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  1. I’ve always thought of Aliens, Robocop and Predator as the holy trinity of eighties action films, and also the trilogy of films that me and my friends endlessly quote at each other. More recently, The Raid, Attack the Block and Dredd make a pretty effective ‘action films set in tower blocks that came out within the space of about a year around 2011/12’ trilogy. Thinking about it, films like this seem to come out in clusters. Predator and Robocop were released within about a month of each other.
  2. This issue arrived at the end of last week, along with the previous month’s issue and the most recent issue of Edge, so I’ve had a lot to get through. The article on Gravity was a great read - I love these pieces about half-remembered games that I was fascinated by at the time, where one guy could make this eccentric, complicated, hard SF action strategy game, and half the review in ACE would be devoted to just explaining what spacetime was. I’d love to see similar articles on similar stuff like Warhead or Subwar 2050.
  3. It's probably only just about retro, but the galaxy map music from Mass Effect sounds extremely similar to 'The Dream is Always the Same' by Tangerine Dream: The Tangerine Dream tune sounds particularly close to the map music at around 1.10. I guess it must be hard to make ambient music like this without owing a significant debt to Tangerine Dream, but this must have been the inspiration.
  4. But the entry for Street Racer in the article specifically pointed out that the game managed to achieve the the 3D effect without the DSP chip, and the one for Star Fox made it clear that the game made heavy use of the Super FX chip. I'm not sure what else they could realistically have done.
  5. These 'make a commercial product' tasks are always a bit random. The boardroom bit usually ends up with them suggesting one team have won, at which point Karen announces that one of the buyers has ordered eight hundred million crates of ShytStayne Delicious Blood Drink, to the other team's one crate of International SuperFluid: M-Cat Flavour. It seems completely arbitrary.
  6. Let's have a moment of silence for the death of comedy.
  7. Starfox and Doom were SNES cartridges you could buy from a shop, stick into a SNES, and play. That seems to come within the bounds of a SNES game to me, and is clearly fair game for the article in question. You may as well argue that a similar article about pushing the Amiga couldn't include games which required 1 meg of memory, or a hard drive.
  8. Rare managed to maintain the vibe and ethos of an early eighties UK developer right into the Xbox 360 era, which is probably why most if not all of their original IP looked like it would be more at home on the cover of a £1.99 tape in a big rack in Boots.
  9. K

    The Forgotten City

    It does seem a little bit ropey, even down to stuff like not supporting Quick Resume. It's weird how quickly you get used to being able to start a game near-instantly, but at this stage having to sit through several unskippable idents is like having to load a game off a tape. I'm happy to forgive that given the low-budget nature of the game, but I was more wondering if the technical aspects affect the important bits, i.e. the detective / storytelling elements.
  10. On a lighter note, my partner walked in on me while I was playing Sniper Elite at the exact point I nailed a 200 metre shot against the wind into a nazi officer’s testicles, and was being rewarded by slow motion Verhoevenvision footage of his nuts being ventilated. It was ultimately not that hard to explain - they’re Nazis! Fundamentally it’s not that much weirder than just shooting people in games generally! - but her initial reaction was utter bewilderment.
  11. I like Cave’s shooters, and initially enjoyed Deathsmiles, but fairly rapidly became uncomfortable with the main characters being 13 year old girls with massive boobs who wear fetish costumes and stopped playing it. It felt like the kind of game that was either made by or aimed at pederasts; the aesthetic was pretty revolting, and I would feel deeply embarrassed at having to explain to someone why I was playing it.
  12. K

    The Forgotten City

    I was probably unlucky. I'll keep plugging away, it seems like the kind of game where you need to put the effort in to get invested.
  13. K

