmed you have to switch regions to play though ?
  2. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-11-22-sony-patent-for-removable-ps5-faceplates-published
  3. This has probably been asked but can you get RR6 from digitally from any of the Xbox marketplaces ?
  4. Anyone know if it’s possible to buy replacement n64 shell cases ? And new controllers ?
  5. Tick Tick Boom. Not normally a fan of musicals but this was great. 4/5
  6. This is 13 euro in the Black Friday sale on Xbox. Worth a punt for a huge GT and Forza fan ? Playing with a pad btw
  7. Yep would be happy to join. I’m 3 hours ahead of you but if the time works I’m in. Gamertag is Fargo123
  8. Mine is showing as x/s enhanced but the game menu gave me the option to download the anniversary edition which i selected, but there’s no indication it’s actually downloaded
  9. How do you know when the Anniversary Edition had downloaded and installed ? Does the dashboard icon update?
  10. Anyone tried switching their Xbox to New Zealand to see if the patch downloads ?
  11. Saw this for the second time today and I think I enjoyed it even more on the second viewing. Never read the book but it’s on my Christmas wish list now
  12. How do you unlock the various event types ? All I seem to have are road races! No rally or cross country events are on the map.
  13. The two Popes. 4/5 really entertaining film and excellent performances from the two leads.
  14. This is excellent overall. Perfect game you can play for 10 mins or several hours. only slight issue is quick resume is kinda glitchy
  15. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-11-05-bethesda-confirms-free-skyrim-next-gen-upgrade-pricing-for-anniversary-edition?fbclid=IwAR0wAQ-EpABnTxdl8XukX6u9WWAwdj9QjhHdf-0jtJQ-MGNAMK-dCwcGw5o will be interesting to see just exactly what the next-gen graphical updates are
  16. How’s the 360 version of CV? It’s running on a different engine right ? Framework
  17. Enjoyed this for the first few hours but just finding it incredible frustrating now. You just get sucked into this loop of playing similar missions and upgrading your equipment (even more frustrating because there’s always something better!) I know recent Ubisoft games all had elements of this and the whole games as a service mentality but just takes it too far. It just smacks of a game where business decisions influence gameplay and the result is a game with no real artistic qualities. At the end of the last few sessions I’ve just felt disappointed in myself for playing it for so long and not doing something more productive. Deleted for good this time!
  18. Saw this last night and absolutely loved it. Proper Sci-if. Can’t wait to see it again. On a side note what is it with cinemas these days and seemingly not being able to calibrate theirs screens? The movie looked amazing but there were times where I’d be fairly confident in saying it would have looked better on my oled at home.
  19. Maybe a patch will be announced at this months state of play. Early Christmas present.
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