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  1. I adored Mass Effect 2 and 3. The second game in particular. But I could never get on with the first game. I know it's been given some improvements but has anyone heard if the interactive comic is available if you start from the second game? I always thought that was a great addition.
  2. Anyone else finding they get a touch of motion sickness with this?
  3. I don’t think it’s activated on Far Cry as standard. You have to select it for some games as when you do it plays them at one s settings to achieve the higher frame rates
  4. Bought. Adored Human Revolution but could never get into the sequel. Cyberpunk has be wanting more of this genre and 60fps, faster loading, and HDR might be the cherry on top!
  5. Yeah the PS4 version definitely had a pro patch
  6. apparently the floaty controls are fixed by adjusting the aim accelerator
  7. Controls do seem more floaty on Xbox than the PS5 and is it possible to actually do damage to the enemies with the firearms ? environments look gorgeous though and it’s more resi so I’m still in
  8. REmake and zero would be great actually. And already 60fps on PC so the game works at those frames
  9. 15GB update on Xbox and the HDR works again but I still get a crash to the dashboard on death or when I finish the current level, and it doesn’t save!! I think I’ll see if I can get my money back on this one
  10. Arkham Knight deserves the full series enhanced treatment really. FPS boost for the other Batman games and series s/x update for Knight would be perfect.
  11. Is the latest demo activated from the same download as the village demo ?
  12. The Snyder is now on iTunes and I'll probably rent it over the weekend. I'll watch it over two sittings though, can anyone remember how long you have to watch a movie after it's rented on Itunes?
  13. Anyone know if this will be on iTunes from Friday?
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