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  1. The 2 v 2 mode is playable on PS4 this weekend apparently.
  2. Binged this over the weekend. It’s excellent and I found it totally gripping.
  3. I picked this up along with all the DLC cheaply on PSN recently. I'd finished it on launch on the Xbox but I wanted to try the post launch content. I'd enjoyed it on the xbox but the ending left a sour taste. The game has faults, as mentioned the ending, the combat is crap compared to something like Uncharted 4 (and very frustrating!) the characters are completely forgettable, the story is pure shite, and Lara herself is nowhere near as interesting as she was in the original games. Despite all this however, it's a really good game, especially with the DLC because it's just lots more of what the game did well and that's exploring a gorgeous looking environment. It really is a stunning looking game and I find it very relaxing to play and just soak in the atmosphere (combat situations not withstanding). The puzzles too, particularly in the DLC are quite good. I hope whoever takes on the next game in the franchise really focuses on these aspects for whatever comes next. Either that or just remake Tomb Raider 2 and take notes from the RE2 remake team at Capcom.
  4. The Porsche DLC is excellent. Am I correct in thinking 7 did not get this kind of post launch content? if it did I need to buy it! I love the way it gives you a history of the manufacturer and the cars as you complete the races, and it doesn't just make races progressively longer the more you play through the campaign which I love.
  5. Downloaded the game from Gold and purchased the DLC last night. Cheers for the heads up. While it’s not as nice looking as 7 it’s still a gorgeous game and with the DLC there’s tons of content.
  6. Would it be hard to go back and play 6 after putting so many hours into 7? Conscious it doesn’t support 4K and HDR
  7. Forgotten about Judgement, haven't played that either!
  8. I didn't realise Gears 3 was X enhanced. It's the only one I never played and I got a free download with Gears 4 so I must give it a go before 5 is released, if I have the time.
  9. I got that email, but no code
  10. Fargo

    Nintendo Switch

    Has the new model with the improved battery life got a release date, or is it being gradually phased in ?
  11. Was there talk of an 60fps patch?
  12. I've started and need to finish: Spider-Man Dark souls 2 Mass effect Andromeda Gears of War Ultimate Tomb Raider anniversary (BC) Halo MCC Metro exodus GTA V The last Guardian Shadow of the Colossus Yakuza 0 Days gone Shadow of the Tomb Raider (finished it on xbox but want to finish the PS4 version too) Resident Evil 2 (Hardcore mode) Bloodborne Metal Gear Solid V
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