    The Forgotten City

    I started this the other night and it's intriguing so far, but it seems really glitchy. I keep getting strange clues pop up in my quest log that don't seem to relate to anything I've done, it doesn't seem to save my settings (I have to invert aim every time I play), and I get weird non-sequiturs when playing. Like, I get that it was made by a very small team, so I don't want to be too dismissive. Is it just something you need to take into account when playing? The dialogue seems a bit BBC programmes for schools in terms of the fruity actors and the way people explain their lives and roles, but the setting is pretty interesting.
  14. I don't think you can hold Microsoft up as some titan of corporate kindness. Like, the Big Team Battle matchmaking bug in Halo Infinite is still in there, months after launch. The live weather system in Flight Simulator got broken in the last major update in November, and still isn't working properly. Note that I'm not particularly having a go at Microsoft here, but this is fairly normal for big companies. The matchmaking in Tintanfall 1 & 2 hasn't worked for years. Modern Warfare is full of bugs that haven't been fixed, and UI issues that make it a proper headfuck to install. Hardly ideal, but Sony are no worse than any of their competitors.
  15. I stumbled across this last night while stumbling around the Disney+ app: https://www.disneyplus.com/en-gb/series/star-wars-galaxy-of-sounds/POXPnpzXj8ZL It's called Galaxy of Sounds, and I was intrigued enough by the description to see what it actually was. It's basically Star Wars ASMR, in that it's a montage of various dialogue-free sequences from the various films and TV series, with ambient sound and no music. The first episode is very slight - it's about 7 minutes long - but I found it really relaxing, and a nice way to see the various landscape and city shots without having to sit through the prequels. I would honestly watch an hour of this, in the style of one of those BBC4 'slow TV' programmes. Some of the shots are beautiful out of context, like the scene of Anakin getting directions from a Jawa with the dramatic music and revenge context removed. I lost a bit of the relaxing quality because my brain wouldn't shut up with the "this is from Solo... this is from Episode II... this is from the special edition of Return of the Jedi...", but found it surprisingly engaging nonetheless.
  16. I really enjoyed today's Hit Points, apart from the use of 'poop' which made me fly into a xenophobic rage and start pelting cutlery at the walls.
  17. I think Bethesda accounts are still a thing, for now anyway.
  18. I just heard a noise from the street, and saw that someone had thrown their PS5 out of their front door onto the road. A few seconds later, someone else did the same thing. I had a quick look to see if it still worked, but it was smashed to pieces and someone had written "NO" in felt-tip on the side. It feels like the tide is turning.
  19. If I were Microsoft, I would simply make a new IP that was better and more popular than Call of Duty.
  20. Yeah, but they've already got 17 Call of Duty games they can stick on there, plus another three in the pipe! I honestly think 'Modern Warfare 2022 on Game Pass for all subscribers' is a pretty big draw in its own right, plus all the older ones. I don't think they need to make another one on top of all that.
  21. Crash and Spyro make sense, I'm just not convinced that Microsoft will start making a comprehensive Call of Duty collection. The CoD games for 2022, 2023 and 2024 will be at varying stages of active development, so it seems odd for Microsoft to start pouring resources into making another one, especially if they already have the older games that they can stick on Game Pass to attract new subscribers, and if they already have shedloads of FPS games on the service.
  22. Activision could have done that though, right? And they didn't, probably because there'd be nowhere for it to fit into their schedule without eating into whatever this year's Call of Duty is doing.
  23. People often respond to acquisition news by saying stuff like “oooh - does this mean we could see a new [ancient game series that I liked but has been dead for years]?” Has this ever happened before? I would have thought that if you’ve spent billions of dollars on something, you’d want to stick to the big, proven, existing crowd-pleasing hits, rather than experiment with stuff that’s been out of commission for years. Is there anything in the Activision vaults that’s worth reviving?
  24. I don’t think you’re exempt from competition law if you’re in third place in a market. It depends on the specific circumstances. I’m not a competition lawyer so I wouldn’t feel comfortable arguing one way or the other, but if one player is big enough to buy up independent companies and restrict access to the market to its own platform, does that count as abusing a dominant position? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss it out of hand either.
  25. Competition regulators seem to be quite active of late, so I would expect this to attract a lot of interest. The CMA recently ruled that Facebook had to reverse its acquisition of Giphy, and that transaction was 175 times smaller than this one, and IIRC Valve got fined last year as well for anti-competitive practices.
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