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  1. Fargo

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Bought this on release but it didn’t click. Gave it a second chance on game pass and really enjoying it now. I love when you smash your headlights and the next track is at night
  2. They’re actually just fucking with us. You’ll complete Midgar expecting it to end but you’ll actually be thrown out into the World Map and everyone’s mind will be blown.
  3. Feeling a little burnt out on this. I might go back to Battlefield V for a while
  4. Surprised we haven’t gotten the demo yet. I’m dying to play this! Like others have done I’m tempted to take leave for this and Resident Evil 3 what a two weeks gaming that would be!
  5. yeah I noticed this too. It’ll take me days to download!
  6. I think so
  7. Fargo

    Poor purchases 2020

    For me too. There’s a good game buried somewhere but it just feels so average. To many other games to focus on to bother. I’d purchased it digitally too
  8. The new dash is quite nice, it certainly seems much snapper and less polluted with advertisements.
  9. Looking for something new to watch and narrowed it down to Riverdale, sex education, or The stranger. Kinda tempted to go with the stranger. Any suggestions as to which is best ?
  10. Fargo

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm late to the Switch party but I've been loving it so far. The only two games I have currently are BOTW and Mario Bros U but they're both superb and I'm enjoying them immensely, Zelda in particular. It's nice to pick up a console a couple of years into its life and have a nice back catalogue to work through and there's several more games I can't wait to pick up. I'm living abroad at the moment and as I didn't make it home for Christmas but I've been home these last few days and staying in my old bedroom and playing BOTW takes me back to my teenage years when I was playing Wind Waker on the GC.
  11. I fucking did it!!
  12. I’m going to try this method, I’d been trying to cheese him by continuously jumping on him and attacking but I think I need to mix it up I think.
  13. Are all the episodes out or is it a case of one a week?
  14. I didn’t realise they were optional. Where should I go next ? I really don’t want to give up if I can help it.
  15. I think I’m going to have to bench this permanently. I’ve been stuck for ages, caught between Lady Butterfly and Seven Spears. Can’t beat either of them and I’ve tried many times. So much I love about this but the difficulty ruins it. At least in Soulsborne I could summon help but no such luck here
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