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  1. Watched it last night. It was enjoyable enough but not amazing.
  2. I like it and hopefully the design means it’ll run cool and quiet.
  3. I should have played this years ago, really enjoyed what I’ve played so far. Quick question, can you change your character’s appearance once you’ve started the game ? I know they patched this into Mass Effect Andromeda so I wonder if there is something similar in this.
  4. Resident Evil 3 FF7 Remake Doom Eternal Cyberpunk
  5. A new achievement has been added to RE2 Remake relating to Jill Valentine. Has anyone found it yet ?
  6. Is this on game pass ? I know it’s only 8.99 on PSN at the moment but I’ve asked for a 12 month game pass sub for Xmas so will wait if it’s available on the service.
  7. Excellent news, and fantastic that we don’t have to wait that long until release.
  8. Xbox Elite Series 2 controller Onimusha PS4
  9. Definitely worth it for the option of the classic soundtrack. Dat save room theme
  10. Planning the same as this generation, Sony and Microsoft systems. All my purchases are digital but I may start collection some older physical titles if the rumours of full BC with all previous PlayStations are true.
  11. Double XP at the moment too
  12. Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock had the first score attack mode I think. If you play the GC or DC port it's on there too.
  13. I watched 'Earthquake Bird’ this evening and quite enjoyed it, slow burner but loved the Japanese scenery and overall aesthetic, the characters were a little one dimensional however.
  14. Does 7 fit it to the story alongside 1,2,3,CV ?
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