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  1. Glad I held off on this. But I can see massive discounts to be had picking it up in the January sales. Might be too close to Dead Space though.
  2. Are there any headsets that work wirelessly with both ps5 and Xbox ?
  3. Is the wales v USA game available on the itv Hub? I can’t see the option for live tv anywhere on the app!
  4. This might be my Christmas game. How strong are the RPG elements ? Or is more of an action game ?
  5. Where can you get those ? I assume it’s a sticker ?
  6. Really curious to see how substantial the update is
  7. Knives out. 5/5 perfect movie to watch and unwind after a long day. Great cast and I’m really looking forward to the sequel.
  8. What channel is showing the race this weekend?
  9. Not sure if that sounds like my idea of fun
  10. December 09 apparently for the Witcher 3 next gen update. It was leaked by a retailer according to Twitter.
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