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  1. Wow the download was literally ready at 6pm on the button! *edit although it’s only 3.97GB so maybe it’s the multiplayer patch first
  2. Fargo


    This was excellent. So good I watched it twice in a week.
  3. Is the 10 euro upgrade showing for anyone yet ? It might be a launch day upgrade price I guess
  4. Any info on the new map ? I think it drops this week bit would be great to know a little more about it before I download hundreds of GBs again are modern weapons still going to be available or is it switching to WW2 to tie in with vanguard ?
  5. There’s some ps1 and ps2 games I’d love to play again, particularly if they ran at higher frame rates and resolutions.
  6. thanks. It’s definitely confirmed you have to switch regions to play though ?
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-11-22-sony-patent-for-removable-ps5-faceplates-published
  8. This has probably been asked but can you get RR6 from digitally from any of the Xbox marketplaces ?
  9. Anyone know if it’s possible to buy replacement n64 shell cases ? And new controllers ?
  10. Tick Tick Boom. Not normally a fan of musicals but this was great. 4/5
  11. This is 13 euro in the Black Friday sale on Xbox. Worth a punt for a huge GT and Forza fan ? Playing with a pad btw
  12. Yep would be happy to join. I’m 3 hours ahead of you but if the time works I’m in. Gamertag is Fargo123
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