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  1. I would say this is just about playable in performance mode on Xbox one x. Hopefully the patch next week brings a big improvement. For anyone on the fence I’d say hold off for now.
  2. Anyone managed to get a game working on the alpha yet ?
  3. FFS I wonder if it fairs better on PS4
  4. Downloading now. Looking forward to playing it over the weekend!
  5. Strange that this doesn’t seem to be up for preorder on Xbox or PS4 considering it’s out in a few days.
  6. Those screens of forgotten sands look great. Is it X enhanced ?
  7. Is the lack of disc drive confirmed ? It’s hard to tell from the images I’ve seen.
  8. I watched Mission Impossible Fallout this afternoon and thought it was an excellent action flick.
  9. I hope your save files are compatible with the next gen version seeing as it’s a free upgrade. and will it be for the regular edition too, or just the GOTY edition
  10. 1080/60 and 4k/30 options on the Xbox one x sounds nice.
  11. Aren’t bang and olufsen partnering with Xbox on new headphones ?
  12. Looking forward to hearing the reviews and impressions. I didn’t realise this was out next week.
  13. That's a shame. Although in my case ignorance might be bliss as I never got very far when I played in on the ps2. Too scared!
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