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  1. I’m really hyped for this. The beta was awesome fun. I didn’t really get on with BF5 so I’m looking forward to having a regular multiplayer shooter again.
  2. It's got it's issues but overall it's a great game. Serious amount of gameplay for your money with everything included too.
  3. The noise of my pro was the reason I sold it and purchased a slim model. Much quieter and overall a much nicer looking design. I travel a fair bit so it's also handy to be able to take it with me easily enough too.
  4. Never thought of CEX. I've actually found the a6100 for a great price online so I'm going to go with it and buy a 55-210mm lens separately. https://www.e-infin.com/eu/item/4028/sony_alpha_a6100_mirrorless_digital_camera_+_16-50mm_lenses_(black) https://www.e-infin.com/eu/item/2275/sony_e_55-210mm_f4.5-6.3_oss_e-mount_lens_sel55210_(black)
  5. And I should probably start Bloodborne. It's been sitting on my hard drive since it was free with PS+ but despite being a huge fan of Dark Souls I haven't played it yet!
  6. Never got the Nikon in the end. I was looking at mirrorless cameras instead and I really like the Sony a6000. I know it's old and will be replaced shortly with the a6100 but I can get one with a 16-50mm & 55-210mm Lenses for just under 700 quid. Anything else I should consider before I pull the trigger?
  7. I'd love to, but I just don't think I'd have the time to finish them before the III is released. Tempted to try though.
  8. I must confess I never completed either of the first games but I'm looking forward to this nonetheless. Can anyone recommend a decent recap video of the first two to bring me up to speed before this launches?
  9. What's the best decent entry level camera, either SLR or micro 4:3? I've been looking to get a camera for months but haven't bitten the bullet yet. I'm thinking of picking up a Nikon 3500 this weekend.
  10. Another run through Resident Evil 2 Remake
  11. Shame about the delay but if they need more time to make a better game so be it. Feb/March next year is looking crazy good now!
  12. I finished Manhunt Unabomber last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. Just back from seeing this. I thought it was excellent. One question though
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