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  1. Can we have the battery chat back please?
  2. I really want to fly a fighter jet in this. Given that the Top Gun pack has been delayed to next year, are there any really good ones in the marketplace? I’m not that keen on spending the price of a new game on a single DLC plane, but might be tempted by a cheaper one.
  3. I thought Goldeneye had dated pretty badly last time I watched it. The music, the clothes, and Bond’s general demeanour as a kind of tetchy Clarkson avatar all made it very much of its time. There are some really good bits, but some of it is unintentionally hilarious, like when Bond’s strapped into the helicopter that’s about to explode, and he keeps trying to press the eject button with his forehead, which made me absolutely piss myself.
  4. I watched this last night too, and really enjoyed it - I thought it did a really good job of preserving the weirdness of the original poem, while updating the themes and the concerns of the characters to something that’s a bit more relatable to modern audiences. And there was a really interesting combination of fantasy world and realistically grim medieval setting - it preserves the dream logic of medieval literature, while layering a lot of visual texture on top. I had a few niggles. The chapter headings go through weirdness and into quirkiness, and are a bit too Wes Anderson compared to the rest of the film. The visuals were stunning, but some of the scenes set in murky, gloomy environments looked awful because of the harsh compression and colour banding. I’m not normally bothered by that sort of thing, but some of the swamp scenes looked like they were being played off CD-ROM. Not sure whether it’s Amazon’s fault or the distributor, but I would much rather have watched on blu-ray. Other things: Alicia Vikander is good, but her peasant accent is distractingly off. It’s like she says nine words in RP and one in Coronation Street, and hits the Coronation Street bit super-hard to compensate. And Joel Edgerton is good too, but seems to be doing an impression of Ian McKellen. But overall, a brilliantly weird thing, like Nicholas Winding Refn directing an episode of Robin of Sherwood. I imagine the filmmakers told the financiers that it would be like Game of Thrones, and the end result is extremely off-kilter and very uncommercial, which would probably explain why it’s been dumped like this, but I thought it was fascinating and beautiful.
  5. That’s the inevitable next step - trying to fractionalise “rare” games, so they can sell smaller pieces/shares/units to investors. Everything here has “bargepole” written right through it, like a stick of rock made out of compacted faeces.
  6. No shaders is a bit disappointing. It’s always a bit frustrating when public domain emulators have better scanline and filter options than commercial retro packages. Technically, the GBA wouldn’t have had scanlines, but they must have been able to do something to make the image a bit less sharp. Does this mean that Dracula X doesn’t have a scanline option either?
  7. Woah, an actual mint copy of Breath of the Wild? And it's sealed? Where does this guy get them from? Is there some magical website you can just log onto where you can buy this stuff and have it delivered to your house, still in its plastic seal, for £59.40, with free delivery within a week?
  8. I meant people who don't have Gold or Gamepass.
  9. The adverts are a bit galling because I pay for Xbox Live / Gamepass, and it’s a bit of a pisstake getting random adverts on a service I subscribe to. It would make more sense if they only cropped up for people on the free tier. That said, they’re pretty discreet and it’s not like they interrupt anything, but it still feels a bit cheap.
  10. I don't think the teacher is proven right at the end. The protagonist is an amazing musician and creates something wonderful at the end, but I guess the whole point of the film is the ambiguity as to whether it was worth the abuse and the mistreatment, or whether it was even necessary.
  11. In preparation for Providence, I re-read Neonomicon and my previous view still stands. It's a good story with a clever ending and it's incredibly effective at creating an atmosphere of dread, but I don't think this justifies the 15 - 20 pages of the protagonist being graphically and violently raped. It's too much for me, and (in my view) it's too much for the story - it's a schlocky cosmic horror story, which is completely overpowered by the rape sequence. Still, I'm enjoying Providence so far! The art looks like generic modern comic artwork at first glance, but is remarkably effective at melting away and actually letting the story play out.
  12. He had about as much to do as Ford did in Return of the Jedi. He might be annoyed now - and fair enough, his character was very much sidelined in RoS - but give it ten years and a juicy returning role, and I reckon he'd be back.
  13. If they can lure Harrison Ford back, they can get John Boyega.
  14. Doubly weird, in that on the PSP version SotN was originally a bonus that you unlocked when you completed Rondo of Blood, which was subsequently been promoted to being the main attraction of the compilation on PS4.
  15. I didn't realise Requiem was PS4-exclusive. To be honest, I would be surprised if they'd bother with a deal, I can't imagine they'd be slamming their chequebook down to secure Rondo of Blood and SotN. Particularly Rondo, it's a pretty deep cut. I would hazard a guess it's Konami being dysfunctional.
  16. SOTN and Rondo of Blood are already available through the Castlevania Requiem package, but yeah, it feels a bit weird that this is billed as Castlevania Advance Collection, rather than calling it Castlvania Collection vol. 2 and sticking a couple more games in there (like SOTN and Rondo). It'd be nice if there was one big Castlevania compilation, rather than three.
  17. Never mind the early films, he was basically a rapist in Skyfall and Spectre, given that in the former he just steps into a woman's shower uninvited and just starts feeling her up, and in the latter forces himself on a woman who's just come back from her husband's funeral (who Bond murdered). Still, this sounds quite promising, and presumably means that there won't be any of that kind of creepiness in NTTD.
  18. I love the vein of utter misanthropy that runs through Roald Dahl's children's books, they're brilliantly, hilariously nasty in places. It makes them a lot of fun to read to kids, especially stuff like George's Marvellous Medicine, which treats the grandmother with total and utter disdain throughout. Obviously, not all of them are great - as per the comment above, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is pretty dodgy, not to mention a poor book in its own right that dashes together a load of completely random stuff to no great effect. But the good ones are wonderful. If they get some decent creatives to adapt the books, this could be really good - I've been reading Danny, the Champion of the World to my son, and that would make a fantastic film, especially if you ramped up the jeopardy and the danger of poaching.
  19. Is the Pegasus Nation some kind of white supremacist thing? It keeps coming up in console threads.
  20. But that's because it's genuinely scarce, right? The only difference is the sticker, but that still counts as scarcity.
  21. Looks like Wata are at it again: Obviously, the most expensive Megadrive game will be the most popular one, that was given away for free with the console, in the version from the region where it sold the most copies. That’s just simple economics - the more of something there is, the higher the price.
  22. Nice! I thought Main Ingredient had been sunset, will make like Cuba Gooding Sr and pick that up.
  23. They’re all sunset weapons though, aren’t they? Good for PvP stuff, but not PvE.
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